Wikipedia Beginners Training

Date and Time
March 9, 2019
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In preparation for the forthcoming Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon on March 23 this class will provide the essential information about registering as a Wikipedia Editor and how to begin to make edits in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, is the number one information site in the world and the largest reference work on the internet. It is ranked the world’s 5th most popular website and is the only non-profit website (100% donation-funded) in the top ten among giants like Facebook, Amazon, Youtube and Google. It receives 15 billion pageviews a month from 1.5 billion unique devices and around 500 million monthly visitors. Wikipedia is visited by 52 million mobile devices alone each month. 7000 new articles are created every day and 5 new pages each minute. 

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  • Audience: Adults
Asia Art Archive in New York