Latin Dance: Guatemalan Mayan Cultural Rescue through Dance Arts

Date and Time
October 22, 2011
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Dance Arts is a broad construct of the context in which dance appears in Guatemalan Mayan culture. Guatemalan Mayan Dance Arts are grounded in Mayan spiritual practice and include: ceremonies, festivals, music, weaving, clothing, masks, crafts, merchandizing, and humor. This lecture will include video and focus on the work of the Quiché Mayan Grupo Cultural Uk'Ux Pop Wuj from the area surrounding Chichicastenango. 


Lecturer Mark DeGarmo, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director of Mark DeGarmo & Dancers/ Dynamic Forms Inc. has engaged in cultural diplomacy and exchange with Grupo Cultural Uk'Ux Pop Wuj in Guatemala and the U.S. since 1994. MDDF is co-sponsoring a New York project with the group in 2012.