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The Transatlantic review.

The Transatlantic review.
London, New York [etc.].

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StatusVol/DateFormatAccessCall NumberItem Location
v. 58-60 Feb.-June 1977TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 58-60 Feb.-June 1977Offsite
v. 53-57 1976TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 53-57 1976Offsite
v. 51-52 1975TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 51-52 1975Offsite
v. 46-50 Summer 1973-Winter 1974TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 46-50 Summer 1973-Winter 1974Offsite
v. 41-45 Winter 1972-Spring 1973TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 41-45 Winter 1972-Spring 1973Offsite
v. 26-34 Spring 1968-Winter 1969/70TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 26-34 Spring 1968-Winter 1969/70Offsite
v. 24-27 Spring 1967-Dec. 1968TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 24-27 Spring 1967-Dec. 1968Offsite
v. 12-14 Spring-Autumn 1963TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 12-14 Spring-Autumn 1963Offsite
v. 9TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 v. 9Offsite
Spring 1965-Winter 1966/67TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 Spring 1965-Winter 1966/67Offsite
1964TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 1964Offsite
1962-1974 (inc.)TextPermit needed Berg Coll Beats T73 1962 1962-1974 (inc.)Schwarzman Building - Berg Collection Room 320
1962TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 1962Offsite
1961TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 1961Offsite
Summer 1959-Dec. 1960TextRequest in advance L-10 2992 Summer 1959-Dec. 1960Offsite
TextPermit needed Berg Coll Burroughs ZC6 T73 1963Schwarzman Building - Berg Collection Room 320


Additional Authors
  • Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014.
  • Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997.
  • Cassady, Neal.
  • Ferlinghetti, Lawrence.
  • Gold, Herbert, 1924-2023.
  • Hofheins, Roger.
  • Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.
  • Tooker, Dan.
60 no. illus.; 22-25 cm.
  • Quarterly (some no. combined), summer 1959-1960, 1965-June, 1977; 3 no. a year, 1961-64.
  • Includes index.
Access (note)
  • Berg Collection copies restricted access;
Call Number
L-10 2992
The Transatlantic review.
London, New York [etc.].
Berg Collection copies restricted access; request permisssion in holding division.
Local Note
Berg Collection copies comprise gathering of issues by and about Beat writers.
Berg Collection copies contain contributions by: Jack Kerouac, "Joan Rawshanks in the Fog: An Excerpt from 'Visions of Neal' ", (no. 9, Spring 1962, p. 57-72); LeRoi Jones [Amiri Baraka], "The Alternative" (no. 18, Spring 1965, p. 46-60); William S. Burroughs, " 'Speaking Clock' Speaking in Present Time, June 18, 1964. 12:45 p.m." (no. 21, Summer 1966, p. 99-102), and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poem "Tate Gallery, London, July 1965" (no. 21, p. 117); Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, "First Night of the Tapes: A Conversation Taped Recorded in San Francisco, 1952, typed up by Jack Kerouac" (nos. 33/34, Winter 1969-70, p. 115-125); interview with Herbert Gold by Roger Hofheins and Dan Tooker, including Gold's thoughts on Kerouac's "automatic writing" ( no. 49, Summer 1974, p. 110).
Berg Collection's second set formerly owned by William S, Burroughs and acquired with the "Vaduz" Archive in 2005.
Berg Collection's second set comprises no. 14, 2 copies each of nos. 15, 21 and 25.
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Added Author
Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014. Contributor
Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997. Contributor
Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997. Former owner
Cassady, Neal. Contributor
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. Contributor
Gold, Herbert, 1924-2023. Interviewee
Hofheins, Roger. Interviewer
Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969. Contributor
Tooker, Dan. Interviewer
Research Call Number
L-10 2992 Library has: no. 1-60; summer 1959-June 1977.
Berg Coll Beats T73 1962
Berg Coll Burroughs ZA6 T73 1963
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