Paper Trail. Paintings by Janice DeMarino

Lyrical Excavation
Through December 31, 2022
Hudson Park Library

“Paper Trail” is an online exhibition by NY artist Janice DeMarino.  A native New Yorker, DeMarino received her MFA from Hunter College and has exhibited throughout the United States. Having lived in the NoHo area for many years, she now lives in The Bronx, but still feels connected to the energy of Lower Manhattan.

“Paper Trail” is part of a current body of work, where DeMarino has used large primed paper surfaces to create her paintings.  She writes,  “My paintings use abstraction to address color and line.  These acrylic paintings are, for the most part, done on large (roughly 3’ x 4’) sheets of primed paper.  Drawing and painting become a simultaneous process to arrive at abstract imagery.  The process of painting /drawing is a spontaneous act, for me.  Some of the paintings contain other media as well.  Chinese “spirit paper” and rubbings taken from found objects have become part of my visual vocabulary.

The use of paper as a support for these works represents the idea of commodity.  The paintings are perishable, disposable non- precious objects. However, the pieces are also meant to pose a challenge to the viewer, creating a place where significance comes and goes.  Visual perceptions appear and recede, leaving the question of whether these non-images hold the viewer in any way, and if so on what basis?  Is that part of the trail they leave?”

Lyrical Excavation
Unknown Title
Absence/Take Away
Unidentified Hills/Strip Mall (Wallpaper)
 Fire from the Pink/the Brown
 Orange Practice
So Much Pink _ Lace
 Wave Machine
Sparse Vision