Architect Talk with Koray Duman

Date and Time
March 1, 2016
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PUBLIC SPECULATIONS/ A Design for Civic Engagement

Kaliningrad Cultural Complex

If the ‘60s through the ‘80s were an era for civic municipal architecture, then the new millennium shifted the focus of contemporary architecture to the private sector. Something has been lost in this transition. The notion of the architect as an instigator and design opportunist who impacts civic engagement in the public realm has been lost somewhere in the increasingly controlled public space and client-architect relationship.

Koray Duman, principal architect at Buro Koray Duman, will talk about five speculative projects that the office has initiated since 2013: an Islamic Cultural Center, a public gate for the Clemente Center at Lower East Side, a public square, and proposals under Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. For each project, Duman will talk about the studio’s attempts to freeze the conventional client-architect relationship for the moment, open up a conversation about architecture in the public realm, and position the architect at the beginning of the process as a part of defining a question rather than solely as a creative problem solver. These self-initiated projects create a different kind of dialogue about contemporary architecture in the public realm and each institution and architect’s role in this process.

Koray Duman, AlA, LEED is principal at Buro Koray Duman in New York City. Originally from Turkey, Duman earned a bachelor’s in architecture from the Middle Eastern Technical University. He furthered his studies at the University of California Los Angeles’s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design with a master’s degree in architecture.

Buro Koray Duman is an idea-driven, international architectural practice that brings together both analytical and playful approaches to a broad range of projects. The studio recently completed a master plan and a new exhibition space for the Richard Prince Foundation in upstate New York. In 2014, a studio building and sculpture garden in Harlem for artist Richard Prince and the new flagship store for Design Within Reach on 57th street in New York, both designed by Buro, opened their doors to the public. Current works include renovation of an industrial building in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, art galleries in the Lower East Side, and a prototype for an Islamic Cultural Center in New York.

Image: Kaliningrad Cultural Complex

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