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Career and Education Information Services (CEIS) at Bronx Library Center

Career and Education Information Services (CEIS) has expanded its services to the Baychester, Bronx Library Center, Eastchester, Morris Park, Hamilton Grange, Parkchester and West Farms Libraries.

Find us on the 5th Floor, Room 506 at the Bronx Library Center.

Services for Job Seekers, Students, and Mid-Career Changers

Robyn L. Saunders,
Career Coach
Our free services are scheduled by appointment. We are open 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday).
Please call or email our Career Coach, Robyn Saunders:
646-351-9035 or
Please leave your name, phone number, and e-mail.

Register For Upcoming Career Path Workshops

Participants learn how to market themselves, how to conduct a strategic job search, meet other job-seekers in a supportive environment. Handouts and resources will be provided.

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Baychester Mini-Career Fair

Thank you so much for bringing a Mini-Career Fair to the Baychester Library, we rarely have this type of event. So thank you New York Public Library for thinking about us. The employers were knowledgeable and kind. I was able to not only meet with an employer, but I was able to schedule an interview onsite.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
Paul Berrios

Baychester In The House

Thank you for the job fair, that was provided by your department. I submitted my resume to all the employers.


Thank You.

Ms. Saunders, Thank ou so much for all of your help.  I just got hired at Target as a Sales Associate. I appreciate all the help that you give me and wanted to give you a shout out.  Sending my younger brother, he needs your help too. Vicky  

This department is the best

The Career Center on Fordham Road is the best there is.  I met with Ms. Saunders approximately a year ago, she helped me then and she is helping me now.  I came for a possible part-time position as a Debt Collector and she not only revised my resume, but she printed out possible employers that may want to hire me.  Furthermore, she assisted my daughter, her boyfriend and friend with interviews this coming week. "Who Does That?" Mr. Robyn Saunders!  I will refer everyone that I know to Ms. Saunders, Thank you New York Public Library for hiring someone who is compassionate and cares for this community.Arlene LoaizaHappy Patron  

Great Service For The Community

My name is Barbara Virola and I want to Thank Ms. Saunders for helping me with my resume and helping me to obtain a job.  She is one of a kind.  Listen, You may have to wait a while to meet with her; but its well worth the wait.  Thank You, Ms. Saunders and Thank You, New York Public Library.For hiring a great person ----------------------From Barbara Virola  

Thank You

Good Afternoon,I just want to say, Thank You to the New York Public Library for offering such an INVALUABLE service the the community of Morris Park.  Ms. Saunders reviewed my resume, revised and forwarded to various employers for consideration. I will keep you all informed. I feel confident and ready to meet with Interviewers. I really enjoyed working with Ms. Saunders, she is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.Jodi Santiago-Colon

Wonderful Service

I came to Ms. Saunders, she helped me with my resume, it looks great and professional. I am very happy!,

Real Nice

Service is great, I appreciated, I will refer other friends to CEIS! 

Superior Service

I felt like i was heared and My resume reflected that. I love service, Ms Robyn did resume it looks great, and professional, and Mr. Kabir provided me information about this Services. It is welcoming environment.    --Omeca 

I am satisfied

I came to the Bronx Library Center, CEIS, Mr. Kabir helped with my resume, I am very happy with my resume.  Thank you Alberto Severino

It was Good

I came to the CEIS to fix my resume, Mr. Kabir was able to help me with my resume, and I am pleased with it.  Thank you Indiana Gomez

Excellent Service

I came to the Bronx Library Center for a resume help and to apply for a job. I meet Mr. Kabir, hes very good, helped me with my resume which looks great now. Also, Mr. Kabir helped me apply for a job online.  I am happy with CEIS Service! Thank youPhilip Reilly

Thank You For The Services

Good Morning, I am not sure if you will remember me, but I was in your office, inquiring about getting my resume printed.  But after you took a look at it, you told me it needed work, so you suggested that your assistant work on it (very nice guy, by the way).  Then you added to it, Today I landed the job at Montefiore Hospital and was complimented several times on my professional resume.  I wanted to drop by and say, "Thank You!" for your help and the wonderful care you showed me!I have gone to several places for assistance and no one helped me the way you did.  I never knew that the public library provide not only assistance with building a resume, but referrals for employment.  Thank you so much, Ms. Robyn, I am so grateful and happy! God Bless You Always!With Love, Tiffany 


The services I received from Ms. Saunders is Wonderful.  I have never in my life had a resume that looks as beautiful as this and then she sent me for a Driving Job. I love what this department is doing and I am going to tell everyone about it! Thank you  Jose 

Incredible Service at The Bronx Library Center

Today I met Ms. Robyn, who helped me out with starting my new future, I am going to take what she taught me and I am sure that I will prosper.  She is a true blessing to the New York Public Library. May God continue to bless her! A happy patron, named Sam!

CEIS Visit

Ms. Saunders, is very helpful, down to earth and makes you feel comfortable.  She really helps you to understand workplace  and workforce concepts.  Ms. Saunders, helped me to not only reformulate my resume,  but I feel even more confident about obtaining meaingul employment. I strongly recommend the CEIS Department services.

Great Work and A Wonderful Inspiration

Mrs. Saunders, thank you so much for the workshop you did today at The Baychester Library!  I learned so much about Interviewing, Resume Formation, Customer Service and Human Relations, boy are you knowledgeable.  Please keep doing what you are doing, the community needs this service. Oh my God, I have beent talking about you since we met.  Thank you so much, my Sister and I look forward to getting a job real soon. Your friend, Brenda

Very happy with the service that I received!

Hello, my name is Carol Sanchez. I am very happy with the service that I received. Mr. Kabir was very helpful and professional. I look forward in returning to Mr. Kabir, informing him of how my interview went. Thank you so much for helping me with my resume!

Incredibly helpful service!

Mr. Kabir is very good at helping people out. He, along with the entire CEIS Department is a huge asset to the NYPL as a whole.

Fantastic job on my resume!

Mr. Kabir did a great job doing my resume. He was really helpful and I will definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for employment.

Satisfied with the service provided.

I am very satisfied with the service and professionalism that was presented to me during my appointment with Mr. Kabir, here at the NYPL. His knowledge on building a resume is also top notch! Mr. Kabir is the best!!!

Very informative

Mr. Kabir was very informative, patient and helpful. He answered all of my questions and did an excellent job on my resume. I will recommend his services to other people seeking employment and in need of a resume. Thank you so much!

Great service

I am very pleased and satisfied with Mr. Kabir's work. He was sucessful in helping my with my resume. I feel that he did an excellent job in understanding what exactly my focus is and he was able to complete my resume to my satisfaction. Thank you!

Excellent job!

Mr. Kabir did an excellent job. He has helped me so much with understanding how to prepare my resume.

Very helpful and professional individuals in the CEIS Department

Mr. Kabir is a very helpful, patient and professional individual. I appreciate what he did for me by helping construct my resume to my satisfaction. My resume looks absolutely amazing and I could not be any happier!

My resume looks ten times better than before!

I am very happy with my resume. It looks so much better than before. Mr. Kabir is a very helpful and nice person.

Exceptional service here at the CEIS Department!

I must say that Mr. Kabir was exceptional! He helped me with not only wanted I needed, but what I wanted as well. I'm extremely satisfied with my new resume. Thank you!

Saved alot of trouble and stress thanks to the CEIS and NYPL.

In doing my resume, I met with Mr. Kabir and under all circumstances, I actually met a person sent from God! I say this because without him, I would have had no idea on how to go about creating my resume and getting employed again in such hard times. Mr. Kabir's advice was exactly what I needed and I am incredibly grateful for his service. It saved me immeasurable amounts of trouble and stress and I hope he continues his services so that other people can receive the amazing help that he provides.

Very helpful

The purpose of my visit today was to update my resume. Rather than that, I received a brand new resume that looked so much better than my old one and truly captured me, and all of my prior experience. Mr. Kabir was incredibly helpful and because of him and the service and advice that I received, I feel confident in getting a job again. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!

Very helpful and nice

Mr. Kabir was really helpful and nice. The resume he helped me with came out really good. Way better than my last one, as well as way better than I expected! Mr. Kabir gave good advice and I'm happy that I was able to receive his help.

Every knowledgeable and professional individuals.

Mr. Kabir was extremely helpful with putting my resume together. He is very knowledgeable and professional at his job. Thank you for everything!

Very impressed

I was very impressed with the service of Mr. Kabir and everything that he did for me. The service they give here in the CEIS Department is very valuable to the community and I hope that it never leaves the NYPL.

I really enjoyed myself!

Mr. Kabir, I really enjoyed myself coming to visit you. Thank you so much for the services you provided. The resume that you helped me create looks incredible and I cannot wait to get out there and start working again. It was a pleasure working with you.

Excellent service!

The service that I was given here at the Library was excellent. I will most defintely refer others to come and handle their business here whenever needed. Mr. Kabir is a very skilled individual and I will come see him any time I need help with any issue that I may have. Thank you!

Very good service

I was very satisfied with the service that Mr. Kabir has provided for me.

Mr. Kabir was very helpful and professional!

Mr. Kabir was very helpful and professional. My resume looks phenomenal. Thank you so much!

Mr. Kabir was very helpful and professional!

It is lovely knowing that Mr. Kabir and the entire CEIS Department is very helpful and is filled with good people. Mr. Kabir is a good, hardowrking man. God bless him. Thank you!

I am happy with the provided service.

I was happy when I came to the NYPL and received information about the CEIS Department. I made an appointment with Mr. Kabir and received excellent service that surpassed my expectations. Thank you for everything!

Outstanding service

The service that I received was simply outstanding from My. Kabir. Thank you very much!

Helpful experience

My experience with Mr. Kabir this afternoon was very helpful and informative. It was a pleasure working with him.

Great service

My experience this morning with Mr. Kabir was greatly appreciated. He assisted me with my resume and met all of my resume needs.

Very helpful

My experience with Mr. Kabir was very helpful. He was very patient and understanding. He has helped me by teaching me how to use the computer and by creating an amazing resume for me.

Very good service

The service provided by Mr. Kabir is very good. He helped me alot. He is a very professional person and I want to say thank you so much for helping me.

Excellent service!

Mr. Kabir is an excellent person. He did an amazing job on my resume and I appreciate it very much.

you are the best best service

Mr. Kaibr helped me with my resume, he's very kind and professional. I saw him helping others with lots of patience and kindness. I am happy with the service. I recommend CEIS service other people. I wish NYPL Authority should see as a very good professional, he deserves the best.! 


This office is Superb and Excellent. Mrs. Saunders is an ON TIME Professional and very hospitable. She knows her work and is a tremendous joy to work with, I was treated with great respect and she welcomed me. I feel professionally fulfilled and ready to get my Career on Track. Thank you so much New York Public Library for having such a wonderful for us Bronx Residents. I will truly and highly recommend this wonderful service to everyone I know.

Thanx DeBorah Meeks

One Incredible Service, By One Incredible Lady

Dear New York Public Library

I would like to say first, that I have been a patron of the New York Public Library all of my life and have not never, ever seen a service such as this. Today, I met with Robyn Saunders, Career Coach and she helped me today; she got me an interview within a manner of minutes. Ms. Saunders, sat with a class of eager job seekers and helped each one of us. I have been searching for a job for the past two years, and she was able to help me. Oh my God! Thank You and God Bless this woman, she was personable, funny, resourceful and transparent. That is what I have never seen, no library professional be that transparent and community oriented. Thank You! Thank You! and Thank You!

To Ms. Saunders, please keep doing what you are doing for the community! We need you, your wisdom, your strength and your professionalism!

Very Truly Yours
Theresa St. James

Resume Makeover

Mr. Kaber was really experienced in giving advice on fixing my resume and patient in going through all of the changed that I needed to make. I was extremely pleased with the help I received today.

Also, Ms. Sauders was really helpful and accommodating when I spoke with her over the telephone.

Career Exploration / Resume Clinic Satisfaction

I am truly appreciative for the assistance and advice Ms. Saunders gave Today. She took the time to re-structure my thoughts and actual career goals. Ms. Saunders, was incredible, oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was personable, enchanting, dramatic and charismatic. I have met a lot of professionals but none, like Ms. Saunders. I believe that the resume constructed with the help of Ms. Saunders, will not only land me the position of my dreams, but provides me with confidence to ACE AN INTERVIEW. Thank New York Public Library, I really appreciate that you have someone in your organization, like the one and only, Ms. Robyn Saunders.........The community will benefit from the wisdom that this woman shares. Seriously, I really appreciate the help and will truly benefit by the consultation.

Ms. Alexsis G. Allen,
Community Resident and Patron of The Baychester Library

Great Experience With A Great Person

Good Afternoon Ms. Saunders,

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did with my resume but mostly for the lessons you taught through your kindness. I wasn't expecting the day to be filled with such hope and understanding but it was. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I am extremely grateful to have met you. Have a great day.

Kimberly Martin