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Getting Started!

The New York Public Library collaborates with the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) and the IRS to host organizations in selected branches across Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, that can help you prepare and file your tax return electronically—all free. To participate you need to:




Below is our list of local libraries providing tax assistance programs in 2023. Please note masks are strongly recommended at all NYPL locations and are required for all Single Stop locations. Masks must fully cover both nose and mouth and secure under the chin. Learn more about our health and safety policies.

Please note there is volunteer income tax assistance across New York City. More information, including a site lookup by address, schedule, service type, and language is available on NYC Free Tax Prep Map.

The Bronx 

  • Bronx Library Center
    Sundays 12–4 PM 
    Walk-Up | Provider: Ariva | Preparación de impuestos también en español
  • Castle Hill
    Tuesdays 10 AM–2 PM | Thursdays 11 AM–3 PM | Fridays 1–4 PM
    Walk-Up or By Appointment | Provider: Food Bank
  • Tremont - Starting Monday, February 13
    Mon, Tue, Fri | 10 AM–1 PM
    Walk-Up or By Appointment | Provider: Food Bank
  • Wakefield
    Fridays 10 AM–4 PM
    Walk-Up | Provider: Ariva | Preparación de impuestos también en español


  • 58th Street
    Thursdays 10 AM–2:30 PM
    By Appointment | Provider: AARP
  • Chatham Square 
    Saturdays 10 AM–3 PM
    By Appointment | Provider: AARP
    Preparación de impuestos en español | 提供中文备税服务
  • Hamilton Grange
    Saturdays 11 AM–3 PM
    By Appointment | Provider: AARP
  • George Bruce
    Fridays and Saturdays 11 AM–2:30 PM 
    Walk-Up or By Appointment | Provider: Food Bank
  • Washington Heights
    Mondays and Saturdays 10 AM–2 PM
    By Appointment | Provider: Single Stop | Mask required at all times
  • Ottendorfer
    Wednesdays 11 AM–3 PM
    Walk-Up | Provider: Single Stop | Mask required at all times
  • Bloomingdale
    Thursdays 11 AM–3 PM | Saturdays 10 AM–2 PM 
    By Appointment | Provider: Single Stop | Mask required at all times

Staten Island

  • Dongan Hills
    Mondays and Thursdays 11 AM–3 PM
    Walk-Up | Provider: Single Stop | Mask required at all times
    Program dates and times are subject to change.



Forms & Instructions

Tax forms and information from federal and state agencies can be obtained online. Choose one of the following options and follow the instructions at each site to download forms. A limited quantity of the most popular tax forms can be found at select locations. Please call your local branch to confirm availability. 


New York State

  • Tax forms by mail: 518-457-5431
  • Tax information: 518-457-5181

New Jersey forms

  • Tax forms by mail and information: 800-323-4400 

Connecticut forms

  • Tax forms by mail: 860-297-5962
  • Tax information: 800-382-9463



IRS Accessibility Services

Find hundreds of tax forms and publications available for download or viewing online in text-only, Braille ready files, browser-friendly HTML, accessible PDF, large print, and more in the IRS website. Also available in: Español, 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), 한국어, Русский, Tiếng Việt, and Kreyòl ayisyen.

  • Taxpayers who need accessibility assistance can call 833-690-0598. Assistance for multilingual taxpayers is also available on the helpline via the “Over-the-Phone Interpreter Service” option.
  • Tax payers who are deaf, hard of hearing, and use TTY equipment, may call 800-829-4059 for toll-free assistance.
  • People who are unable to complete their tax return because of a physical disability may get assistance from an IRS office, or through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) sponsored by IRS. Find a nearby location by calling 800-906-9887.

To learn more about the tax implications of certain disability benefits and other issues, please consult Publication 907 on the IRS website.



DISCLAIMER: The New York Public Library (the “Library”) is not responsible or liable for your use or misuse of the free tax preparation services provided at our locations, including but not limited to the security, reliability, and timeliness of information. The Library is not engaged in rendering tax, legal, accounting or other professional services. The Library has taken care to provide this opportunity for our patrons to have access to free tax preparation service providers (the “Services”). You may elect to speak with a lawyer or accountant if you have questions or concerns about the information you provide and the tax guidance you receive during the Services, and whether your interpretation of it is appropriate for your situation. The Library does not endorse any service provider or the products or services they provide. You should always conduct your own due diligence when selecting a tax preparation service provider.



Upcoming Events

See this list of upcoming tax prep events and check back for additional dates to be added.