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Financial Literacy Now: New York



Campaign for Financial Literacy: Online Financial Resources

General Literacy and Education Sites

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
Everything you need to understand about your finances and did not know who to ask

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Gives consumers the information they need to understand the terms of their agreements with financial companies. The CFPB was formed to protect consumers. Among other things, the CFPB enforces federal consumer financial protection laws, restricts unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices, and promotes financial education.

FDIC Money Smart (English)
Online financial education

FDIC Money Smart (Spanish)
Online financial education

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Consumer Resources
Contains links to a variety of agencies and tools intenden to a Consumers navigate an increasingly complicated banking landscape.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Economic data for all. Download graphs and track US and international data series from 80 sources.

Federal Reserve Education
Lesson Plans, publications, activities grades k thru 12 on topics such as personal finance, banking, money and economics

Federal Trade Commission: Consumer Information 
Helpful information about credit cards and debt, home mortgages and identity theft issues.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Financial Education Programs,Resources, and Tools for all, including Military Families, students and older investors

FINRA: Save and Invest
Unbiased financial tools and information for all investors from the Finra Foundation

FINRA Investor Education Military Financial Readiness Program
Military Financial Education, information on a wide variety of topics including credit management and duty station changes. Project and Save and Invest 55+ reduce the incidence of investment fraud among investors 55+

Dictionary of all investment and financial terms. A great place to start.

Military One Source
A confidential Dept of Defense funded program providing comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at no cost to active duty, National Guard, and reserve members, and their families.
The U.S. government's website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are buying a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401(k), the resources on can help you maximize your financial decisions. Throughout the site, you will find important information from 20 Federal agencies and Bureaus designed to help you make smart financial choices.

NYC Office of Financial Empowerment
Budgets, banking, loans and taxes! This site will show you ways to Get, Manage, Save, and Protect your money, provide important information about Debt and Credit, and help you Find a Class or Counselor.

Social Security
Web site for Social Security

The Investor's Clearinghouse
A portal to all of the best finance and investing sites, searchable by topic of interest. Index of latest papers is visible on left hand column

Basic Classes in Banking, Savings and Credit concepts for Generation X & Y women.

Banking And Credit

Annual Credit Report
This is the central source Web site where consumers can request a free credit report under federal law from all three major credit reporting agencies.

Auto Loans
Whether you’re a first time borrower or a pro, getting an auto loan can be complicated. Learn how to prepare so you can save money, reduce stress, and get the auto loan that’s right for you.

Compare interest rates for checking, savings accounts, prepaid cards, credit cards, secured credit cards and other loans. Calculate your estimated payments.

Determine credit card payment schedules

ChexSystem Consumer Assistance
This web site contains frequently asked questions and other data about bank accounts and the Chex Systems reporting system that provides data to financial institutions about people who have mishandled bank accounts.

Choose to Save
A comprehensive "calculator web site" with calculators for credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and other topics

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Know Before You Owe: Credit Cards
Provides a basic guide to navigating the credit card process.

Direct Express
A Prepaid Debit Card for Social Security Recipients who do not have bank accounts. A safe, easy way for them to access payments.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Find out how FDIC deposit insurance works and determine if your savings and investments are insured. Learn about Consumer Protection including credit and debit card issues.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator
Calculate your FDIC insurance coverage and see and overview of topics related to bank checking and savings accounts.

Federal Trade Commission: How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
This web site provides a step-by step process and a sample letter to send to credit reporting agencies to dispute erroneous information found in a credit report.

Federal Trade Commission: Co-Signing Loans
What you need to know before you co-sign a loan

Free budget planning worksheets

FRB: Consumer Information
A consumers guide to credit reports and credit scores, a credit card repayment calculator and more.

FRB: Credit Card Consumer Guide
Interactive tools and features. Information about how to read a credit card statement, and information about credit card rules and regulations.
Answers and solutions for most banking and credit card issues.
Compare interest rates on CD savings, auto loans, and credit cards and more. Calculate your estimated payments

Information about how credit scores are calculated. Includes a loan calculator which illustrates how credit scores impact lending rates.

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
This is the web site of th federal government agency that provides insurance for credit union depositors' accounts in the event that a credit union fails.

New York State Department of Financial Services
This is the official site of the NY State Banking and Insurance Departments and has information on a wide variety of banking and insurance topics for consumers.

New York State Department of Financial Services: Basic Banking Accounts
Information about opening a basic banking account.

Take It to the Bank Guide
NYC's Comptroller has provided a list of every possible banking option in NYC and you can search by option.

Income Taxes

EITC Assistant Fact Sheet (IRS)
This Web site describes the IRS “EITC Assistant” tool to help users find out if they are eligible for the EITC.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
This is a go-to Web site for federal income tax information, publications, forms, tools, and tax filing. An especially helpful reference is IRS Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax.

New York City Earned Income Tax Credit
This Web site describes the features and criteria of the New York City earned income tax credit.

New York City Personal Income Tax
This Web Site explains the personal income tax that New York City residents must pay on their earnings.

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
This is a go-to Web site for New York income tax information, publications, forms, tools, and tax filing.

New York State Taxpayer Advocate
This Web page helps users access services from the Office of the New York State Taxpayer Advocate.

Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center (IRS)
This Web site is a “one-stop” source of tax information for small businesses with articles, tax forms, and more.

Taxes Terms (Investopedia)
This Web site provides an easily searchable comprehensive glossary of tax terms organized in alphabetical order.

Taxpayer Advocate Service (IRS)
This Web page contains over a dozen links about an IRS office that helps taxpayers resolve problems with the IRS.

Understanding Taxes Student Site (IRS)
This Web site contains 38 student lessons pided into two content areas: the hows and the whys of income taxes.

Your Guide to an IRS Audit (IRS)
This Web site contains a series of 10 short videos that discuss topics related to the IRS tax audit process.


Best’s Credit Ratings (A.M. Best Company)
This Web site provides information about how A.M. Best rates the financial strength of insurance companies.

Car Insurance in New York (
This Web site explains the liability insurance requirements for New York state residents.

Evaluate Life Insurance (Consumer Federation of America)
This Web site describes a resource for evaluating the rate of return on a cash value life insurance policy.

Glossary of Insurance Terms (A.M. Best)
This Web site provides an easily searchable comprehensive glossary of insurance terms. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
This Web site provides information on a wide variety of health finance issues including insurance and health care laws.

Insurance Information Institute
This Web site has information about a variety of insurance topics including how to make a claim and flood insurance.

Life Insurance Needs Calculator
This online calculator helps people determine how much life insurance they need based on personal variables.

Long Term Care (LTC) Information (Department of Health and Human Services)
This Web site discusses types of long-term care services, how much they cost, and how to plan ahead for LTC needs.

Medicaid in New York State (New York State Department of Health)
This Web site is a one-stop resource for questions about the Medicaid program administered by New York State.

Medicaid Web Site
This Web site describes features of Medicaid, eligibility requirements, and how to sign up for benefits.

Medicare Web Site (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
This is the official U.S. government Medicare Web site and includes links for information and online search tools.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners
This Web site discusses insurance topics from the perspective of the unique needs and concerns of military families.

New York State Department of Financial Services
This Web site has information and forms related to health, life, and property insurance and insurance fraud topics.

New York State Disability Insurance
This Web site explains temporary cash benefits for eligible wage earners disabled by an off-the-job injury or illness.

New York State Health Insurance Programs
This is a one-stop source of information about New York health insurance programs such as Child Health Plus (a health insurance program for income-eligible children) and the Age 29 Dependent Coverage Extension.

New York State Worker’s Compensation Board
This Web site explains worker’s compensation insurance and the process for filing a claim after an injury on the job.

Social Security Disability Insurance
This Web site provides information about qualifications to receive Social Security disability and how to apply for it.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
The official HHS Department Web site includes information about its programs, current events, and health topics.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
This is the VA Department home page and includes information about a variety of programs for military veterans.


Quick and easy comparison of mortgage and home equity rate offerings. News and analysis of mortgage rate trends.

FannieMae KnowYourOptions
If you are struggling with your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, Fannie Mae has created; so you can find the information you need, and get help before it's too late.
Quick and easy comparison of mortgage and home equity rate offerings. News and analysis of mortgage rate trends. Mortgage Advice and Information on Home Financing
Determine which type of mortgage is right for you.

Understanding the Mortgage Rules
The CFPB will help you find free foreclosure help. We have information about how our rules affect your mortgage. We also provide advice on getting a good mortgage. Get answers to your mortgage questions.

Owning a Home
The CFPB’s interactive tool is designed to help you navigate the home buying process.  If you are just starting out, this tool will help you learn what to expect.  If you are about to close, the tool provides a checklist to help make closing less stressful.


About Money: Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA
Describes differences between traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs, which is best for you.

Choose to Save: Ballpark E$timate
The Ballpark E$timate is an easy-to-use, two-page worksheet that helps you quickly identify approximately how much you need to save to fund a comfortable retirement. The Ballpark E$timate takes complicated issues like projected Social Security benefits and earnings assumptions on savings, and turns them into language and mathematics that are easy to understand.

Required minimium distribution calculator. Other Calculator also available at this site.

Get Rich Slowly: How to Start a Roth IRA
Describes how to start an IRA and where to start it.

Internal Revenue Service
For the latest information on IRA contribution income limits and other rules see publication 590, section on IRAs.

Social Security
U.S. Social Security Administration… is all there, how to apply, how to estimate your social security income, Medicare etc. Sign in or create your My Social Security Account.

Social Security Retirement & Survivors Benefits: Life Expectancy Calculator
This calculator shows the average number of additional years that a person is expected to live based only on their age and gender. Lifestyle factors, health status, and family health history are not considered.

Social Security Retirement Estimator
Allows any inpidual to estimate Social Secuity benefits online.

United States Department of Labor: Retirement Plans. Benefits & Savings
Explains different types of retirement plans, ie. 401ks, 403bs

Retirement Planning Information And Research

Center for Retirement Research
This Web site is a good source of information about retirement topics and research findings about retirement.

Planning for Retirement (Planifique para su Jubilación)
This interactive tool will show your estimated benefits at different claiming ages and will help you navigate your decision of when to claim your Social Security retirement benefits.

Planning For a Secure Retirement
This Purdue University Cooperative Extension Web site is an entire retirement planning course that is broken down into ten modules with additional links to online resources.

Retirement Confidence Survey
The annual Retirement Confidence Survey, sponsored by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), measures workers’ attitudes about retirement and trends in how people are planning for retirement.


New York State and Local Retirement System
This Web site provides information about the vesting requirements for the defined benefit pension plan for New York State employees. Benefits for members in different pension plan tiers are explained.

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC)
This Web site provides information about the federal government agency that guarantees certain benefits to eligible private sector workers whose employer’s defined benefit pension is not financially sound.

Vesting Schedule Information
This Web page describes the various types of vesting schedules where workers obtain a legal right to their employer’s contributions to a retirement savings plan.


Bond Rating (Investopedia)
This web page defines what a bond rating is and explains the letters used by rating agencies to indicate credit quality

Electronic Municipal Market Access
The official sources for municipal disclosures, market data and educational material for municipal bonds

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Everything you need to know about bonds and bond markets. Also, has current bond pricing and yield to maturity information and facilitates bond searches

Investing in Bonds
How to get started with bond investing as well as up to date bond market information, prices, news and commentary

Treasury Direct
Learn about purchasing and holding Treasury Securities and Treasury savings bonds. An account can be set up to buy Treasuries through this site

Yahoo! Bonds
Bond market rates and summaries and Bonds 101.

Common Stock: Education

Earnings Per Share- EPS (Investopedia)
This web site provides a definition of EPS and an example of how it is calculated

FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Learning materials on subjects such as: Getting your Finances Ready for Retirement, Financial Literacy Training for High School Students, Get Rich Slow, women’s retirement game

FINRA Investor Education Military Financial Readiness Program
Military Financial Education, information on a wide variety of topics including credit management and duty station changes. Project and Save and Invest 55+ reduce the incidence of investment fraud among investors 55 +

Price-Earnings Ratio (investopedia)
This web site provides a definition of price-earnings (P/E) ratio and an example of how it is calculated

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Offers a wealth of articles and interactive tools to build your financial knowledge, check brokers and investment advisor credentials, and look out for Fraud

Common Stock: Prices

Yahoo! Finance
Current and historical stock prices and charts.

Common Stock: Exchanges

Prices, headlines, market data and more

Daily market news headlines, daily quotes, charts and research such as institutional holding of inpidual stocks.

New York Stock Exchange
Inpidual investor education series, shareholder rights, option directories, exchange traded funds. News!

Mutual Funds

Barrons Online Quarterly Mutual Fund Report details performance for the last 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. Weekly mutual funds listing and interviews with Fund Managers
Yahoo! Finance. Current and historical mutual fund prices and charts.

What mutual funds are and how they work including calculators which will help investors sort funds

Provides information and performance analyses of mutual funds and other securities

Mutual Funds Resources Center
Developed by an investment advisory firm, theis web site provides a good overview of basic mutual fund topics

Site-By-Site! International Investment Portal & Research Center
Inpidual reports on all Closed End Mutual Funds and ETFs, sorted by market return, NAV, premium or discount. Also, ADRs and more
If you are looking for socially responsible investments, this site will help guide you

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Invest Wisely: An Introduction to Mutual Funds
A thorough introduction to mutual funds including a glossary of key mutual fund terms


Investment Company Institute: Exchange-Traded Funds Resource Center
Provides education and updates on important developments regarding Exchange Traded Funds.

NYSE Informed Investor: What You Should Know About Exchange Traded Funds (PDF)
What are ETFs, how are they traded, different types etc.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
Explanation of ETFs with links to other sources.

Yahoo! Finance ETF Center
Basic information about ETFs including risks and taxes.

College: Planning And Financing

CFPB Paying for College: Repay student debt
Student debt repayment assistance

College Navigator
Searchable information about specific colleges and their costs and financial aid programs.

College Savings Plans Network
Guide to college savings plans (529 Plans)

Everything the student needs to know from preparing for college exams, choosing the right college, and financing college calculators

Free application for Federal Student Aid—apply for student financial aid

Federal Student Aid
Provides information about types of financial aid, qualifications for aid and the application process

A comprehensive source of student financial aid information including calculators.

FINRA 529 College Savings Plans
Resources, calculator and Savings Plans (529 Accounts)

IRS: Tax Benefits for Education

NY's 529
NY College Savings Plan (529)

NYS Higher Education Services Corporation
College planning, saving and financial aid information for NY State residents.

Overview of BLS Wage Data by Area and Occupation
Provides wage data by job title and state and region to help students determine what a career's future earnings might be.

Smart About Money
Strategies to consider when time to save for college is limited.

Information for choosing careers, planning for college and financing college

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: Education and Training
One stop: US Government web site about educational benefits for veterans.

Identity Theft
Allows you to view and print your credit report.

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Education
Everything you need to know about different kinds of identity theft and how to protect yourself.

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Education: Military Families
Online articles that discuss the unique identity theft risks that service members experience.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority: "Phishing" and Other Online Identity Theft Scams: Don't Take the Bait
Discusses “phishing” and other online identity theft scams, including those related to investment fraud.

Identity Theft Victim’s Complaint and Affidavit (PDF)
This is the link to the official FTC form that identity theft victims can use to report an identity theft crime to creditors, financial institutions, and others.
An informational site about identity theft.

Prevention, detection and Victim assistance. The IRS combats tax-related identity theft with and aggressive strategy.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Identity theft quiz and other information.