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Welcome to the page for The New York Public Library’s literary magazine Library Zine! , a creative writing magazine containing original writing and visual art submitted by library patrons and staff of all ages. We encourage submissions in all languages and personal styles so that we can better reflect the diverse communities the New York Public Library serves.

The support and enthusiasm we received after the publication of the previous Library Zines built the foundation for us to create another issue.  We as the editorial team are the foreman of this operation, but it is you, our contributors, content creators, and readers, who have built the voice and meaning of this publication.  Without you, we would be left with only a blank booklet read by none. Thank you for your work and warm reception.






Watch our December 2021 Zine Launch!


NYPL Zine Launch 2021 from The New York Public Library on Vimeo.


Issue 6 is available to download and read now!


Issue 6 Theme 

What’s something you wish you could change?  What’s something you wish would always stay the same? What event in your life made you the happiest? The saddest?  What’s one thing you always wanted to say to a loved one?

Answer these questions and more in our 2022 Zine theme: Lost/Found. This theme is centered around reflection and celebration. These past few years have been difficult for many, but don’t feel limited to addressing current events. The Zine Committee is looking for creative and unique takes on the theme dealing with past, present, and future.


All written manuscripts must be typed in 12-point font with one-inch margins, and checked for spelling and grammar. At the top of your submission, please include your name, address, primary phone number, and email.  

Poetry should be single-spaced and not exceed 1,000 words. 

Short stories can be 500-2,250 words, about 2-8 pages double-spaced. 

Non-fiction and essays should not exceed 2,250 words, about 8 pages double-spaced. Non-fiction/Essays should be about a book you have read that impacted your future/current self. No other topics will be accepted at this time. 

Manuscripts must be in .doc or .docx format, and/or readable in Google Drive and/or Microsoft Word. Submissions can be written in any language. 

Artwork and photography 

Physical copies of artwork (e.g. paintings, sculptures, etc.) or photos will not be accepted. Instead, take a full-frame picture or scan your work into one of the following formats: .JPG/JPEG, .TIFF, and .PNG. Images must be 300 pixels per inch (PPI). Images containing nudity will not be accepted. 

Along with your image, attach a separate Word document with a description of your work and a short anecdote of what inspired the work. Any images included in the artwork must be the artist’s original work and not under copyright of another party or entity.  

Please Be Aware 

While Library Zine does not want to limit our patrons’ creativity, be aware that this publication is intended for all audiences. Submissions must be mindful of language, the use of graphic violence and abuse, and the depiction of harmful stereotypes based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and mental/physical disabilities.  

Limit of 5 submissions for review per person, no guarantee that any or all will be selected. Send all submissions to

Below you will find PDF copies of all current and past Volumes!