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Holly Hill - St. Joan research recordings

Holly Hill - St. Joan research recordings [sound recording] 1983-1985.
Hill, Holly.

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Alexander, Jane (tape 1)AudioRequest in advance *LTC 1210 Alexander, Jane (tape 1)Offsite
Alexander, Jane (tape 2)AudioRequest in advance *LTC 1211 Alexander, Jane (tape 2)Offsite
Atkins, EileenAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1212 Atkins, EileenOffsite
Bergner, ElisabethAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1213 Bergner, ElisabethOffsite
Brewer, MarjorieAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1214 Brewer, MarjorieOffsite
Caldwell, ZoeAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1215 Caldwell, ZoeOffsite
Casson, AnnAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1216 Casson, AnnOffsite
Cummings, ConstanceAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1217 Cummings, ConstanceOffsite
Dench, JudiAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1218 Dench, JudiOffsite
Ebert, JoyceAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1219 Ebert, JoyceOffsite
Galloway, PatAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1220 Galloway, PatOffsite
Geer, EllenAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1221 Geer, EllenOffsite
Grant, LeeAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1222 Grant, LeeOffsite
Hagen, UtaAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1223 Hagen, UtaOffsite
Hiller, WendyAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1224 Hiller, WendyOffsite
Hyland, FrancesAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1225 Hyland, FrancesOffsite
Jefford, BarbaraAudioRequest in advance *LTC 1226 Jefford, BarbaraOffsite
Kennedy, Laurie (tape 1)AudioRequest in advance *LTC 1227 Kennedy, Laurie (tape 1)Offsite
Kennedy, Laurie (tape 2)AudioRequest in advance *LTC 1228 Kennedy, Laurie (tape 2)Offsite
McKenna, Siobhan (tape 1)AudioRequest in advance *LTC 1229 McKenna, Siobhan (tape 1)Offsite


Additional Authors
  • Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.
  • Alexander, Jane, 1939-
  • Atkins, Eileen, 1934-
  • Bergner, Elisabeth, 1897-1986
  • Brewer, Marjorie
  • Caldwell, Zoe
  • Casson, Ann
  • Cummings, Constance, 1910-2005
  • Dench, Judi, 1934-
  • Ebert, Joyce
  • Galloway, Pat
  • Geer, Ellen
  • Grant, Lee, 1927-
  • Hagen, Uta, 1919-2004
  • Hiller, Wendy, 1912-2003
  • Hyland, Frances, 1927-2004
  • Jefford, Barbara, 1930-2020
  • Kennedy, Laurie, 1948-
  • McKenna, Siobhań, 1923-1986
  • McLellan, Nora
  • Maxwell, Roberta, 1942-
  • Miles, Sarah, 1941-
  • Phillips, Siân, 1933-
  • Pleasence, Angela
  • Plowright, Joan
  • Redgrave, Lynn, 1943-2010
  • Suzman, Janet
32 sound cassettes : analog.
Interviews of twenty-six actresses conducted by Holly Hill for the book entitled Playing Joan: Actresses on the Challenge of Shaw's St. Joan (New York: Theater Communications Group, 1987). Interviewees include: Jane Alexander, Eileen Atkins, Elisabeth Bergner, Marjorie Brewer, Zoe Caldwell, Ann Casson, Constance Cummings, Judi Dench, Joyce Elbert, Pat Galloway, Ellen Geer, Lee Grant, Uta Hagen, Wendy Hiller, Frances Hyland, Barbara Jefford, Laurie Kennedy, Siobhań McKenna, Nora McLellan, Roberta Maxwell, Sarah Miles, Sian Phillips, Angela Pleasence, Joan Plowright, Lynn Redgrave, and Janet Suzman.
Alternative Title
Playing Joan.
Terms of Use (note)
  • This material is copyright 1987.
Source (note)
  • Hill, Holly
Indexes/Finding Aids (note)
  • List of interviewees in: *L(Special) 88-27.
Processing Action (note)
  • Processed
Call Number
*L (Special) 88-27
Hill, Holly.
Holly Hill - St. Joan research recordings [sound recording] 1983-1985.
Terms Of Use
This material is copyright 1987.
List of interviewees in: *L(Special) 88-27.
Added Author
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950. Saint Joan.
Alexander, Jane, 1939- interviewee.
Atkins, Eileen, 1934- interviewee.
Bergner, Elisabeth, 1897-1986, interviewee.
Brewer, Marjorie, interviewee.
Caldwell, Zoe, interviewee.
Casson, Ann, interviewee.
Cummings, Constance, 1910-2005, interviewee.
Dench, Judi, 1934- interviewee.
Ebert, Joyce, interviewee.
Galloway, Pat, interviewee.
Geer, Ellen, interviewee.
Grant, Lee, 1927- interviewee.
Hagen, Uta, 1919-2004, interviewee.
Hiller, Wendy, 1912-2003, interviewee.
Hyland, Frances, 1927-2004, interviewee.
Jefford, Barbara, 1930-2020, interviewee.
Kennedy, Laurie, 1948- interviewee.
McKenna, Siobhań, 1923-1986, interviewee.
McLellan, Nora, interviewee.
Maxwell, Roberta, 1942- interviewee.
Miles, Sarah, 1941- interviewee.
Phillips, Siân, 1933- interviewee.
Pleasence, Angela, interviewee.
Plowright, Joan, interviewee.
Redgrave, Lynn, 1943-2010, interviewee.
Suzman, Janet, interviewee.
Added Title
Playing Joan.
Research Call Number
*L (Special) 88-27
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