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Books for the Teen Age 2005


About the 2005 Cover Design

Each year, The New York Public Library sponsors a competition to design the cover of Books for the Teen Age. The cover art for the Books for the Teen Age 2005 was created by Jonathan de la Rosa, an art student at SoBro, South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corportation. He is a 12th grader at Mount Saint Michael Academy, Bronx. The two Runner's Up were Jonathan Colon, of SoBro, South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, Bronx and Jermaine Blum of the High School of Graphic Communication Arts, Manhattan.

Books for the Teen Age 2005 PDF

Katharine Davis Fishman | Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin
Talented, graceful, and determined eight young dancers come of age at the Ailey School in New York City.

The Bone Woman
Clea Koff | Random House
A forensic anthropologist searches for the truth in the devastation of the mass graves of war-torn countries.

The Burn Journals
Brent Runyon | Alfred A. Knopf
The author recalls his days of recovery and triumph following an attempt to end his life.

Burro Genius
Victor Villasenor
A memoir by a Mexican-American who failed in school because of undiagnosed severe dyslexia who struggled to become a surprisingly successful author because of desire and determination.

Do Elephants Jump?
David Feldman | HarperCollins
Soooo....What do you think? Do skunks think skunks stink? Why do we say "P.U." when something smells awful?

The Empty Mirror
James Lincoln Collier | Bloomsbury
Nick wakes up one morning to discover that his reflection is missing and whoever, or whatever has stolen it is out to get Nick in trouble. or killed. Nick has been spotted all over town breaking windows and setting fires, and he has to find his reflection and get it back before the town decides to hang him.

The Fire-Eaters
David Almond
Bobby's comfortable world in the north of England is disrupted, not only by the arrival of a strongman who pushes objects through his flesh but also by the imminent threat of nuclear disaster.

Pete Hautman | Simon & Schuster
Jason questions faith, and establishes the Church of the Ten-Legged God, a joke destined to backfire.

Hoop Kings
Charles R. Smith, Jr.
A poet speaks of basketball in rhyme and rhythmn..."crooked cornrows cause chaotic and casastrophic collisions with precision."

It's Your World - If You Don't Like It, Change It
Mikki Halpin | Simon Pulse
Do you dream of making the world a better place? Have a project that you want to take on? This is the book to help you get started on making your neighborhood, school, town or country into the kind of place you want to live in.

Letting Go of Bobby James, or How I Found My Self of Steam
Valerie Hobbs | Frances Foster Books
How can a love that feels so right be so wrong? Abandoned at a gas station, 16 year-old Jody, married just 13 weeks, reconstructs her life after her husband drives away.

Ted Botha
Trash, garbage, or treasure; there's gold in the things we throw away!

Peter and the Starcatchers
Dave and Ridley Pearson, Barry | Hyperion
Learn how Peter Pan came to fly, how Captain Hook lost his hand, and how Neverland was born in this exciting, fantastic adventure.

Robert Sullivan
A writer observes and explores the world of the New York City's indestructible rodent.

The Realm of Possibility
David Levithan | Alfred A. Knopf
The worlds and lives of twenty teens are linked in a series of poems.

Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood
Sáenz, Benjamin Alire.
Growing up in the barrio with love, loss, and limitations.

Sonny's House of Spies
George Ella Lyon | Simon & Schuster
Why did Sonny's dad come home late, fight with his mom, then pack all his stuff and leave for good the next day? Why didn't he ever come back? Sonny tries to get the story from his mom, but she won't tell. One Friday when he gets paid, he decides to take the bus to the city to find out for himself.

The Vanishing Point
Louise Hawes | Houghton Mifflin
Vini, a talented artist in 16th century Italy, breaks through the stereotypical women's role and falls in love.

Who Am I Without Him?
Sharon Flake | Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books
10 short stories of girls, love, respect, and the guys in their lives, good, bad, sweet, and twisted.

The Work of Wolves
Kent Meyers | Harcourt
Earl Walks Alone, a gifted Lakota teen, Will, a German exchange student, and Carson, a young horsetrainer, team up to rescue abused horses from a cruel South Dakota rancher.

Worlds Afire
Paul B. Janeczko | Candlewick Press
Poems tell the story of a blaze that destroyed a circus in 1944.