NYPL Thanksgiving Project

Hey, food lovers, here’s a rare (or perhaps well-done) opportunity to be part of a delectable new exhibition opening at The New York Public Library in 2012. The focus: lunch, a meal that work-obsessed, time-obsessed New Yorkers stirred up in their own image nearly 150 years ago.

The exhibition, which will feature items from the Library’s rich and varied collections, includes a section on one of the most beloved midday meals of the year: Thanksgiving.

That’s where you come in, New Yorkers. We’re looking for your personal zest and want to include stories, photographs, videos, and audio clips about your traditions on turkey day—the food you eat, your specific preparation methods, your customs (old and new).

For example, do you stuff your turkey with couscous or cornbread? Or do you skip the turkey altogether and make a roast goose or spaghetti carbonara? Maybe you like your gravy with lumps. Perhaps you prepare bok choy or kimchi instead of green beans or Brussels sprouts. Maybe you have sweet-potato pie or pumpkin pie or cook an entirely vegan meal. Maybe you go out to the same restaurant every year. Whatever your tradition, it’s part of the melting pot that is lunch in New York, and we will gobble it right up.

Select entries of your entrées (and sides!) will be on display in the exhibition, so grab your photo albums or old home movies and send us some sustenance.

We want to see the whole splendid feast, and don’t forget the desserts! Send pictures, videos, audio clips, and stories of your Thanksgiving meal.

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