Old Books, Rare Books: Learning About the Value of Your Books

Date and Time
July 20, 2016
Event Details

Learn what you need to know before buying or selling an old book.

Have you ever wondered how the experts on TV can look at an old book and know about its value? Do you have an old book? Do you wonder how much it is worth? If you want to learn more about what makes an old book rare or valuable, then join us as we explore the world of antiquarian books.

The Library has many resources to help you develop an appreciation for antiquarian books and to assist you in determining if your books are rare. 

In this class we will examine an old book, look to see who else owns a copy, and review the sale records and current booksellers’ catalogs to learn about its value. Along the way attendees will learn about the tools and resources that the antiquarian community uses to value a book. Come join us and learn how you can engage in the world of old and rare books.



  • Class Format: Lecture/demonstration
  • Audience: Adults, 50+, Book Lovers, College & Graduate Students