Who You Gonna Call To Save The Library? Improv Everywhere!

When ghosts wandered into the Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library on a recent Saturday, who did the Library call? Improv Everywhere!

Video still

The famed improvisation troupe did one of their iconic skits at the New York Public Library's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at 42 Street, sending the "Ghostbusters" into the Reading Room to chase away the spooks, much to the delight of surprised patrons, who applauded the performance afterwards.

Improv Everywhere got it all on tape, and the resulting video can be seen by clicking above or here.

The group, led by Charlie Todd, was asked to do the special skit as part of the Library's Don't Close The Book On Libraries advocacy campaign to fight a proposed $37 million city budget cut - the harshest in its history - that would lead to branches closing, layoffs and hour cut-backs. The end of the short skit includes a link to the NYPL's website, and the message Don't Close The Book On Libraries. It's another creative way NYPL is trying to get its important message out to new and wider audiences.

For more information on the video, contact NYPL Public Relations Manager Angela Montefinise at 212-592-7506 or angela_montefinise@nypl.org.

Attached is a gallery of behind-the-scenes and action photos of the shoot by photographer Katie Sokoler, whose work can be seen here. Please contact her directly if you need high-resolution images.