Explore engaging resources for supplemental learning on core subjects such as math, science, and reading that include activities like games and puzzles.


Adobe Spark
A graphic design platform from the creators of Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Use it for creative projects like designing posters, social media posts, slide shows, and short videos. There are both web and app versions of Adobe Spark.

Advance Power Searching on Google
Take your search game to the next level with these videos (text available as well).

BeWell Self Care, Nutrition, and Health
BeWell, a program developed by Columbia University’s Harlem Health Promotion Center, have some helpful links.

BBC iReporter
Take on the role of a BBC social media reporter breaking the story of a hacking crisis in this choose-your-own adventure game with live-action video. Touches on digital literacy issues such as sources, fake news, and sharing on social media.

A graphic design platform with a wide selection of free templates and clip art. Use it to design everything from bookmarks to infographics. There are both web and app versions of Canva.

Code Club
Get started learning programming languages like Scratch, HTML/CSS, or Python with these fun tutorials and creative projects!

Community Oral History Project
Not only can you explore the oral histories from folks in your community, you can also help us by transcribing interviews!

Hour of Code
Fun, themed coding tutorials that are great for beginners as well as coders who are comfortable with the basics, but want to practice or tackle a fun challenge.

Build an animated beatboxing crew using drag-and-drop musical samples. Play around and make your own beats or complete challenge combos to unlock music choruses.

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade
Design, remix, and play games while learning the code that powers them. Start with a tutorial game before building your own game or taking a deeper dive into a coding course.

Mouse Open Projects
Find resources and tutorials for creative technology projects using 3D modeling, 8-bit pixel art, coding, and more.

OldNYC—Mapping Historical Photos from NYPL
Ever wondered what your neighborhood looked like way back when? See New York City through the ages in these archival photographs.

PBS Above the Noise
Each short episode in this series takes on a current event or controversial topic, giving you facts and figures to cut through the hype and rise above the noise.

The New York Times Learning Network
The New York Times education hub featuring learning resources paired with the newspaper's content. Access to articles, etc is free through this site. Features writing prompts, quizzes, and more.  

Time for Payback
An online game that prepares you for the financial responsibilities of college and beyond.

A programming language developed by MIT especially for beginning coders. Use the Scratch website or download the free software to create, remix, and share coding projects like games and animations in a safe online community.

An online platform for making digital art. Paint and draw with a wide range of tools and special effects or add clip art and text. Sketchpad’s website can be used on a computer or a tablet.

Create and remix your own songs. Combine pre-recorded loops and samples or even record yourself singing or playing an instrument.

Create weird, old-timey gifs with the New York Public Library’s own stereography site.


Self Care & Community Care

The world can be a stressful place and it is important to take care of yourself and those around you if you can. Community care is extending compassion to those in your community, whether in person or digitally. Here are some helpful ways to stay mindful.

Self Care Tips from Teen Vogue
Take it from the experts and be gentle with yourself.

Bujo Book Tracking Ideas from BookRiot
Want to track your reading? BookRiot has you covered with these lovely spreads.

Selections from BeWell’s Resources:

  • Nutrition Tips for Teens
    Staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like a challenge, even in challenging times.

  • Nutrition Tips for College Students
    You don’t need to be in college to be mindful about your eating habits! The experts at BeWell have you covered.

  • Blue Light and Sleep
    Ever wondered what being on your phone can do to your sleep habits? Find out how to be more thoughtful about screen time.