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Unveiling Visions is a visual exploration of complex narratives on the esoteric black speculative imagination. With the exhibition’s title in conversation with W.E.B. DuBois’ concept of “The Veil,” Unveiling Visions exposes new textures of the scholar’s contentious theory. The exhibition explores the veil as a uniquely black lens, and recounts what happens when this vision is used not to achieve American assimilation or acceptance, but rather, to pursue an autonomous creative reality. In this story, the veil functions as a set of enhanced lenses used for critical making and interpreting of counter narratives that reimagine phenomena for African peoples worldwide. Through an analysis of visual culture within the genres of Afrofuturism, science fiction, horror, comics, magical realism, and fantasy, Unveiling Visions examines the power that creativity wields in the struggle for various freedoms of expression and the politics of resistance.

Unveiling Visions applies a global lens to the black imagination, and brings this context to a wide survey of contemporary works.

Showcasing illustrations, graphic design, video, literature, film posters, and mixedmedia digital and analog artworks, U nveiling Visions features 87 emerging, midcareer and acclaimed artists, writers and designers. The exhibition brings works to print that have never been exhibited outside of the digital realm; and includes a host of “Shadow Objects,” film posters and book covers that were never published; all alongside works in traditional media from the Schomburg's collection.


This exhibition took place at the Schomburg Center in 2015 in the Latimer/ Edison Gallery.

Online Brochure

A stylized portrait of a black figure wears a headdress featuring, masks, plant and animal life The figure offers a bowl of flora and to a large and ornately decorated hummingbird.

This online version of the exhibition brochure delves deeper into the exploration of the emerging artists’ imagination, analysis of visual culture, and subsequent complex narratives. Discover the power of creativity developed amidst political and social resistance, through illustrations, graphic designs, and mixed digital media, among others. Full, print versions of the brochure are available at the exhibition.

View Here: Online Brochure

Other Resources

In a painting a Black woman is shown from shoulders up with a crescent moon hanging over a stark horizon behind her. The top of her head appears to open up like a maze with an eyes shining like a star at its center

Featured Blog: Art, Futurism, and the Black Imagination

As we launch our brand new exhibition, Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination, scholar and artist Tiffany E. Barber reflects on the influence of Afrofuturism and the inspiration of the show's fantastic duo: Curators John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson.



Featured Video: Ferguson is the Future

Artist Nettrice Gaskins's "Ferguson is the Future — Incubating Alternative Worlds Through Arts, Activism, and Scholarship." Gaskins's work is on display in Unveiling Visions.


Curated by John Jennings & Reynaldo Anderson

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