A typewritten letter dated 17th Jan 1932 addressed to Miss McAfee. The header reads 52, Tavistock Square.

Letter to Helen McAfee, 1932

Transcript below

January 17, 1932

Dear Miss McAfee,

… As you Know, a book means many letters, and many reviewers. The Waves has been no exception--people have been very kind, but they have been puzzled, many of them. And as I think I told you about Orlando, the author is the last person to know what she meant. When you say that the dramatic form struck you, I am very glad. I certainly did not mean, as some critics say, to write a book about the inside of the mind solely. I think I meant on the contrary to be abstract and objective. I left out much detail for that reason. I did not want them to be characters in the ordinary sense of the word. I think I wanted to epitomise experience, not to care for the individual type. But as I say, one works half consciously– one has to go to ones critics for the outside view. Yours was one of those that most interested me….

End of Transcript

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