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Photographs of Indians of the southwest and the plains

Photographs of Indians of the southwest and the plains [graphic].
c1905 or 1906 or 1909 or 1914.

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Additional Authors
  • Harvey, Fred.
  • Moon, Carl, 1878-1948.
  • Smith, A. Benjamin.
  • Moon-Keleher Studio, photographers.
  • 47 photographic prints : silver gelatin, b&w; 17 x 11 cm. or smaller.
  • 1 photographic print : palladium, b&w ;
  • Indians of the Southwest, views copyright by Karl Moon or Moon-Keleher Studios: man with pipe and boy in front of fireplace; portrait of a "Navaho patriarch," wearing a scarf and blanket; man preparing to paint hide stretched between sticks; man playing flute; medicine man with rattle and feathers standing over seated man; portrait of man wearing horned headdress, called "A conjurer"; portrait of woman wearing buckskin dress, silver bracelets and beads; man with bow and arrow peering into distance; man holding up cattle skull; "Pool of the Walpi," showing woman drawing water; woman with water-jar; woman wearing buckskins posing out of doors; "The Ambush," showing man wearing headdress posed peering over embankment with arrow at ready; "The Scout," showing man on horseback; "The Rendezvous," showing man on horseback talking with woman; woman by gate; "Moqui Snake Chief," showing man wearing blanket and holding stick and pottery; studio portrait of woman with water jar slung over her shoulder; man playing flute by a creek; "The last of his people," showing man perched on edge of mesa or canyon sitting with hands clasped around knees; man in long feathered headdress riding horse down hill; man on horseback, hills and clouds beyond; studio portrait of woman with buckskins, jewelry and water jug in front of painted backdrop; same woman, seated, entitled "The chieftan's daughter."
  • Indians of the Southwest, images copyright by Fred Harvey: little Hopi boy near wall of pueblo; frontal and profile portraits of Koy-yah-wa-ma; Tu-lu wearing squash blossom necklace; man smoking cigarette; portrait of Mu-muh-ya; man riding horse "Among the Sand Hills"; woman coming down steep rock mesa trail, man on burro descending dirt trail; woman carrying child up trail; woman and child near "Abandoned Kiva of the Mishongnovi"; "Mishongnovi street scene"; turkey near kiva, Mishongnovi; stairway up rock face, Mishongnovi; views at Shipaulovi: woman, "the Belle of Shipaulovi"; general view of the pueblo; woman sitting below tower; a tunnel through buildings; plaza surrounded by buildings; Walpi: man on ladder leading to Antelope Kiva; woman at head of steep trail; woman looking into tunnel through buildings; smiling boy perched on edge of wall or roof; burros outside buildings at Tewa.
  • View of Plains Indians: men and women, horses and buffalo skulls entitled "mourning their loss."
  • Allegorical photographs.
  • Genre photographs.
  • Portraits.
  • Photographic prints.
  • Silver gelatin prints.
  • Title devised by cataloger.
  • Duplicate copyright deposit photographs, most copyright by Karl Moon, Moon-Keleher Studio or Fred Harvey. Copyright number, date and L.C. Division of Prints accession number stamped on verso. Some have title, photographer and copyright date in ink on recto, others in ink on paper labels affixed to photograph. Some views are blind stamped with copyright date and Harvey's name. Some of the images copyright by Harvey may have been made by Moon.
  • Includes one image by unidentified photographer which was copyright by A. Benj. Smith of Seattle, Washington.
Access (note)
  • Restricted access;
Provenance (note)
  • Picture Collection transfer, 1986.
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MFY 93-6283
Photographs of Indians of the southwest and the plains [graphic].
c1905 or 1906 or 1909 or 1914.
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Restricted access; Photography Collection; Permit must be requested at division indicated.
Picture Collection transfer, 1986.
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Local Subject
Painted backdrops.
Added Author
Harvey, Fred. Copyright holder
Moon, Carl, 1878-1948. Photographer
Smith, A. Benjamin. Copyright holder
Moon-Keleher Studio, photographers.
Research Call Number
MFY 93-6283
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