Notice of Regular Meetings – Calendar Year 2022

Board of Trustees of The New York Public Library,  Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations

The following is a list of The New York Public Library’s Board of Trustees’ meetings presently scheduled for calendar year 2022, to be conducted by teleconference and video-conference during the Covid-19 related temporary closure pursuant to New York State Senate Bill S50001-Part E.

Board of Trustees: (4:00p.m.)
March 9
May 19
September 14
November 16

Executive Committee: (4:00p.m.)
February 16
April 12
June 15
October 19

Compensation & Talent Development Committee: (8:30a.m.)
January 19
March 30
July 12
October 11

Program & Policy Committee: (3:30p.m.)
February 3
March 1 (Digital Subcommittee) (3:00p.m.)
March 31
April 21 (Digital Subcommittee) (10:00a.m.)
June 9
September 22

Capital Planning & Facilities Committee: (11:00a.m.)
March 23
May 25
October 12

Nominating Committee: (3:00p.m.)
January 25
June 7
October 4

Development Committee: (3:00p.m.)
February 8 (2:00p.m.)
May 26 (10:00a.m.)
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September 20

Finance Committee: (3:00p.m.)
March 2
July 6
November 9

Investment Committee: (2:00p.m.)
January 18 (1:30p.m.)
February 25 (1:00p.m.)
May 9 (9:30a.m.)
September 14
November 16

Audit Committee: (2:00p.m.)
January 7 (Special Meeting to be conducted in executive session) (10:30a.m.)
January 27
March 29
May 25
November 2

Meetings of the Library’s Board of Trustees and its Committees are open to the public.  Members of the public may join the meetings remotely using the access information posted on this notice in advance of the respective meetings.  Additional meetings may be scheduled on notice.  Portions of the meetings may be closed to the public to address certain matters as permitted by law.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Revised as of April 15,  2022