David Zheng: Some Chinatown Portraits 鄭大衛:中國城居民的肖像

Some Chinatown Portraits
Chatham Square Library
Fully Accessible

In May 2021, local photographer David Zheng hosted a series of events providing free portraits and prints to Chinatown as a way to uplift its residents.  The idea was to provide a safe space to reintroduce people, particularly seniors who were in prolonged isolation, back into the community.  His goal to document the diversity of Chinatown resulted in over 250 portraits from the community.  102 of these are on display.

在2021年5月, 當地攝影師鄭大衛為中國城舉辦了一系列的活動並且免費拍攝照片。他想以此來鼓舞當地的居民。這個想法是為了提供一個安全的空間來重新引進人口。特別是這些長期與社會脫節的老年人,讓他們重新回歸並融入社區。他的目標是記錄中國城的多樣化。為此,他從社區拍攝了超過250張的照片,其中的102張正在展出。

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