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 Below are a few quick tips from our recruiting team to help your resume stand out and for your interview preparation.   The Library also provides extensive support and resources to all job seekers (not just those looking to work at NYPL) through online and in-person hubs for career databases and workshops, career coaching, job search guidance, resume help, and interview preparation.  Explore these resources here.


Resume Writing Tips

Resume Do’s

  • Include contact information (name, phone number, email, address) on the top of page one
  • Contact information should be the best way an employer can reach you
  • Have a professional voice mail message and email address
  • Use action verbs and be consistent with verb tense
  • Give more space to your most recent and relevant work experience
  • Quantify accomplishments when you can
  • Use simple fonts and formatting- avoid fancy fonts/colors/graphics unless related to your field
  • Ask someone else to proofread your work!
  • Create a plain text version of your resume for electronic submission

Resume Don’ts

  • Lie or embellish your knowledge/skills/abilities
  • Use abbreviations or jargon (industry specific language)
  • Include pictures
  • Disclose personal information – all information should be job related
  • Exceed two pages

Interviewing Tips

Interview Do’s

  • Plan to arrive to your interview 10-15 minutes early
  • Greet people with confidence
  • Be aware of body language: eye contact, handshake, posture, engaged listening (leaning in, nodding, smiling)
  • Take your time in answering questions; give specific, relevant examples
  • Stay focused on the interview (don’t get distracted)
  • Convey why you are the best candidate for the job
  • Send thank you letter/note/email

Interview Don’ts

  • Come unprepared
  • Discuss personal information (for example: age, family status, health)
  • Provide general answers (vague answers with no past experience examples)
  • Be arrogant
  • Exaggerate about your abilities or past work experience
  • Be distracted (cell phones, chewing gum, fidgeting)
  • Say anything negative about previous companies or managers


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