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Carla Lobmier | Scrolling Confluence | Art in the Corner Room Exhibition Series

Unless there is a program or event the Corner Room, hours are the same as Mid-Manhattan Library hours.

The Art and Picture Collections present Scrolling Confluence as part of Art in the Corner Room exhibition series, by artist and educator Carla LobmierThis site-specific exhibition, a companion to Lobmier's Art Wall on Third exhibition  Scrolling Confluence: Supernovafeatures a series of large-scale watercolors painted on vellum. The imagery is influenced by a world narrative beginning with India and Egypt, continuing with medieval manuscript illumination, the Renaissance, Japan and the final scrolls referencing the technologically-driven present. The exhibition also showcases soundscapes accompanying the scrolls.

In the 5th Avenue and 40th Street windows one panel faces the street, while the other faces the interior, creating interplay between images that shift as light changes throughout the day. All the scrolls facing 5th Avenue and 40th Street are binary code messages with nods to the culture of the pair. This exhibition is a celebration of the history of scrolls and books, the history of art images and the vocabulary of painting that are also filtered through Lobmier's painterly response. The artist's preliminary and working drawings and inspirational text accompany the exhibition. They are displayed in the glass cabinets and drawers of the Corner Room.

For this exhibition, Michael Gatonska created six soundscapes to accompany the six sets of the watercolor vellum scrolls. Each soundscape is approximately 3-4 minutes in duration that can easily be accessed by the viewer/listener on her/his mobile device, as they move through the exhibition, by tuning into Scrolling Confluence Channel on Youtube. The soundscape will remain on the Youtube channel, so it can also be accessed after the exhibition ends.

Scrolling Confluence, Chiaroscuro World, Artful Beyond Measure, interior panel, watercolor and graphite on vellum, 13 x 5 feet, 2015
Scrolling Confluence, Chiaroscuro World,
Artful Beyond Measure, interior panel,
watercolor and graphite on vellum, 13 x 5 feet, 2015

Rika Burnham, the Head of Education at The Frick Collection, joins Carla Lobmier for An Artist Dialogue on Saturday March 19 at 2:30 p.m. inside the Corner Room on the 1st floor.

Art in the Corner Room exhibition series is curated by Arezoo Moseni.

Artist Statement

Multiple points of view and shifting scale have long been among the pictorial devices in my watercolor scrolls. These devices are heightened in Scrolling Confluence by the viewer’s ability to be both inside the Corner Room looking out through the installation or on the street looking through the installation windows. The subject for each pair is elliptical: the past/the present; art’s chronology/art’s confluence; geographical regions/the globe: surface/layers; inside/outside. Each of the panel pairs examines both thematic images and image construction from specific civilizations, however both the content and delivery are presented through the lens of my own painting. The addition of Michael’s soundscapes brings together the privacy of viewing art and reading books with the privacy of hearing music, as viewers are transported into a space of expansive stillness. 

Soundscapes are about letting sound expand our awareness. For our Scrolling Confluence project, I wanted to select certain pre-recorded soundscapes that create the sensation of experiencing the particular and distinctive visual characteristics of Carla’s scrolls in a unique way.  By having chosen select soundscapes to pair with groupings of her panels, my goal is to demonstrate how the sounds that I have captured can be connective to Carla’s visual works and how they both - when seen and heard together - can collectively reveal a community of augmented sight and sound relationships.  Sound is physical, emotional, and direct in ways that sight alone can never quite be.  For me, many of my prerecorded sounds are finely-honed compositions that utilize nature’s voices as a central element, and paying attention to sound in consort with the visual beauties of Carla’s works are meant to open the ears in new ways and to pull the viewer deeper into the world of the project.

Carla Lobmier was born a reader in central Illinois, studied painting, drawing and art history there and moved to New York City in 1999 following a residency with the Studio Program, APEX ART. Her paintings, drawings and collages have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in the permanent collections of Tarble Arts Center, William Rainey Harper College, Sheldon Swope Museum, Lund and Company Inventions, Whirlpool Corporation and the 25th  Congressional District, NYC. Recent watercolor exhibitions include Love Letter (to Light), Memphis, TN, Dirt, rock and far views, Langston Hughes Library & Cultural Center, NYC and Not so fast, Resobox Gallery, NYC. Her fourteen-panel slate and mixed media installation piece titled I walk,walk looking for the spot was exhibited with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan for an 18-month loan. Her watercolor and acrylic paintings have been featured in the online publication Unlikely Stories.

The music of Michael Gatonska has been performed by the Minnesota Orchestra, the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra, the Pacific Symphony, the Hartford Symphony, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, String Orchestra of New York City (SONYC), the Chicago Chamber Musicians, and the Talea Ensemble among others. His work has recently evolved to include capturing soundscapes in an effort to present audiences with a deep listening experience, and to advance the development of a personal artistic vision which combines the two things in life that he is very passionate about, music composition and nature’s acoustics.

January 26th, 2016 - May 26th, 2016 Mid-Manhattan Library at 42nd Street