Picassianus: Artworks by Lady Silvia Soares Boyer

The Moon Harlequin with Young Daughter
Mulberry Street Library
Fully Accessible
Young Harlequin with Drum
Young Harlequin with Drum

c. Lady Silvia Soares Boyer 

Picassianus is an artwork series from the artist Sílvia Soares Boyer on view in the Community Room of the Mulberry Street Library. Her work is inspired by circus-themed performers encountered in the art of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. 

Artist Bio

Lady Boyer
Lady Silvia Boyer

Lady Sílvia Soares Boyer is an internationally awarded fine artist and musician (vocals and piano.) She also develops work in poetry, performance,  and artistic modeling. Lady Boyer is also a recipient of several music awards and CEO of the New York Boyer Foundation, an arts organization that aims to promote and support all types of visual and performing arts. Lady Boyer was born in Oporto, Portugal and lives in Manhattan, New York.