Public Projects

Help us expand the Library's collections. We invite you to organize, interpret, and even reimagine our historic materials through a variety of online projects and activities.

NYC Space/Time Directory

  • A historic photo is displayed, with controls to mark the angle of the view of the photo on a map


    Help us put historic photographs on the map! Identify locations depicted in images within our collections.
  • A graphic interface, organized by decade, shows outlines of areas of New York City

    Maps by Decade

    Explore digitized New York City street maps—published between 1850 and 1950—grouped by decade.
The NYC Space/Time Directory seeks to unlock the potential of historical maps and provide opportunities to explore urban history across space and time.

Community Oral History Transcript Editor

  • Community Oral History Transcript Editor

    NYC—A Story at a Time

    Our Community Oral History Project has more than 1,000 computer-generated transcripts, but they need a human touch. Join us in editing and polishing these valuable personal histories so the next generation can enjoy them.

Building Inspector

  • Build a Map to the Past

    Unlock New York City's past by capturing details on historic maps. Record addresses, identify historical buildings, and help us build a time machine to old New York.


  • See Double

    Use historical stereograph images from our collections to create shareable 3-D gifs that will shake up your world.

Emigrant City

  • Create Data from the Bank

    Uncover the lives of 19th and 20th century immigrants with records from Emigrant Savings Bank. Mark, transcribe, or verify—find what you like best and lend us a hand!

Map Warper

  • Link Past and Present

    We’re laying old maps on top of current ones to see how our neighborhoods have changed—and how they’ve stayed the same. Help us line up the old maps with the new.

What's on the Menu?

  • Serve Up Some Info

    Join other hungry users in transcribing the Library's collection of nearly 50,000 menus, which date back to the 1840s.