Learning Aids for High School

Find resources on core school subjects in our extensive online databases, which feature e-books, videos, lesson plans, and more. 


E-Books and Core Subject Resources

Bring history to life with video clips and e-books, with popup features such as maps, timelines, virtual tour clips, primary source videos, and audio clips. (Grades 4–9)

A collection of videos and books in a variety of different categories including e-books, read-alongs, graphic novels, videos, and audiobooks. (Grades 6–12)


Research Assignments and Projects

Explora High School
Search a variety of subjects to access reports and academic journals, magazines, biographies, and encyclopedia entries. Includes features to listen along to the text and search by lexile level. (Grades 9–12)


Other Databases to Find Journal Articles and Primary Sources

Credo Reference
Provides full-text online access to hundreds of multidisciplinary reference book collections, bilingual dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Watch the Research Quick Tips for videos on research questions, finding relevant sources, avoiding bias, and more.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Offers material to support differing views and help students develop critical thinking skills on thousands of current social topics in the forms of primary source documents, images, audio, video, academic journals, statistics, and websites.

Britannica Academic
Offers Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, world atlas and country comparison, news and magazine articles, primary sources, images and video. Select School Edition for all grades (PreK–12) and all reading abilities. Select articles by reading level and listen along to the text. You can use Escolar Online for accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish.


Social Studies

Through these AMC-CLIO databases, full text articles are available, and searchable by era. Explore the resources on research working with primary sources in the Academic Success Corner. Try the “Ask a Cybrarian” feature for help. Start with the video “How to Use the Database.”

African American Experience
Full-text digital resource exploring the history and culture of African Americans, as well as the greater Black diaspora.

American Indian Experience
Full-text digital resource exploring the history and culture of American Indians. Browsable by era, tribe, state, and region.

Latino American Experience
Covers history and culture from all the countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Iberian Peninsula, including content on modern-day Latin American countries, the history of the Hispanic diaspora, and indigenous peoples. Features peer-reviewed essays, reference sources, primary documents, media, newspapers, and magazines.

Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas
Covers the arts, recreation, and everyday life from the 1900s to the present. Explore overviews of time periods and find political cartoons, posters, documents, and other primary sources for each era.

Understanding a Changing World
Find resources on geography, history and issues, society and culture, government and the economy and the impact of technology. Explore by region and country and find primary sources such as articles and speeches.

World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society
Coverage of major wars—including causes, effects, and involved parties—in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, from 2000 BCE to the present.  Material is divided into general overviews (Topics) and explorations of issues (Perspectives), supported with articles, images, speeches, and other documentation.

Through the Gale Databases, find overview articles, biographies, news and magazine articles, audio, video, images, and academic journals. Listen to an audio version of the text. Search through content level including lexile number.

Biography in Context
Provides biographical information on 650,000+ people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines.

U.S. History in Context
Coverage of the most-studied U.S. history topics, with overview articles, primary sources, biographies, audio, images, news and magazine articles, academic journals, and legal case overviews.

World History in Context
From antiquity to the present day, search a broad collection of scholarly analysis and full-text periodicals, reference works and primary documents that cover the events, movements, and individuals that have shaped world history.


News Sources and Periodicals

Access over 100 popular magazines.

Infotrac Newsstand
Searchable text of more than 1000 newspapers, both national and international.

New York Daily News (1977 to Present)
Full-text articles from the New York tabloid.

New York State Newspapers
A collection of major New York state newspapers, available in full-text.

The New York Times (1980 to Present)
Full-text articles from the paper of record’s archives.

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
Provides selected full-text for nearly 30 national U.S. newspapers, including USA Today, and 20 international newspapers. The database also contains selected full text for more than 200 regional U.S. newspapers, including The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press, The Miami Herald, The New York Daily News, The San Jose Mercury News, and more. In addition, full-text television and radio news transcripts are provided from CBS News, FOX News, and NPR.

Provides access to current newspapers from around the world in full-color, full-page format. Includes over 2,000 U.S. and international titles.


Online Tools from NYPL

Digital Resources
Here’s how to access our digital resources, including e-books and databases like Mango Languages or The New York Times.

The site features various free online courses to learn and develop skills, including programs like PowerPoint and Photoshop, and courses to help complete assignments.