Lectures from the Allen Room & Wertheim Study: St. Marks Place : 400 Years of ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’

Date and Time
March 6, 2014


Event Details

Journalist Ada Calhoun will discuss her forthcoming book about the famously scuzzy East Village street on which she grew up.   

Those who appreciate the street for its essential role in the beatnik, hippie, punk, hardcore, and hip-hop scenes of the past sixty years insist that St. Marks Place—now home to some of the priciest rental apartments in the city—is dead. But Calhoun notes that people have been saying that about this particular piece of land at least since the seventeenth century. She will argue that the street is only as dead as it ever was.

Calhoun, a 2014 Alicia Patterson Fellow, is writing St. Marks Is Dead for W.W. Norton & Company in the Frederick Lewis Allen Room at The New York Public Library.