Educational Programming at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division

At the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, our educational mission is to create active learning experiences to complement technique-based curriculum taught in a classroom or studio.

The Division holds the world’s largest collection of archival materials from all styles of dance, and we welcome dance classes of all types to use this material, at no cost to the school or student. We have found that after an interaction with our archive, dancers will be better able to envision their contribution to dance legacy. We believe that when dancers interact with archival materials, the experience dramatically impacts their relationship to current and future choreography. Because we strive to make our archives accessible to all, we appreciate classes of all types of learning styles.

We use manuscript and moving image materials, photographs, and sound recordings from our archival collection to frame dance practice in a historical context. During an in-person or a virtual visit, you and your students have the opportunity to experience archival items such as:

These are just a few collections available to educators and students. 

To enhance the learning experience we offer:

  • Virtual lessons
  • In-person class visits to complement classroom or studio learning
  • Guided tours of the building
  • Research assistance and catalog instruction to help students access our archive on their own
  • Dance exhibit tours with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning
  • Curriculum guides

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Explore Our Teaching Resources for Border Crossings 

We invite educators and students to the Library for the Performing Arts for a facilitated learning experience that focuses on the history of modern dance in the United States. Find out how to incorporate our lesson guide into your classroom before your visit, join us on a class tour at the Library, and close out the experience back in the classroom with a reflective dance activity.

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