A Thousand Ways: An Assembly

A Thousand Ways promotional image featuring many outstretched hands grasping towards each other.

Guided by questions and prompts, audience members create a shared script together in A Thousand Ways, an entirely participatory theater experience presented by LIVE from NYPL and The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival.

A Thousand Ways: An Assembly, by theater company 600 HIGHWAYMEN, brings its audience together to build a unique performance exploring the lines between strangeness and kinship, distance and proximity. Using a shared, participatory script, an evocative story of perseverance comes into focus, tracing how we consider one another individually and collectively after the time we spent apart.

This experience will be discovered and enacted by you and other audience members in collaboration with each other. The instructions for the performance are written on notecards, and audience members read what is written on them. The cards are written in English, and in a 15-point typeface in black and blue ink on a white background.

Bringing people together is a major pillar of The New York Public Library’s mission. We provide resources to help patrons understand and engage in society, and create safe and reliable places where we and our patrons can enjoy, honor, celebrate, and engage with one another. By hosting this special series,we offer New Yorkers the chance to spark creative exchange, enrich perspectives, and learn from one another.

Presented by The Public Theater's Under The Radar Festival, in partnership with LIVE from NYPL.

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