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Mon, June 27
@ 10 AM
Let’s get gooey! Learn to create your own ocean slime and the chemical properties that make slime possible. How does slime work? Glue is a polymer, which means it’s made up of small molecules that link together to make bigger molecules, like a chain. Normally these chains slide past each other, making liquid glue pourable. When the water from the glue evaporates, these chains are what cause things to stay stuck together. When we add saline solution (an activator) it has boric acid in it. The…
( Takeout Craft)Children,

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years),

School Age (5-12 years)
Wed, July 6
@ 2 PM
Join staff from the Inwood Library for an exciting, hands-on program dedicated to Oceans in a Jar. Direct the creative process and design your own ocean! Enjoy the chance to explore many different creatures you find in the sea. Oceans are extremely diverse places to live! Different parts of the ocean feature different types of lifeforms and habitats. As you picked creatures and objects to put into your own ocean jar, you had a chance to think and talk about the many different creatures that…
In-person programChildren,

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years),

School Age (5-12 years)
Mon, July 11
@ 11 AM
Let’s simulate an oil spill in a large container and then try to clean it up. Let our inner scientists out and think up ways to help clean up oil spills which harm our marine ecosystems. The bottom of the ocean is full of many, many things including mountain ranges, fish that can see in the dark, volcanoes, shipwrecks, and more! The bottom of the ocean is vast and deep, but today we’re going to focus more on something that is found in more shallow water, reefs! There are many different types…
(Takeout Craft)Children,

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years),

School Age (5-12 years)
Wed, August 24
@ 3 PM
An interactive magic program, led by family favorite magician Razzle Dazzle, has every jaw-dropping magic trick in the book, and includes a comedic twist! Part magic show, that has families working to create the magic by clapping, laughing, and saying the magic words. Part lesson, as each attendee will learn some magic that they create right there in their hands. This show will also include water-based tricks that demonstrate some of the fun scientific aspects of magic. (all ages) Presented…
Outdoor Program at The Ring GardenChildren,

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years),

School Age (5-12 years)