The exhibition was organized by Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts,  Walnut Creek, CA


With its elaborate stages and celebrity casts, New York’s Broadway theater district is one of the most popular destinations in the United States, drawing more than 11 million visitors annually from around the world. When we hear the word “Broadway,” we remember the stars, the costumes, the sets, and the stories. But who are the people behind these magical performances? 

What happens behind the scenes of a Broadway production? Broadway Revealed answers these questions and shines the limelight on the men and women who make it all happen. The exhibition showcases artist Stephen Joseph’s sweeping images of studios, designers, and workshops, revealing the process and complexity of creating theater. From Michael Mayer’s Tony-nominated American Idiot to Julie Taymor’s controversial Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, these panoramic photographs present a stunning portrait of these geniuses at work. Also on view in the gallery will be costume bibles, costumes, wigs, props, hats and a pair of Kinky Boots, designed or made by the artists shown in the photographs.  

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