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Hatch-Billops collection [taped interviews of theater].

Hatch-Billops collection [sound recording] : [taped interviews of theater].
Hatch, James V. (James Vernon), 1928-2020.


Additional Authors
  • Billops, Camille.
  • Archer, Osceola.
  • Belgrave, Cynthia.
  • Bohanan, Mary.
  • Brewer, Sherri.
  • Bryant, Hazel J., 1939-1983.
  • Bullins, Ed
  • Burroughs, Baldwin.
  • Burrows, Vinie
  • Bush, Anita.
  • Butcher, James William.
  • Campbell, Dick, 1903-
  • Carroll, Vinnette.
  • Carter, Steve, 1929-2020
  • Childress, Alice
  • Coleman, Ralf.
  • Colon, Miriam.
  • Couloumbis, Akila.
  • Davidson, N. R.
  • Davis, Ossie
  • Dixon, Ivan, 1931-2008
  • Dodson, Owen, 1914-1983.
  • Dotson, Josie.
  • Edmonds, Randolph, 1900-
  • Elder, Lonne.
  • Franklin, J. E.
  • Furman, Roger, 1924-1983
  • Gilliam, Theodore E.
  • Griffin, Charles, 1910-
  • Haynes, Hilda.
  • Hill, Abram.
  • Hunter, Eddie.
  • Hyman, Earle, 1926-2017
  • Jamal, Sati.
  • Jones, Robert Earl, 1904-2006
  • Jordon, Jack.
  • Lateef, Lubaba.
  • LeNoire, Rosetta, 1911-2002
  • Long, Avon.
  • McClintock, Ernie.
  • McQueen, Butterfly
  • Markham, Pigmeat
  • Marshall, William, 1924-
  • Mayo, Whitman.
  • Molette, Barbara J.
  • Molette, Carlton W.
  • Moore, Melba
  • Muse, Clarence.
  • Myers, Pauline, 1913-1996
  • Norman, Madie, 1912-1998
  • O'Neal, Frederick, 1905-1992
  • O'Neal, John, 1940-2019.
  • Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006.
  • Richardson, Willis, 1889-1977.
  • Russell, Charlie L.
  • Sanchez, Sonia, 1934-
  • Schiffman, Frank.
  • Schiffman, Robert.
  • Sebree, Charles.
  • Stewart, Delano.
  • Teer, Barbara Ann.
  • Turner, Tom.
  • Van Peebles, Melvin, 1932-2021
  • Walker, Bill.
  • Walker, Evan.
  • Walker, Joseph, 1935-
  • Ward, Douglas Turner
  • Ward, Theodore, 1902-1983.
  • Wesley, Richard, 1945-
  • Whipper, Leigh R. (Leigh Rollin), 1877-1975.
  • White, Edgar, 1947-
  • Whitfield, Van.
  • Whiting, Napolean.
  • Simon, John, 1925-2019
  • Novack, Julius.
  • Reilly, Clayton.
  • King, Woodie, Jr., 1937-
  • Primus, Mark.
  • Sandler, Joan.
  • Youngblood, Harold.
  • Cunningham, Evelyn.
  • Hatch-Billops Collection.
76 sound tape reels : analog, 3 3/4 ips, mono; 5 in.
  • Collection of interviews with African Americans in the performing arts, primarily theatre. Includes interviews with actors, actresses, dramatists, drama teachers and theatre producers and directors working primarily in the black theatre. Includes panel discussions on topics such as theatre funding, playwriting and theatre critics. Interviewees discuss their lives, careers and such individuals as Paul Robeson, Alain Locke, James Baldwin, Countee Cullen and Frank Silvera. African American theatre companies discussed include Theatre Black, the New Lafayette Theatre, the Free Southern Theater, the Bed-Stuy Theatre, the National Black Theatre, the American Negro Theatre, the Afro-American Total Theatre, Theatre for the Forgotten, the New Heritage Theatre, the Dashiki Project Theatre, the Negro Ensemble Company and others.
  • The collection also includes a few interviews and discussions with African American filmmakers, motion picture producers and film and television actors and actresses. An interview with owners of the Apollo Theatre is included.
  • Among those interviewed are Ed Bullins, Dick Campbell, Steve Carter, Alice Childress, N.R. Davidson, Ossie Davis, Robert Earl Jones, Woodie King, Butterfly McQueen, Pigmeat Markham, Melba Moore, Frederick O'Neal, John O'Neal, Gordon Parks, Melvin Van Peebles, Joseph Walker, Richard Wesley and Leigh Whipper.
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  • Title from container; subtitle from accompanying material.
  • Interviews conducted by various interviewers under the direction of James Hatch and Camille Billops.
  • Item level finding aid available.
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  • Forms part of the Hatch-Billops Collection.
Call Number
Sc CR91.085
Hatch, James V. (James Vernon), 1928-2020.
Hatch-Billops collection [sound recording] : [taped interviews of theater].
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Forms part of the Hatch-Billops Collection.
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Added Author
Billops, Camille. Collector
Archer, Osceola. Interviewee
Belgrave, Cynthia. Interviewee
Bohanan, Mary. Interviewee
Brewer, Sherri. Interviewee
Bryant, Hazel J., 1939-1983. Interviewee
Bullins, Ed, interviewee.
Burroughs, Baldwin. Interviewee
Burrows, Vinie, interviewee.
Bush, Anita. Interviewee
Butcher, James William. Interviewee
Campbell, Dick, 1903- Interviewee
Carroll, Vinnette. Interviewee
Carter, Steve, 1929-2020, interviewee.
Childress, Alice, interviewee.
Coleman, Ralf. Interviewee
Colon, Miriam. Interviewee
Couloumbis, Akila. Interviewee
Davidson, N. R. Interviewee
Davis, Ossie, interviewee.
Dixon, Ivan, 1931-2008, interviewee.
Dodson, Owen, 1914-1983. Interviewee
Dotson, Josie. Interviewee
Edmonds, Randolph, 1900- Interviewee
Elder, Lonne. Interviewee
Franklin, J. E. Interviewee
Furman, Roger, 1924-1983, interviewee.
Gilliam, Theodore E. Interviewee
Griffin, Charles, 1910- Interviewee
Haynes, Hilda. Interviewee
Hill, Abram. Interviewee
Hunter, Eddie. Interviewee
Hyman, Earle, 1926-2017, interviewee.
Jamal, Sati. Interviewee
Jones, Robert Earl, 1904-2006, interviewee.
Jordon, Jack. Interviewee
Lateef, Lubaba. Interviewee
LeNoire, Rosetta, 1911-2002, interviewee.
Long, Avon. Interviewee
McClintock, Ernie. Interviewee
McQueen, Butterfly, interviewee.
Markham, Pigmeat, interviewee.
Marshall, William, 1924- interviewee.
Mayo, Whitman. Interviewee
Molette, Barbara J. Interviewee
Molette, Carlton W. Interviewee
Moore, Melba, interviewee.
Muse, Clarence. Interviewee
Myers, Pauline, 1913-1996, interviewee.
Norman, Madie, 1912-1998, interviewee.
O'Neal, Frederick, 1905-1992, interviewee.
O'Neal, John, 1940-2019. Interviewee
Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006. Interviewee
Richardson, Willis, 1889-1977. Interviewee
Russell, Charlie L. Interviewee
Sanchez, Sonia, 1934- Interviewee
Schiffman, Frank. Interviewee
Schiffman, Robert. Interviewee
Sebree, Charles. Interviewee
Stewart, Delano. Interviewee
Teer, Barbara Ann. Interviewee
Turner, Tom. Interviewee
Van Peebles, Melvin, 1932-2021, interviewee.
Walker, Bill. Interviewee
Walker, Evan. Interviewee
Walker, Joseph, 1935- Interviewee
Ward, Douglas Turner, interviewee.
Ward, Theodore, 1902-1983. Interviewee
Wesley, Richard, 1945- Interviewee
Whipper, Leigh R. (Leigh Rollin), 1877-1975. Interviewee
White, Edgar, 1947- Interviewee
Whitfield, Van. Interviewee
Whiting, Napolean. Interviewee
Simon, John, 1925-2019, interviewee.
Novack, Julius. Interviewee
Reilly, Clayton. Interviewee
King, Woodie, Jr., 1937- interviewee.
Primus, Mark. Interviewee
Sandler, Joan. Interviewee
Youngblood, Harold. Interviewee
Cunningham, Evelyn. Interviewee
Hatch-Billops Collection.
Research Call Number
Sc CR91.085 Originals in Sc Audio TB 144-220
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