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Major Collections: Voices Past and Present

The Archives of Recorded Sound is a unique public repository of the words and sounds that shape our cultural legacy. Its origins date to the mid-1930s, when Columbia Records began donating copies of its releases to the Library. Originally part of the Music Division, it officially opened its doors as a separate research unit in 1965, following a major gift from the Rodgers and Hammerstein Foundation. Its vast holdings have been assembled through generous donations from recording companies, the broadcast industry, and individuals. Major collections housed in the Archives include:

  • Benedict Stambler Memorial Archive--Jewish music and theatre
  • Toscanini Legacy--a gift from the Toscanini family documenting the conductors career in live performances and rehearsals,1926-54
  • WNEW--popular music from the 1930s-60s
  • Favorite Story--literary works adapted for radio broadcast by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee, 1940s
  • Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts--Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts, 1930s-present
  • Society for Asian Music--folk and classical music of Asia and lectures
  • Heritage of the March--LP recordings of college and armed forces marching bands
  • Bell Telephone Hour--NBC radio broadcasts (1941-68) highlighting famous performers of the period
  • Marian McPartland Piano Jazz--radio broadcasts of jazz performances and interviews with musicians
  • Personal collections of soprano Rosa Ponselle; pianist and conductor Rosalyn Tureck; composers Richard Rodgers, Deems Taylor, John Watts, Paul Jacobs, Joseph Schillinger; conductor Thomas Scherman; Yiddish artist Ruth Rabin; singers Lanny Ross and Libby Holman; and many others.


A more comprehensive list of the Archives' diverse collections follows below, with links to the NYPL's database of archival materials or to the Catalog when available:

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     George Abbott (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-13

     Reza Abdoh
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-18

     Acis & Galatea / Handel ; St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-26

     Actors on Acting
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-13

     Adventures of Frank Merriwell
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-15

     AIDS Theatre Project
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-07

     Edward Albano (recordings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-08

     Edward Albee (interview from Drama Desk Luncheon)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-32

     A.L. Alexander
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-17

     All-Army Contests
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-67

     John Allison
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-25

     Alexander Alstone (music of)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-09

     Lorenzo Alvary (Opera topics)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-06

     AMC Collection (American Music Center)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-04

     American Composers Program
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-25

     American Music Festival
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-02

     American-Scandinavian Foundation
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-23

     America's Ballroom (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-51

     Florence Anglin
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-15

     George Antheil
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-04

     A.J. Antoon
     *L (Special) 96-28

     Lew Archibald (collection of interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-14

     Lewis Archibald (interviews with actors)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-05

     Armed Forces Radio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-31

     Armed Forces Radio Service transcription discs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-22

     Army - Fort Lee
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-56

     Boris Aronson
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     ARSC Conference
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-12

     ARSC Conference 28 (1994)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-12

     ASCAP Music Festival
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-22

     ASCAP Show
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-33

     ASCAP Sponsored Radio Interviews
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-11

     ASCAP Tribute to Jerome Kern
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-17

     Stefan Auber
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-10

     Aviary and Dickinson songs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-38

     Ayako Yonetani & Motoko Kakizaki (lecture recital)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-15



     Babajanyan (heroic ballad)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-23

     Background film music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-12

     Anna Balos (opera excerpts)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-23

     BAM Videos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-52

     Jacob Bancks (Lost at Sea)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-15

     Barhill (debut)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-16

     Barbara Barker
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Thomas Barker
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Barretts of Wimpole Street (Radio spots)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-48

     John Barrymore (screen test for Hamlet)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-02

     Barstow Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-08

     Bartók Memorial Service
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-04

     James Barton
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-05

     Samuel Beckett (Radio plays)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-36

     Gordon Beeferman (guitar work)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-38

     Bell Telephone Hour
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-33

     Arthur Bell (collection of interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-32

     Arthur Berger
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-28

     David Berger (music interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-16

     Christine Berl
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-01

     Irving Berlin
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-11

     Berliner Centennial
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-31

     Seth Bingham
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-25

     Bird on the Wire / Joan Crowe
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-40

     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Black Box (FM off the air)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-52

     Vivian Blaine
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-15

     Eubie Blake
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-06

     Frederick Block
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-10

     Bluestime Power Hour
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-05

     Jerry Bock
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-01

     Remo Bolognini
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-03

     Bonneville Corp.
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-51

     Clara Bow (with family and friends)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-36

     Paul Bowles
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-61

     Robert Bowman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-25

     Brandeis Louis Armstrong Scholarship Fund 1982
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-39

     Gena Branscombe
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-20

     Jack Briece
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-08

     Frederick Brisson
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-01

     British Broadcasting Corp. Radio Program Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-28

     British Composers of the 19th & 20th Centuries
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-12

     Brooklyn Academy of Music - Next Wave Festival, 2006
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-20

     Brooklyn Academy of Music (videos)
     Classmark: *L (Special) Ongoing

     Brooklyn Philharmonic
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-17

     Brookside School (concert)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-18

     Beverly Brown
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Harold Brown
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-38

     Buckley-Hayton Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-10

     Joseph Buloff
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-13

     Jack Burkhardt
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-23

     Abe Burrows
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-12

     Deena Burton Videos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-09



     Cachao Mambo, by Andy Garcia
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-74

     Cage Nam June, a multimedia friendship
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-14

     John Canaday
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-15

     Canadian Brass
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-17

     H.B. Cardiff
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-27

     Al Carmines
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-41

     Elaine Carrington
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-01

     Carson Office
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-23

     Pablo Casals (videotape collection)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-11

     Cavalcade of Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-08

     CBS Radio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-38

     CBS Symphony
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-24

     Chamber Music from WQXR
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-29

     Chamber music from WQXR
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-57

     Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia Highlights Vol. 1
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-08

     Wendy Mae Chambers (personal CDs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-02

     Channel 13 live performances
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-08

     Gilbert Chapman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-36

     Marguerite Chapman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-32

     Paddy Chayevsky
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Chelsea Theater
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-25

     Chess (songs from)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-02

     Ping Chong
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-10

     Circle in the Square
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Circle Repertory
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Circle Repertory Company production recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-12

     Avery Claflin
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-65

     Bobby Clark
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-36

     Van Cliburn (recital, 1953)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-30

     Montgomery Clift
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-34

     Alexander H. Cohen Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-43

     Cy Coleman: Seesaw
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-02

     Collegiate Chorale
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-30

     Collegium Musicum, Columbia University (recordings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-03

     Comden and Green
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-44

     Composerís Recordings, Inc.
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-10

     Carmine Coppola
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-12

     John Corigliano: Creations
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-19

     Katharine Cornell
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-05

     Court of Human Relations
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-35

     Henry Cowell
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-33

     Cracraft Electronic Orchestra
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-51

     Cheryl Crawford
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-48

     Joan Crawford
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-07

     Noah Creshevsky
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-01

     Hume Cronyn
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-01

     Milton Cross (recordings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-04

     Margaret Croyden
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-17

     Margaret Croyden (film writing interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-64



     Morton Da Costa
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-08

     Dance Chronicle
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Dance Magazine
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Dance Theatre Workshop
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-05

     David and Jonathan work sessions
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-02

     Day at Night
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-01

     Dead End (50th Anniversary)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-47

     Irving Deakin (Russian Ballet)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-20

     Degenerate Music: composers banned by the Nazis
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-16

     Vivian Della Chiesa
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-13

     Norman Dello Joio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-53

     Agnes DeMille
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Rod Derefinko: "Kiss the Boys Goodbye"
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-03

     Dessoff Choirs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-13

     Dessoff Choirs collection additions
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-01

     Jack Diether
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-06

     Celius Dougherty
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-33

     Drama Desk Panel on theater landmarking
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-06

     Jacob Druckman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-08

     David Dukes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-15

     Charles Durand
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-03



     JaRon Eames
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-12

     JaRon Eames, "Live" Red Hat
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-47

     Ear magazine
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Early Hi-Fi
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-18

     S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-25

     Edison wax cylinders
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-14

     William Elliott
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-07

     Epstein Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-09

     Equity Library Theatre
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-06

     Maurice Evans
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-18

     Maurice Evans
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-06



     Guy Fallot
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-03

     José Famadas Latin American Popular Music Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-28

     Gene Feist
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-18

     Ralph Ferrandina (Mr. Tape)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-11

     Festspillene i Bergen 1955-1956
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-02

     Fete de la Musique
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-31

     Fiati Chamber Players
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-37

     Field Recordings of Southwest American Indians
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-17

     Film Art (Radio Program) (interviews with film directors)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-03

     Ross Lee Finney
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-16

     First Ladies of Radio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-04

     First National Congress on Women in Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 82-01

     The First Noel (Maude Adams)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-45

     Five scenes for trumpet and piano
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-36

     Kirsten Flagstad
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-32

     Kirsten Flagstad (test pressings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-14

     Flamenco Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-03

     Bramwell Fletcher
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-35

     Phil Flowers
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-13

     Francon-Davies & Athene Seyler (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-10

     Mary Frank
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-27

     Peter Paul Fuchs (two works)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-11



     Hy Gardner (Radio Programs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-10

     Eva Gauthier (film)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-26

     Claire Gelda
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-21

     General Motors Motorama Show
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-14

     Genesis by Villa Lobos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-35

     Gershwin Memorial (Concerto in F)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-33

     Getting to Know Finnish Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-06

     Georgia Gibbs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-04

     Miriam Gideon
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-08

     Irene Gilbert (Stella Adler)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-05

     Lillian Gish
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-03

     Ira Glackens (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-20

     Glass House (music cues)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-41

     Don Gohman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-66

     Richard Gold
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-05

     John Golden
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-47

     Benny Goodman with New York Philharmonic
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-14

     Jay Gorney
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-21

     Percy Grainger
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-02

     Grainger-Kristensen Collection of Danish Folk Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-10

     Charles Gray
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-26

     Great Performances (PBS TV video)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-42

     Lewis Greenberg
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-07

     Noah Greenberg
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-09

     Joseph Greene
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-14

     Lauder Greenway
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-20

     John Gruen (conversation with F. Poulenc and P. Boulez)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-07

     Alfred Grunwald
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Gudenrath Collection of Wagner-Nichols discs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-31

     Elisabeth Gutman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-49




     Lynn Habian
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-18

     Carlos Hagen (documentaries)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-21

     Uta Hagen
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Uta Hagen (memorial celebration)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-04

     Alexi Haieff
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-13

     Halverson Collection of French Broadcasting System
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-16

     Iain Hamilton
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-15

     Nancy Hamilton
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-22

     George Hamlin (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-09

     Oscar Hammerstein (tribute to)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-46

     Oscar Hammerstein (broadcast discs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-09

     Radio play by Peter Handke
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-28

     Otto Harbach
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-24

     E.Y. Harburg
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-52

     Rebekah Harkness (tour)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-20

     Kenneth Harper
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-40

     S. Harper
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Stan Harper; Harmonica Player
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-05

     Julie Harris (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-06

     Milt Harris and Apollo Rockers
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-21

     Helen Hayes, "The Best Years" (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-30

     Lennie Hayton
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-16

     Brooke Hayward (interviews for Haywire)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-45

     Leland Hayward
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-06

     George Hazelton, "Mistress Nell" (Radio play)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-24

     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-39

     Hello Dolly
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-34

     Katharine Hepburn
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Irene Heskes (Judaica recordings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-13

     Hi! Drama (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-34

     Holly Hill / St. Joan research
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-27

     Hindi Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-45

     History of Rock-n-Roll
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-32

     H. Wiley Hitchcock
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-09

     Jan Holcman (78s & LPs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) Comm

     Anthony Holland (commemoration)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-29

     Libby Holman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-07

     Isabella Home
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-43

     Mary Howe
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-18

     Kim Hunter
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-16

     Aldous Huxley (Audograph discs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-36




     IASPM Conference
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-28

     Ile (Opera by Beatrice Laufer)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-17

     Imagine / Columbia College Chicago Music Dept.
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-01

     Inter-union Exchange of Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-26

     Interviews for the book "Oklahoma"
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-26

     Interviews with actors and performers
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-26

     Interviews with theatre/music personalities
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-16

     Irish music, song and dance
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-21

     Donald Isler, piano recital
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-06

     Israeli Broadcasting Service
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-07

     Teiji Ito
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-28

     Burl Ives
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-41



     Richard Jackson (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-23

     Frederick Jacobi
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-39

     Paul Jacobs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-15

     Phoebe Jacobs (Jazz materials)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-29

     Jane Jarvis
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-33

     Jazz at Lincoln Center
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-09

     Billy Joel (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-02

     Judy Garland Show (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-59

     Joe Julian
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-31




     Erich Itor Kahn
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Mari Kahn
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-09

     Kalevela, Finnish Epic (read by Miriam Heleniss)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-27

     Kalichstein, Laredo, Robinson - Trio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-16

     Martin Kalmanoff
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Sam Katz (collection of radio programs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-14

     Brad Kay; Presents Early Stereo
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-06

     Jerome Kern (music)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-07

     Killing Floor (musical group)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-02

     Willa Kim ("Mike")
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-20

     Eleanor King
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-05

     King-Coit School, Children's Theater
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-08

     Leon Kirchner Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-56

     Edward Kleban
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-26

     Werner Klemperer
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-08

     Arthur and Ruth Knorr
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Andre Kostelanetz Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-50

     Robert Kovich
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-09

     Robert Kreider
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-46

     Brainerd Kremer
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-09

     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-62

     Meyer Kupferman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-05

     Maria Kurenko (Juilliard recital, 7/19/1950)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-39

     Robert Kurka
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-05

     Patricia Kurland (radio)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-12




     Felix Labunski
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-42

     Ladyhouse Blues
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-10

     Fiorello LaGuardia
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-08

     Bert Lahr
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-05

     Arthur Lange
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-07

     Hulda Lashanska
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-11

     Lawrence & Lee
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-03

     A.F.R. Lawrence, collection of historical spoken word
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-21

     Vera Brodsky Lawrence
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-15

     Eva Le Gallienne
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-03

     Franne Lee
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Ned Lehac
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-03

     Lehigh University Music Dept. Performances
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-12

     Carolyn Leigh
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-34

     Let's Go to the Opera
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-31

     Ellen Levene (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-29

     R. Lewine
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Lillian Gish Remembered
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-48

     Beatrice Lillie
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-12

     Limbus, by Jay Bolotin
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-19

     Jose Limon
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-08

     Hal Linden (commercial)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-08

     Fred Lindvall (memorial)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-40

     Literary Crisis and Censorship Project
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-14

     Little Orchestra Society
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-30

     Katherine Litz
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-14

     Lively Arts (TV) Tito Gobi
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-23

     Frank Loesser; the man and his music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-14

     Lucille Lortel
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-11

     Dorothy Loudon
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-10

     LPA Public Programs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-11

     Charles Ludlam and the Ridiculous Theatrical Co.
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-09

     Otto Luening
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-18

     Otto Luening
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-36

     Lunt & Fontanne
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-10

     Lynn Redgrave Interview
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-16

     Carol Lynn
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --




     Edward Mabley
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-48

     Taylor Mac (The Face of Liberalism)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-14

     Teo Macero
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-04

     Teo Macero (2 works)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-70

     Joseph Maher
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-52

     Mailamm Collection of Cantorial Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-35

     Maloney (Theater & Film themes)
     Classmark: *L (Special) Comm

     Mapleson Cylinder related recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Mapleson Cylinders (Master tapes)
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Mapleson Cylinders (originals)
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Vito Marcantonio (collection of political speeches)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-71

     March of Time (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-25

     Marion (Opera broadcast)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-15

     Richard Markowitz (performance material)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-45

     Audrey Marsh
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-09

     Frank Martin (Golgotha)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-10

     Matador Records videocassette
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-07

     Carmen Mathews sings 'My Golden Moment'
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-34

     William Mayer : Summer Glints
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-05

     Susanna McCorkle
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     McGuinn Opera Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-13

     Mitch McGuire
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-07

     Marian McPartland (Piano Jazz Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-30

     Meet the Composer
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-27

     Kathryn Meisle
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-07

     A Memo to You
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-44

     Mercury Theater
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-11

     Ethel Merman on Colgate Comedy Hour (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-31

     Theresa Merritt (as Ma Rainey)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-34

     Met Opera (paper tape)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-55

     Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts (Dec. 2006-May 2007)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-51

     Brant Mewborn (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-33

     Jan Miner
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-12

     Mingus epitaph
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-60

     Mirrorsonic Master Tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-02

     Misc. (Bjoerling; Paderewski; L. Homer; Rachmaninoff)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-07

     Miscellaneous contemporary music demo tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-22

     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-24

     Ruth Mitchell
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-49

     Dmitry Mitropoulos (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-26

     Meredith Monk
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-03

     Grace Moore (home movies)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-08

     Tom Moore (Geppetto mixes)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-40

     George Morar (song interpretations)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-37

     More Fire! Productions
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-07

     Sam Morgenstern
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-15

     Zero Mostel
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-03

     Marcel Moyse
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-14

     Mr. Tape International Opera tapes (audio)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-21

     Anne Murphy (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-42

     Music and Man (TV series)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-04

     Music Division oral history project
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-04

     Music for 2 concert dance works
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-41

     Music Lessons (documentary about the Kodály method)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-22

     Music of Wales
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-53

     Musica Aeterna (concert recordings)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-26

     Musicae Bohemicae
     Classmark: *L (Special) Comm

     Musical Camille and John Winter (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-71

     Musical Comedy Rehearsals & Performances
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-11

     Musical Theatre Tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-02

     Musical Treasures by Composer Alfred Morena, Sr.
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-04

     Musicians Off Stage
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-49




     Sandra Nathanson (interviewed by George Goodwin)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-43

     National Orchestra Association
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-10

     NBC Broadcast Gold Series
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-11

     Portia Nelson
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-02

     New Amsterdam Theatre Company records
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-11

     "New Broadways" interviews
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-10

     New Dramatists
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-14

     New Music For Young Ensembles
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-17

     New Music from Norway
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-17

     New Music Seminar
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-20

     New School Jazz & Contemporary Music Program
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-02

     New York Philharmonic
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-51

     New York Pops performances
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-27

     New York Shakespeare Festival
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-18

     No King But God: Music of the American Revolution
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-42

     Nonesuch records "proof" tape
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-12

     Norwegian Music Videos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-18

     Donna Paola Novikova
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-09

     NY International Festival of the Arts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-07

     NY Philharmonic Lectures (68-69)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-33

     NY Pops at Carnegie Hall
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-06

     NY Singing Teachers' Association (NYSTA)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-11

     NY World's Fair
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-22

     NYC Opera plot summaries
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-04

     Nyiregyhazi (recording session)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-01

     NYPL Colloquium on Jazz
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-11

     NYPL Concert
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-70

     NYPL New Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-11




     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Kevin Oldham
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-13

     Opera radio broadcasts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-19

     Oratorio Society
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-19

     Oratorio Society of New York
     Classmark: *L (Special) 11-01

     Orchestre de la Suisse Roman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-13

     Carl Orff (Radio)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-14

     Stuart Ostrow
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-08

     Ottoman music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-29




     Karel Pachta, collection of piano pedagogy
     Classmark: *L (Special) 67-01

     Pacific 321
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-22

     Paderewski documentary (unfinished)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-08

     Courtlandt Palmer
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-41

     James Palsgrove (organ music)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-22

     Paper Tape Opera
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-63

     Joseph Papp (NY Shakespeare Festival Oral History)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-18

     Violetta Para (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-24

     PARC Events
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-10

     Dailey Paskman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-01

     Robert Patrick audio
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-10

     Benjamin Patterson
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-13

     Paul Robeson Award
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-01

     Anna Pavlova
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-73

     Jan Peerce
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-03

     Pepsico Summerfare
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-09

     Performing Arts of Asia Festival
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-06

     Performing Arts of Poland
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-17

     Perichole (Offenbach @ Town Hall)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-65

     Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-05

     George Perle (works and interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-04

     Vincent Persichetti
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-28

     Roberta Peters
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-16

     Frederique Petrides
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-20

     Phaedra (privately recorded opera spoof by The Little Players)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-01

     Elizabeth Pierce (Radio)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-08

     Polish Music, film and television production
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-19

     Polish Radio Archive
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-24

     Polish Radio Performing Arts Archive
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-25

     Max Polikoff
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-50

     Rosa Ponselle
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-50

     Popular Music Selections (TV)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-24

     Pre-Philharmonic Concert Lecture Society
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-27

     Presidential Hour: Rodgers and Hammerstein
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-18

     Harold Prince
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-05

     Harold Prince
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-49

     Joseph Prostakoff: recital, 1947
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-11




     Queen of Swing
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-03




     Ellis Rabb
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Radio Drama
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-03

     Radio Guild
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-05

     Radio programs dealing with Hispanic Heritage Month
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-12

     Milos Raickovich (works)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-19

     Railroad Hour
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-01

     David Randolph
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-13

     Jay Rasiel
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-02

     Joe Reisman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-41

     Leo Reisman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-52

     Repertory Theater of Lincoln
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-17

     Eric Rhodes (Two of Everything & Ocean's Face)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-23

     Jeffrey Richard (press agent)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-05

     Cliff Ridley recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-04

     Vittorio Rieti
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-16

     Elizabeth A. Rinehart
     Classmark: *L (Special) Comm

     River City Brass Band concert
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-15

     Marco Rizo
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-07

     Marco Rizo
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-06

     Jerome Robbins
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Joan Roberts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-04

     William Robyn (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-04

     George Rochberg (2 works)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-37

     George Rochberg (music)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-01

     Rock Music Videos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-12

     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-09

     Bernard Rodgers (The Warrior)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-28

     Richard Rodgers
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-19

     Ann Ronell
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-23

     Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Speeches
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-03

     Billy Rose
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-27

     Lanny Ross
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-34

     Bevya Rosten (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-04

     Wolfgang Roth
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-69

     Annette Royak
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-24

     Ruth Rubin
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-22




     Eric Salzman (Radio broadcasts)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-14

     Alan Sands
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-26

     Dorothy Sands
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-38

     Nicholas Schaffner
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-19

     Dagmar Schauberger (exhibit tape)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-19

     Scott Schechter (Judy Garland and Liza Minelli)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-02

     Joseph Schillinger
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-16

     Irving Schlein Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-03

     Roxanne Schoen
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-35

     Schuman (Secular Cantata)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-28

     William Schuman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-24

     William Schuman (concert)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-37

     Charles Schwartz
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Raymond Scott
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-05

     Raymond Scott (SFX)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-46

     Tom Scott
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-10

     Alexander Scourby
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-14

     Andres Segovia (BWA concert, 1986)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-49

     Marcella Sembrich
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-29

     Serenus Tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-20

     Tibor Serly Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-07

     Ravi Shankar (lectures)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-58

     Shepherd [musical, demo]
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-03

     Sherlock Holmes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-43

     Morris Shimony (cantorial)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-05

     Shogun : The Musical
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-14

     Eric Siday
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-17

     Eric Siday
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-06

     Side by Side
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-17

     Arthur Siegel
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Luther Sies (Radio Program collection)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-07

     Paula Silberstein
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-50

     Robert Silverman (performance)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-23

     Netty Simons
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-07

     William Skipper
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Alex Smallens (Rising Musical Stars)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-27

     Leo Smit
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-15

     Smith and Dale
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-29

     Leida Snow Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-02

     Phoebe Snow and Hayna Holden compositions
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-25

     Sociedad Fonográfica Española cylinder recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-72

     Society for American Music Conference CDs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-54

     Society for Asian Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-19

     E. Soderstrom with Robert Sherman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-30

     Songwriter's Guild tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-04

     Harry Sosnick (songs and commercials)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-01

     Soundings (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-03

     Sounds of Julliard
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-06

     Speaking Out (series)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-01

     Bill Spilka (Jazz videos)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-13

     Vladimir Spivakov (lecture)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-08

     Spoleto Festival USA
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-05

     St. Cecilia Chorus
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-03

     St. Cecilia Chorus
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-47

     St. Cecilia Chorus collection (addition)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-15

     St. Cecilia Chorus concerts (4/28/06, 2/25/07)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-18

     Irwin Stahl
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-68

     Stambler Acetate discs
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-39

     Benedict Stambler Archives of Recorded Jewish Music
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-39

     Star Spangled Theatre
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-16

     Statue of Liberty
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-05

     Teresa Sterne
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-04

     Isabelle Stevenson (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-05

     Ellen Stewart (NYPL lecture)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-43

     Michael Stewart
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-02

     Barbara Stone
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-40

     Jon Stone
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-18

     Stravinsky concert (St. Thomas Church)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-13

     Michael Streicher
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-21

     Richard Striker Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90

     Carlos Surinach
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-06

     Henry Sylvern
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-40

     Joseph Szigeti (performances)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-21

     Joseph Szigeti (materials)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-12




     Taiwan Culture Night
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-19

     Helen Tamiris
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-06

     Helen Tamiris (Littler's production)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-32

     Tandy/Cronyn (performance)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-15

     Tape copies of commercial recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-24

     Florence Tarlow
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-32

     Tarzan Recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-30

     Richard Tauber (Centennial gala)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-19

     Clarke Taylor interviews
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-12

     Deems Taylor (Radio Programs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-38

     Ten Chimneys (the Lunt's house) lecture
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-26

     That Hat (demo tape)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-18

     That Show (Television Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 78-01

     Theatre Guild on the Air [radio broadcasts]
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-46

     Theatre Guild on the Air collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-55

     Francis Thorne
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Lawrence Tibbett
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-04

     Piano portraits / Tibbetts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-31

     Tight Rope
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-32

     Henry Tobias
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-48

     TOFT Interviews
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-06

     Tomcat Mahoney
     Classmark: *L (Special) 09-03

     Toscanini Legacy
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-01

     Toscanini memorial archives lecture
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-66

     Toscanini memorial archives lecture
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-16

     Toscanini memorial archives lecture
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-21

     Toscanini memorial archives lecture
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-15

     Toscanini/Selenophone project
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-30

     Towers of London (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-20

     Town Hall Tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-43

     Arthur Tracy
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Lee Tracy
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-37

     Helen Traubel on Duffy's Tavern (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-19

     Treasury of Recorded Sound
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-28

     Tricks (musical production - demos)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-46

     Trinity Repertory Co. (Oral History)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 92-15

     Sophie Tucker
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-67

     Rosalyn Tureck
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-22




     Andrew M. Underhill (Radio Programs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-10

     Arthur Unger (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 98-01

     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-64




     Michael Valenti Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-57

     Bela Varkonyi (works and performances)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-37

     Ron Vawter
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-12

     Ted Vidgosky (Radio interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-63

     Viewpoint (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-35

     Villa-Lobos (interview)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-38

     Vitaphone Disc Film Soundtracks
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-13

     Howard Vogel (organ recital)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-22

     Voice of America
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-17




     Joelle Wallach
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-25

     John Wallowitch
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-20

     Elinor Remick Warren
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-22

     Dale Wasserman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-19

     John Watts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-24

     WBAI (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-27

     Charles Weidman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 91-04

     Herman Weinberg (lectures)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-24

     Hugo Weisgall
     Classmark: *L (Special) 01-01

     Mac Wellman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-06

     Peter Wexler
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Donald White (radio interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-54

     Rick Whitesell interviews
     Classmark: *L (Special) 86-01

     Howard Whitfield (lecture on Shakespeare)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 02-17

     Wigglesworth Collection of sound recordings
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-69

     Frank Wigglesworth
     Classmark: *L (Special) 97-17

     Frederick Wildfoerster
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-16

     Karna Steelquist Wilgus (recitals)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-16

     Avery Willard singing
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-25

     Williams and Wood
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-44

     Bert Williams
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     Isaiah Williams (songs)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-42

     Oscar Williams
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-53

     Tennessee Williams
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-35

     Alix Williamson
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-27

     Lois Warner Winston: Pacific Hail / Dave Brubeck, piano
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-19

     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-44

     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-02

     WNYC David Randolph
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-16

     WNYC New Sounds (Radio Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 03-03

     William Wolf (interviews)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 99-21

     Allen Woll
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-23

     Stefan Wolpe
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-07

     Woman of Will (demo tape)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-01

     Virginia Woodruff; First Nighter (TV Program)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 88-68

     World Financial Center videos
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-29

     World Music Institute live performances
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-58

     The World of Robert Schuman
     Classmark: *L (Special) -- --

     World's Fair 1939 (music about)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-08

     Martin Worman
     Classmark: *L (Special) 10-06

     WQXR concert broadcasts
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-13

     WQXR concert broadcasts[see *L (Special) 00-13]
     Classmark: *L (Special) 94-01

     Writer's Mind
     Classmark: *L (Special) 89-26




     Yaddo Music Festival
     Classmark: *L (Special) 90-09

     Grace Yeager
     Classmark: *L (Special) 07-42

     Yellow Springs Collection
     Classmark: *L (Special) 04-06

     LaMonte Young & Doris Hays
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-47

     Yours for a Song: the Women of Tin Pan Alley (documentary)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 05-11

     Jene Youtt (IATSE Oral History)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 08-09

     Yugoslavian Composers
     Classmark: *L (Special) 95-17




     Ron Zamir : complete musical works
     Classmark: *L (Special) 06-08

     David L. Zucker
     Classmark: *L (Special) 96-01




     13 Daughters (Costume Sketch)
     Classmark: *L (Special) 00-16

     500: Hidden Hemisphere
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-09

     7-inch Operatic Tapes
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-18

     8th Wonder
     Classmark: *L (Special) 93-11


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