NYPL Recommendations

A listing of book lists created just for you by our librarians. Also check out our regular Staff Picks, and subscribe to the Biblio File blog and biweekly podcast.

Girls on the Case: Middle Grade Mysteries

They use their minds, guts, and sheer good luck to solve the case!

Staff-Recommended Manga Reads for Fall

Put your favorite cozy sweater on and cuddle up with some of our latest round of manga staff picks.

Quirky Family Adventures for Fans of <em>The Addams Family</em>

If you enjoy the antics of this macabre and eccentric family, you may enjoy these stories, aimed at middle grade readers, of other quirky family adventures.

Spooky Middle Grade Reads To Usher in Fall

As you enjoy your apple or pumpkin pie and a cup of warm cider or cocoa, relax and enjoy these eerie tales that will put you in the mood for the season.

Recent Adventure & Fantasy Reads to Enthrall Middle Grade Readers

Have a seat, open the pages, and see what adventures await and what magical places you'll travel to.

Let's Get Meta: Manga About Manga!

Here we’ve gathered titles that feature either the effort that goes into creating manga, selling manga, or just being obsessed with manga.

It's About to Get Weird: Surreal Manga and Graphic Novels

Our librarians have scoured our collection to bring you some of the trippiest, dreamiest, weirdest surreal manga and graphic novels.

Take a Walk On the Mild Side with Slice of Life Fantasy Manga

If you’re ready to help a dragon find a home or to explore the realities of dungeon cuisine, then you’re ready for this fun manga subgenre.

High School Never Ends: School Life Manga

As these titles show, the turbulent teenage years are prime fodder for stories that explore burgeoning feelings of love, anger, resentment, and self-actualization.

Staff-Recommended Manga Reads for Summer

Ready to kick back on the beach with a new book? Here is a list of our librarians' personal favorite must-read manga.

Stop and Smell the Roses with Slice of Life Manga

Sometimes you need a break from the overpowered foes and never-ending tournaments of battle manga. If you're looking for a calmer read, slice of life manga are what you need.

Craft With Me: Crochet Picture Book Inspiration

Crochet is a great medium for showing off your personality through your creations. If your little one has a favorite character, why not bring them to life yourself? Our craft section is full of great pattern books that are easily adaptable.

So Many Loves, So Little Time: Harem Manga

These stories revolve around the protagonist struggling to choose which of the possible romantic partners they want to end up with. The series will end up in one of two ways: 1. They make a decision and end up with one person, or 2. They choose none of them.

Beauties and Beasts: Monster Manga

While typically romantic in nature, manga in this genre focus on the relationships between humans and monsters or monsters and other monsters regardless of whether they are platonic, romantic, or sexual. Here monster refers to any non-human creature such as a vampire, demon, mermaid, unicorn—anything really!

Battle Manga! All-Out Fight to the Finish!

Greetings fighters! Are you ready to power up and battle down? Then drop your training weights, and let’s dive into some battle manga!

Fascinating Books for Kids Interested in Learning About Birds

Birds are all around us and these nonfiction titles below are a great start for young readers who would like to learn more about them.

Beginner's Guide to Manga 2: Genres and Subgenres

Here we have gathered some of the most popular and unique genres, subgenres, and tropes that currently exist in manga to better help you find your next read!

Jump on the Bandwagon: New and Ongoing Manga To Get Excited About

Some of these series have been going on for years with no end in sight while others are relatively new. If you’re looking for something new or new-ish to check out, you’re in the right place.

World Literature Festival: Selected Books from the English-Speaking Caribbean

In this cross-section of literature, we highlight prize-winning debut novels and new nonfiction books, which we hope will engage and inform you.

Eco Fiction for Kids and Teens

Eco-fiction are books about the environment and humans' relationship with it. In these works the Earth is not a secondary character, but a main character and influence in the human world.