New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition

Meet the New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Finalists

The New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Winners
The New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Winners
 Kevin Vittayarukskul ,Shu Jie Zhang,Sara Czworniak,Giana Quinterno, and  Maria Silvestre
  • First Place Prize Winners - Maria Silvestre and Jennifer Silvestre,   Nasir + Idie

  • Second Place Prize Winners - Giana Quinterno and Sara Czworniak,   Social Skills in Motion

  • Third Place Prize Winners - Kevin Vittayarukskul and Shu Jie Zhang,  HummingBio, Inc.

  • Honorable Mention  - Kelli Lipson,  FLUF

  • Honorable Mention - Richard Liriano and Reed Blee,  The Alcove NY

The New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Finalists
The New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Finalists


The New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition Finalists

  • Maria Silvestre and Jennifer Silvestre ,  Nasir + Idie
  • Giana Quinterno and Sara Czworniak ,   Social Skills in Motion
  • Kevin Vittayarukskul and Shu Jie Zhang ,  HummingBio, Inc.
  • Kelli Lipson ,  FLUF
  • Richard Liriano and Reed Blee,  The Alcove NY
  • Michelle Obine Galvin ,   Snaggletooth, Inc.
  • Alex Guillaume ,   APPAOLLO
  • John A. Marshall ,   NYC Borough Pass
  • Stephanie Rogers and Adrienne Walker,    Menopause Pack
  • Osariemen Uwaifo ,  The Yani Experience


The 13th Annual New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition is closed.  Check back in the fall of 2023 for details about the 2024 competition.

Win up to $15,000 to start your business, as well as gain practical insights about starting and growing a business while using the comprehensive small business resources at NYPL’s Thomas Yoseloff Business Center.

StartUp Site

Are you eligible to win a cash prize?

1. You must live in Manhattan, The Bronx, or Staten Island *

2. Your business must be in Manhattan, The Bronx, or Staten Island

3. All businesses must have ideas or business models in the start-up phase and have earned less than $10,000


 To Participate:

    Step 1 - Attend a Virtual Orientation Q & A Session  

    The 1st requirement of the competition - attend a session for a review of the competition including how it works, the requirements, and the timeline.

                    Click here to see the full schedule of the sessions.

    Step 2 - Submit Your Entry Form by March 31, 2023.  

    The 2nd requirement of the competition - complete and submit an entry form to participate.

                    Click here to access the form.  

    Step 3 -  Attend 1 Virtual Q & A Session for Each of the 4 Technical Workshops

    The 3rd requirement of the competition- you must attend 1 session for each of the 4 workshops.

                   Click here to see the full schedule of Virtual Q & A Sessions 

    Step 4 - Schedule at Least 1 Virtual Consultation with a Business Librarian Before March 15, 2023.

    The 4th requirement of the Competition - Business Center Librarians can provide resources for marketing and industry research, sample business plans, and business service providers.

                    Click here to schedule your virtual consultation.


    Step 5 - Meet at Least Once Before April 1, 2023 with a Business Advisor.

    The 5th requirement of the Competition is to meet at least once with an expert business advisor to review your plan.

                Click here to see a list of potential business advisors and the form to document your meetings.


    Step  6 - Upload a PDF of Your Business Plan to the Competition Site by 11:59 PM on May 31, 2023.



                   • First Prize - $15,000  

                   • Second Prize - $10,000

                   • Third Prize - $7500   


         Click here to review the full rules and eligibility requirements of the competition.

    Questions about the StartUp! Competition?  Contact


      Funding provided by the Wells Fargo Foundation.


      * Do you live in Brooklyn or Queens?
      We welcome all to participate in the competition and learn how to put a business plan together. However, only residents of Manhattan, The Bronx, or Staten Island who start a business in one of these three boroughs are eligible to win a prize.

      Similar competitions are available for residents of Brooklyn and Queens. The Brooklyn Public Library runs the Brooklyn PowerUP! Competition for Brooklyn residents. The Queens Economic Development Corporation (QEDC) offers the StartUP! Competition for Queens residents.



      Past Winners

      New York StartUP! 2022 Business Plan Competition Winners:

      2022 NY StartUp! Winners
      Stephon Vaughns, Kaela Shelby, and Melanie Davis




      First Prize Winner: Melanie Davis, Cutie Box
      Second Place Winner:  Stephon Vaughns & Kaela Shelby,  Everchild 







      2020 New York  Startup! Winners Announced

      • First Prize Winner of the Bank OZK Community Impact Award:  La Shay B. Green, SoulBites

      • Second Place Winner:  Madelyn Scarpulla, New York Ninja Academy NYC

      ● Constance Barnes -The Bronx Learning Lounge
      ● Monica Mohan and Wendy Qiu -May’d Fit LLC
      ● Stacy McCoy Prime -Midnight Club

      2020 Finalists: 

      Constance Barnes  -- The Bronx Learning Lounge
      Monica Mohan and Wendy Qiu  --  May'd Fit LLC
      Courtney Stern -- Park Watch
      Sabrina Ortega -- ZOA Health
      Julia Kim -- Cloudflow 
      Stacy McCoy Prime  --  Midnight Club
      Christian Tirtasengadja and Aura Estrella   --   That Looks Good
      Jacqueline Martoral and Javier Ceja --  Myproperdeets
      Monica Mohan and Wendy Qiu   --    May’d Fit LLC
      Madelyn Scarpulla  --  New York Ninja Academy NYC
      La Shay B. Green -- SoulBites  

      Meet the 2019 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition Finalists

      2019 StartUp Finalists
      2019 New York StartUP! Finalists

      Grand Prize Winner:   Maurisa Westbury- Adirah Inc                                  

      First Runner-Up:  Leslie Raucher & Maegan White-Rescue Toolkit, LLC.

      Honorable Mention: Ashley M. Scott-The Happy Glow; Stacy McCoy Prime—Upstream Design Lab, Inc.


      NY Startup 2019 Finalists:

      Adrienne Walker & Stephanie Rogers - The Menopause Pack

      Leslie Raucher & Maegan White - Rescue Toolkit, LLC

      Diane Tinsley - Kids Dance Revolution

      Stacy McCoy Prime - Upstream Design Lab, Inc.

      Elona Bilovol - cosmetics manufacturing

      Maurisa Westbury - Adirah Inc.

      Ashley M. Scott - The Happy Glow


       Meet the 2018 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition Finalists

      2018 StartUP! Finalists
      The 2018 New York StartUP! Business Plan Competition Finalists


      The top prize of $15,000 went to Kweer Cards, which crafts unique greeting cards for the LGBTQ+ community.

      Founded by Ken Moore, Kweer Cards’ growing line of high-quality greeting cards strives to capture the experiences and sentiments of a currently underserved market through inclusive and whimsical designs.   Read the press release.   




      2018 Finalists: 

      Gladys Henriquez  -- Know My Rights Clothing Co. 
      Josalyn Mayfield  --- Co.Co. ( Coffee & Cocktails)
      Kariyma-Hamilton  -Defy Lingerie
      Kenneth Moore  -----kweercards
      Maureen Miller  -----Mo Possibilities Inc. 
      Pamela Hawkins ----Organic Love Beauty, LLC
      Pooja Khanna  -------Begin-to-Heal, LLC.
      Siu-Kwan Tsui   ------CyberGuardian
      Steve Roberts -------Mangi
      Ventrice Lam   -------Classkite


      Honorable Mention: 
      Pooja Khanna
      Josalyn Mayfield

      Read the press release about the winner


      ** View the finalists talking about their plans.