Using SimplyE

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Additional help with SimplyE: Getting Started | For Android | For iOS | Troubleshooting

Search, Browse, Sort, and Filter in SimplyE


Tap the Search Icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner of the screen. Type an author or title of a book in the search box, and click the Search or Enter button in the bottom right corner of the screen. A list of books matching your search criteria will be displayed.


Tap the Catalog tab to browse titles in the catalog. At any time, you can tap the cover of a book to read its description. Tap Get to download the book, or tap Reserve to place a hold on a book if it is not available for immediate download.

In the main screen of the catalog, swipe from left to right on the book covers to view titles for the respective category.

  • Scroll up and down to view the different categories.
  • Tap the category titles or More... to view sub categories or a list of all books in the respective category.

Browse Category List: Scroll up and down to browse the list of books.


Navigate to a listing of books in the catalog (such as "Best Sellers") or in My Books or Reservations. You will see a button next to Sort By, Tap  the button to switch between Author, Title, Recently Added, Random


Navigate to a listing of books in the catalog (such as "Best Sellers"). You will see a button next to Availability: tap the button to filter by Available now, Yours to keep, or All. You will see a button next to Collection: tap to filter by Everything, Popular Books, or Main Collection.

Open and Read E-Books in SimplyE


  • Tap My Books, and tap the Read button to open and read a book.
  • To turn pages, tap on the right or left edges of the screen.
  • To exit or navigate to a particular section, tap the center of the screen to bring up the Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the Table of Contents button in the upper right corner of the Navigation Bar to bring up the table of contents, then tap on the section or chapter you would like to open.
  • Tap the back arrow in the top left corner to exit.

Adjusting Fonts, Contrast, Text Size, and Brightness

  • Tap the center or bottom of the screen to bring up the Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the Aa (Reader Settings) button (second from the right of the top bar menu).

Adjust the font type by tapping one of three available settings: Serif, Sans Serif, Open Dyslexic. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

Adjust the contrast by tapping on one of the three available combinations: White text on Black background, Black text on Sepia background, Black text on White background. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

To adjust text size: Tap the large A to make the text bigger or the smaller A to make the font smaller. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

To adjust brightness: Drag the slide control to adjust brightness to your preferred setting. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

Manage and Return E-Books in SimplyE

E-Books that you checked out will be listed under the My Books tab. Books you have already downloaded will have a Read or Return button. If you borrowed the e-book from another device or checked the book out from another application or from the web, it should be in your My Books tab. If not, sync your device book shelf by dragging the list downwards. Then tap the download button.

In the event of connectivity problems, books may fail to download. Try downloading again when you have a strong connection. If you borrowed a book on another device, and it is not in your My Books Tab, follow the instructions above to sync your bookshelf.

Be aware that e-books downloaded outside of SimplyE (to a computer or different reading app) might not be available to download in SimplyE.

How to Return E-Books

All digital titles are automatically returned to your library at the end of the lending period, so you never have to worry about them being overdue.

How to Renew E-Books

If an item is not on hold for another patron when it expires you can borrow and download it again.

Titles from OverDrive can be renewed three days before the expiration, provided there are no holds on the title. To renew, log in to your library account on Under Loans you will see the option to request again.

Free to Keep E-Books

Public Domain and Creative Commons-licensed books can be found in the SimplyE Collection. Tap the icon in the upper left corner to toggle between your collections.

Free to keep books will display only a Download button. There is no hold queue and no expiration date on these items. Tap the Download button to get the book. The button will change to Delete or Read once downloaded. The book will also show up in the list under the My Books tab with a Read and a Delete button.