Digital Files for Editorial, Commercial, and Other Uses

Updated January 14, 2022

Turnaround for items requring new digitiztion is 12 weeks from receipt of payment and written clearance, if applicable. There is NO Rush Service at this time.

For use of images for non-editorial use such as advertising, promotion, marketing, press kits, merchandising, etc., please contact Art Resource., email:; website:


Instructions for Obtaining High Resolution TIFF Files

  • Complete and submit the PERMISSIONS REQUEST FORM (online or pdf). You do not need to complete a form for each image ordered. Please submit ONE form with a listing of Image ID nos. for all images you are requesting.
  • Consult the fee schedules below.
  • Images found online in NYPL's Digital Collections have existing high resolution TIFF files available. Turnaround is within 2 business days. Please include the Image ID number. and NOT the b number or UUID number
  • Special handling surcharges are affixed on top of fees posted below for any oversized item; or any item deemed to require special camera set-ups.
  • Partial refunds (less admin. fee of $50 per image for previously digitized and $75 for new digital photography) are given ONLY for non-use of NYPL copyright-held items licensed.

Requests will be Invoiced via Freshbooks for payment by credit card or bank transfer (U.S. customers) only through their website. The only direct payment to NYPL accepted is by check.

Permissions will not fill out any vendor paperwork or international tax forms.

No refunds or exchanges are given for purchase of images that NYPL does not hold/manage copyright.

Please email us with details in regards to requests for advertising/marketing/promotion/trade shows/merchandising/ live performances and a fee quote will be assessed.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Fee Schedule 1:

Images NYPL Does Not Hold/Manage Copyright

Fee Schedule below lists one-time fees per image to access high resolution TIFF files. There are no usage restrictions or limitations put on these images. If item(s) in copyright, written clearance from a rights holder is required before the Library will proceed in processing. The Library will issue an invoice with citation and credit lines. The Library will not issue or sign written "permission" or "licensing" agreements for these images. NYPL permission is not required for any re-uses or additional uses.


Existing TIFF File *

New Digital Photography
Individuals (excluding Commercial Authors and Independent Filmmakers) $50 $50

Nonprofits/Museums/Government Agencies

Commercial Architect/Construction/Real Estate/Design Firms  (Research use)

Commercial Authors

Independent Filmmakers

$100 $150

Commercial Magazines/Newspapers

Commercial Companies workingon behalf of a Nonprofit/Museum/Government Agency

$150 $200
Commercial Publishers and All Other Commerical Organizations excluding above $250 $250

*There is a $100 surcharge on top of fees posted to re-scan images already digitized to create larger files. Turnaround is 4 weeks. Surcharge of $200 on top of fees posted for a 2 week turnaround.

**Fee is $100 per image for individual authors with a commercial publisher and for cover use for a nonprofit press

Fee Schedule 2:

Images NYPL Does Hold/Manage Copyright

NYPL holds/controls copyright for such photographers as Percy Loomis Sperr, Kay Tobin, Diana Davies, Martha Swope, Vandamm Studio, Friedman-Abeles, White Studio, Walter Silver, etc. Please scroll down to bottom of page to access link to complete list of images/collections the Library holds or manages copyright. 

Fee schedule below lists one-time licensing fees per image based on usage and includes obtaining a high resolution TIFF file. The Library will issue a written licensing agreement restricting usage to requested project and will provide citations and credit lines. Written permission and additional licensing fees will be required for any re-use.

  Licensing Fee - Existing TIFF File* Licensing Fee - New Digital Photography
Individual only $50 $50
(one-time interior use in print and electronic editions, single-language, world rights)
Author Fee - Nonprofit Press     
Print run up to 1,500 $50 $50
Print run over 1,501 to 5,000 $100 $100

Author Fee - Commercial

Publisher Fee - Nonprofit and Governement Agency 

Print run up to 1,500 $100 $100
Print run 1,501 to 5,000 $150 $150
Print run  5,001 to 25,000 $200 $200

Publisher Fee - Trade and Textbook (including all auxillary editions)

Print run up to 1,500 $150 $150
Print run 1,501 to 5,000 $200 $250
Print run 5,001 to 25,000 $250 $300
Print run over 25,000 $450 $450
Book Cover Use    
Nonprofit/government agencies/self-published - print run up to 1,000 $150 $200
Nonprofit/government agenices/self-published - print run 1,001 to 15,000 $250 $300
Commercial publisher - print run up to 1,500 $350 $400
Commercial publisher - print run 1,501 to 5,000 $650 $700
Commercial publisher - print run over 5,000 $950 $1,000

Museum video/kiosk

Exhibition display less than 6 months

$150 $200
Exhibition display up to 1 year $250 $300

Exhibition display up to 5  years

$450 $500
Permanent display $750 $800

Free online streaming

$100 $150

Film Festival

$150 $200
Commercial streaming only $200 $250

All media excluding commercial television broadcast, theatrical & printed materials

$250 $300
All media excluding theatrical & printed materials $450 $500
All media including theatrical but excluding printed materials $750 $800
 All media (excluding theatrical and print materials) $200 $250
FEATURE FILMS/TV PROGRAMS (non-documentary) with all media excluding print materials    
Set dressing $250 $350
All other uses $850 $900


(fees are for one-time use in print and electronic editions)

Author fee $50 $100
Publisher fee $100 $150
Cover $150 $200
Print run up to 1,000 $100 $150
Print run 1,001 to 5,000 $150 $200
Print run over 5,000 $250 $300
Cover $350 $450
Print run up to 5,000 $250 $300
Print run 5,001 to 10,000 $350 $400
Print run over 10,000 $500 $550


(fees are for one-time use in print and electronic editions)

Up to 1/4 page $250 $250
Half page $350 $400
Full page $450 $500
Cover $750 $750
Individual (free access) $50 $100
Nonprofit/Government Agency (free access) $100 $150
Commercial Organization (free access) $150 $200
Any Fee-based/Subscription Website $250 $300
SOCIAL MEDIA (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)    
(up to one month's use)    
Nonprofit/Government Agency $150 $200
Commercial Organization (Non-promotional) $200 $250
Commerical Organization (Promotional) $250 $300

*There is a $100 surcharge on top of fees posted to re-scan images already digitized to create larger files. Turnaround is 4 weeks.

Rush Service Surcharges on Top of Fees Above

(Not all items are available for expedited or rush service)

Existing Digital File
Regular delivery: within 2 business days.
Rush (same day delivery if order placed before 4:00pm EST): +$25 per image

New Digital File
Expedited (delivery within 2 weeks): +$50 per image (for individuals only); +$100 per image (for all others)

Digital files are downloadable from NYPL's FTP/HTTP site. Customer will receive an email with username and password for download access.

List of NYPL Rights-Held or Rights-Controlled Photographers/Creators and Collections (subject to change)