Outreach Services and Adult Programming

The New York Public Library offers a range of services, as well as programs that include free classes, workshops, events, and activities. We strive to make sure that our services and programs are available to everyone, including people who are homebound through age or disability, veterans, immigrants (particularly those whose first language is not English), people in jail or prison, people with a disability, and people who are without a home. If you are interested in learning a new skill, meeting people in your community, or finding new ways to experience the rich cultural diversity that New York City has to offer, visit or contact any of our locations to find out more. Or, you can start by browsing the links below.

Immigrant Services

The Library helps non-English speaking and other immigrants understand and interact with the culture, government, and educational system of the United States.Read More ›

Jail & Prison Services

NYPL's Jail & Prison Services team offers quality library services to incarcerated and criminalized people and their families, in and around New York.Read More ›

Services for Veterans

The Library supports veterans, military service members, and their families with free programs, classes, and resources. Read More ›

Services for 50+ Adults

As the average age increases with the aging of the Baby Boom generation—generally accepted as those born from 1946 to 1964—the Library has added programs targeting those 50 years of age and older. Read More ›

Community Oral History Project

NYPL's Community Oral History Project celebrates New York City's unique neighborhoods and diverse people. It preserves and documents history by collecting the stories of those who have experienced it.Read More ›


The idNYC card is a free municipal ID for all New Yorkers that not only provides government photo identification, but can be used as a library card, gets you free memberships to more than 30 cultural institutions, qualifies you for discounts at health and wellness centers, and a multitude of other benefits.Read More ›

Income Taxes

NYPL neighborhood branches across the city will be hosting organizations who can help you prepare and file your tax return electronically—all for free. Read More ›