Two Cities. Photographs by Renata Contins and Tiago Chediak

Photographs by Renata Contins and Tiago Chediak
Through June 27, 2023
Hudson Park Library

The exhibition “Two Cities” is a selection of photographs by Renata Contins and Tiago Chediak shot in Rio de Janeiro and New York between 2011 – 2022. 

Tiago Chediak is a Fashion and Portrait photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Born into a family of renowned artists, he was raised amidst exponents of Brazilian music, Theater, and Cinema. Tiago found in music – and in punk rock – the earliest outlet for his aesthetic sensibilities toward the idiosyncrasies of urban life. Indeed, guitars and rock bands dominated most of his high school years. It wasn’t until exploring journalism in college that he chose the camera as his main instrument for artistic expression. After building his career in a continuous stream of fashion weeks in New York, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, his life came to a turning point came in 2011, when his new home in Brooklyn opened his work to a larger world. Alongside his fashion and portrait work – or perhaps in counterpoint to it – Tiago spends time documenting un-distilled, urban life via analog photography.

“Going for a walk with my camera, looking for faces to photograph, is probably the thing I love the most. The unexpected is fascinating. These photographs are a celebration of the people, their lives, and the city they live in.” - Tiago Chediak  |  IG @tiagochediakphoto

Renata Contins was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She’s a twin. Influenced by both of her Anthropologist parents she developed a strong interest in art and culture. She majored in cultural production and went to grad school in NY to study Art History. Even though she took photo classes back in Rio, it was only while living in NYC and reading about the history of photography that she started using her film camera to express herself. Through her photography, she creates geometric, abstract, and poetic images from objects and landscapes. These images can be seen as windows to our limitless imagination.

“It’s with my film camera that I design through light. I photograph what can be lines, shapes, ideas, objects, all to solely start an idea” - Renata Contins  | IG @renata.contins


Please join us for the exhibition opening on Saturday, July 16, at 1 pm, in the Gallery at Hudson Park Library.

The physical exhibition is on view from July 1 - 30, 2022

Tiago Chediak

Block Party - Brooklyn,2020
João #01 - Rio de Janeiro, 2021
João #02 - Rio de Janeiro, 2021
Malira & Una - Rio de Janeiro,2021
Matheus - Rio de Janiero, 2021
Matheus & João - Bowl do Arpoador, 2021
Matheus & João - Rio de Janeiro, 2021
Mya - New York,2021
Poly - Rio de Janeiro, 2021
Rio Portrait #01 - Praia do Diado, 2021
Rio Portrait #02 - Arpoador, 2021
Street Portrait #01 - Brooklyn, 2014
Street Portrait #02 - Brooklyn, 2015
Street Portrait #03 - New York, 2011
Street Portrait #04 - New York, 2020
Street Portrait #05 - New York, 2011
Street Portrait #06 - New York, 2011
Una - Rio de Janeiro, 2021
Untitled - Paria do Diabo, 2021

Renata Contins

Dois Irmãos, RJ, 2021
Leblon, RJ, 2021
Leme 01, RJ, 2021
Leme 02, RJ, 2021
Mirror, BK, 2020
Red Hook, BK, 2020
Self-Portrait, NYC, 2021
Sky, NYC, 2020
Twins, NYC, 2020
Umbrela, BK, 2020
Untitled, 2020
Untitled, 2021
Untitled, 2022
Untitled, 2022_2
Window, BK, 2020
Manhattan, BK, 2020
Manhattan_2, BK, 2020
Lincoln,BK, 2020