Local Voices Network

Life is Local. Your voice matters!

Three people having a conversation              

The New York Public Library is partnering with the Local Voices Network (LVN) to hear from you.

Library staff and community partners will record neighborhood conversations on the issues important to New Yorkers. These recordings will be shared on a searchable website for journalists, decision-makers, and other local stakeholders to tune into the community’s real concerns. Together, we’ll create a platform where anyone and everyone is invited to speak and be heard!

Here's what to expect at a conversation event:

  • Meet your neighbors and build meaningful relationships with fellow community members.
  • Add your voice to guided conversations on important local issues.
  • Hear new perspectives on complex neighborhood topics and questions.
  • Conversations will be recorded and shared with participants, local media, and key community stakeholders.

About the Local Voices Network

The Local Voices Network project aims to bring the perspectives and concerns of everyday New Yorkers to light through facilitated community conversations that invite anyone and everyone to the table to share and listen. Conversations are recorded and transcribed with the goal of offering media, local leadership, and the greater public a new window into the most important community issues. Learn more at our website here: lvn.org.