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Across 92 locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, The New York Public Library provides thousands of free, high-quality programs every year. Library programs meet a wide range of needs. They help to build skills and knowledge, nurture inquiring and creative minds, and allow communities to connect over common interests.  

Neighborhood Libraries

Our neighborhood libraries are deeply connected to their local communities through programming for children and adults. Most branch library programming is scheduled 4-6 months in advance and is designed to meet priorities around early literacy and adult learning and information needs.

Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

The Schwarzman Building is renowned for the extraordinary comprehensiveness of its historical collections as well as its commitment to providing free and equal access to its resources and facilities. It offers a rich schedule of academic and writer-led talks, such as the series LIVE from the NYPL. 


Library for the Performing Arts

The Library for the Performing Arts houses one of the world’s largest collections of materials related to the performing arts. Its programs include performances, talks, and film screenings. 



Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture

The Schomburg Center is one of the leading institutions focusing exclusively on African-American, African Diaspora, and African experiences. Its programming promotes dynamic intellectual enrichment, arts and culture, and community engagement.  


Thomas Yoseloff Business Center

The Thomas Yoseloff Business Center is a premier business research library with resources and services for start-ups and established businesses seeking expansion, and for job seekers from entry to executive levels. 


Submit Your Proposal

Programs are selected for their quality, the expertise and experience of presenters/performers, and the overall fit with wider programming directions and community needs. Schedules are determined months in advance, and priorities will change depending on seasonal and other factors. Proposals are not accepted by phone, and due to the high number of proposals received, we can only respond to those where we see a programming opportunity.