Hathor's Womb

Hathor's Womb
Through June 15, 2024
Jefferson Market Library
Fully Accessible

Hathor’s Womb is a collection of paper art works by Brooklyn based artist, Jennifer Prevatt. The exhibition includes collage, mixed media paper sculpture, assemblage, and installation. Jennifer’s work is influenced by psychological concepts found in fairy tales and mythology, which she uses to investigate themes of sexuality, mortality, and transformation. She creates worlds, environments, and atmospheres that give a sense of movement and fragility. Hathor’s Womb is an immersive space that allows viewers to interact with and view these archetypal environments.

Jennifer Prevatt is an interdisciplinary artist, children’s book illustrator, and educator. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Scientific Illustration, then spent the subsequent 8 years abroad, obtaining her MFA from Newcastle University in 2014. She has exhibited her work internationally including Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, China, and the UK.

Instagram: j_prevatt

PHYSICAL EXHIBIT at the Jefferson Market Little Gallery starts May 15th 2024.

Jennifer Prevatt
Hathor Womb
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