Design NYPL 2011

Super Prom!

Twelve designers from the High School of Fashion Industries with a single mission: to find inspiration in the collections of The New York Public Library and create a garment for the Anti-Prom Runway!

Design NYPL is a collaboration between the Library and the High School of Fashion Industries which introduces teen designers to the collections of the library and challenges the designers to create a garment inspired by the theme of the Library's Anti-Prom. Anti-Prom is an event which provides an alternative, safe space for all teens who may not feel welcome at official school proms or dances because of their sexual orientation, the way they dress, or for any other reason.

The teen-selected theme for the 2011 Anti-Prom is "Super Prom." Teen designers explore the meaning of super, from caped crusaders to spandex-wearing super villains and everything in between during their visits to the Library for the Performing Arts, the Art and Architecture Collection, and the Mid-Manhattan Picture Collection. After visiting Mood Fabrics to purchase the materials for their garments, the students received constructive feedback from Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador for Barneys, on their preliminary designs. The garments will debut at the Anti-Prom, June 3, 2011 in Astor Hall at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Afterwards, they will be on display at the Mid-Manhattan Library though the end of June.