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NER BECK’s NYC Street Pics

November 2nd, 2013 - December 31st, 2013

Program Locations:

Ner Beck’s exhibition of over 30 all new New York City Street photographs will be displayed at the Morningside Branch of the New York Public Library. As a New York City graphic artist and designer, and a long time Upper Westsider, he has had a lifelong interest in overlooked street art found on his daily walks throughout the city. Besides his fascination with face-finding and found art there is also a section on display of colorful prism-like reflections on windows.  In a recent interview he discusses how ordinary street objects inspire him. “It might be a glowing color on an overcast rainy day, two circles that make a pair of eyes that speak to you, or a juxtaposition of elements that tell a strange or interesting story. It must also include a strong emotion such as humor, sadness, fear, abandonment or something expressing itself in a powerful personal way. Many of my images contain faces and that has always been interesting to me because they can express such a range of emotions that everyone can identify with such a visceral way. They can be compelling in the same way a child loves their stuffed animal or when an adult looks into the face of a family member or their pet, and over the centuries masks have had an important historical significance and always commanded everyone’s attention. Every day, as New Yorkers hurriedly target their destinations they tend to aim themselves straight ahead, frequently missing these faces, creatures, mini-environments, architectural details, holiday characters and unintended visual statements waiting to be noticed and appreciated. So the next time you travel on foot, try walking a little slower, relaxing and glancing obliquely. Many of these visual stories have always been there, some are permanent and others disappear overnight. Look for them, they are everywhere, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.”

Library Visitors’ Comments
“Ner Beck’s combination of color and grit in his photos is intoxicating to me.”
“Thanks for making me laugh, makes me appreciate the city in a friendly way, perfect for NYPL.”
“This way of looking should be an assignment for NYC high school photography students.”
“This beautiful exhibition speaks for true love for a city.”
“Tickled my brain cells.”
“What a wonderful and different way to observe the world.”
“Authentically hilarious in a down and out dirty way.”
“Your exhibit was my serendipity for the day.”
“That’s why NYPL rocks! Artwork like this!”
“Amusing, clever and a tad weird.”
“I applaud your capturing everyday miracles.”