A diary entry dated Saturday, January 1st, 1898 lays open to two handwritten pages ending with the underlined phrase, "The end of 1897".

Diary entry for January 1, 1898

Transcript below

Saturday 1 January 1898

I write this morning what would more fitly have been written last night. But my diary has ever been scornful of stated rules! Here then comes the “finis” What a volume might not be written round that word – & it is even hard to resist the few sentences that naturally cling to it. But I will be stern. Here is volume of fairly acute life (the first really lived year of my life) ended locked & put away. And another & another & another yet to come. Oh dear they are very long, & I seem cowardly throughout when I look at them. Still, courage & plod on – They must bring something worth the having – & … they shall. Nessa preaches that our destinies lie in ourselves, & the sermon ought to be taken home by us. Here is life given us each alike, & we must do our best with it: your hand in the sword hilt – & an unuttered fervent vow! 

The End of 1897.

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