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Books for the Teen Age 2002

9 - 11: September 11th, 2001
Dark Horse Comics, ©2001 | 974.7104 N
Artwork and stories about the heroes of September 11 and the families they left behind. This tribute to the police, firemen, emergency service workers, and ordinary citizens who put their lives on the line that day, comes from people who give us stories about superheroes.

Adele Griffin | Hyperion, ©2001 | FIC G
Although she knows from the first that Amandine is "unusual", maybe even crazy, Delia, the new girl in town, is drawn toward Amandine's magnetic personality. When Amandine's antics turn cruel, Delia must find the courage to get away from her influence.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
Sinje Dai | Knopf, ©2001 | FIC D
When two 17 year-old friends are sentenced to four years hard labor in a Chinese mountain village, they expect the worst. Because of their talents as storytellers, the two are assigned to visit a bigger town, see a film, return and tell the story to the villagers. En route, they find adventure, love and laughter during the Cultural Revolution.

Every Time a Rainbow Dies
Rita Williams-Garcia | HarperCollins, ©2001 | FIC W
Sixteen-year-old Thulani cares for his pigeons in a roof top retreat that helps him escape painful memories and the pressure to take hold of his life. His peace is shattered one evening when he sees a girl being brutally attacked and rescues her. Despite her cold denials of his attention, he finds himself drawn to her.

Heart to Heart
Jan Greenberg | Abrams, ©2001 | 811.008-H
Poems by American poets are paired with art by American artists. Let your eye wander through the rich colors and shapes of worlds reinvented by the artists. Let the poets' words echo in your mind—sad, tender, playful, humorous? Try writing a poem of your own.

Ice Bound
Jerri Nielsen | Hyperion, ©2001 | 919.89-N
An ER doctor with a personal life in shambles decides to start over at the South Pole. Dr. Nielsen falls in love with the ice and the camaraderie of the "Polies". Then, in the middle of the Antarctic winter when no flights in or out are possible, she finds a frightening discovery, a fast growing cancer.

In Code
Sarah and David Flannery | Workman, ©2001 | B Flannery
The true story of a 16 year-old Irish girl who won the Young Scientist of the Year award for her project on public key cryptography: a science project that some people thought would make her a millionaire.

In the South Bronx of America
Mel Rosenthal | Curbstone, ©2000 | 306.0974-R
A photographer's and social worker's record of the Morrisania section of the Bronx in the 1970's when arson and neglect created an urban wasteland. Rosenthal's photos capture the people—many teenagers and children—and their spirit that helped them survive.

Mad About Physics
Christopher Jargodzki and Franklin Potter | Wiley, ©2001 | 530-J
What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Why must you cook hamburgers more thoroughly than a piece of steak? Why can you warm your hands by blowing gently and cool your hands by blowing hard? Why do ice cubes stick together? The answers to these and 393 other questions illustrate the principles of physics the way your high school textbook never did.

The Ropemaker
Peter Dickinson | Delacorte, ©2001 | FIC D
For twenty generations, the Valley has been protected from invaders because of a magic spell in its forests. When the spell begins to disappear, Tilja, her grandmother, Tahl, and his grandfather must seek a legendary wizard to reinstate the spell if he can. Their search takes them from one dangerous spot to another as Tilja learns that she may have more talents than anyone knows.

Ten from 2001: These titles have been selected from Books for the Teen Age 2002, prepared every year by The New York Public Library, Office of Young Adult Services.