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2017 Picks

  • 42 Is Not Just a Number: The Odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American Hero

    By Doreen Rappaport

    A fun, fast read that gives deeper insight into the background and motivation of the groundbreaking icon.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Middle grade, True stories

  • After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)

    By Dan Santat

    After his great fall, will Humpty Dumpty find the courage to climb to new heights?

    Tags: Picture books

  • The Alphabet Thief

    By Bill Richardson

    Illustrated by Roxanna Bikadoroff

    Clever wordplay, madcap illustrations, and a driving rhythm make this jaunty rhyming book.

    Tags: Funny, Poetry

  • American Pharoah: Triple Crown Champion

    By Shelley Fraser Mickle

    Racehorse history is made in this winning book that gives an insider's view of a whole team that raised a champion.

    Tags: Animals, Biographies & memoirs, Middle grade, True stories

  • Armstrong & Charlie

    By Steven B. Frank

    Brought together by desegregation in the 1970s, two middle-schoolers unexpectedly form a friendship in this heartfelt and comical coming of age story.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Friendship, Funny, Historical, Middle grade

  • Baby Goes to Market

    By Atinuke

    Illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

    Vendors in a Nigerian market share all sorts of snacks with Baby in this playful counting story with bright and cheerful drawings.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Picture books

  • Bats: Learning to Fly

    By Falynn Koch

    A fast-paced introduction to the world of bats, perfect for those who love science along with their laughs.

    Tags: Animals, Comics & graphic novels, Middle grade, Nature, STEM

  • Ben's Revolution: Benjamin Russell & the Battle of Bunker Hill

    By Nathaniel Philbrick

    Illustrated by Wendell Minor

    A beautifully illustrated, fictionalized account of a 12-year-old boy's Revolutionary War experience.

    Tags: Early readers, Historical

  • Bertolt

    By Jacques Goldstyn

    Translated by Claudia Zoe Bedrick

    Inviting and immersive colored pencil drawings bring to life a small child's love for an old oak tree.

    Tags: Early readers, Friendship, Nature

  • Beyond the Bright Sea

    By Lauren Wolk

    Curious and loving Crow is determined to discover the truth about her birth, but will her search lead the family and home she loves into danger? Higher-level readers will appreciate the engaging and atmospheric writing.

    Tags: Families, Friendship, Historical, Middle grade

  • The Big Bad Fox

    By Benjamin Renner

    Translated by Joe Johnson

    What's a fox to do when he can't catch a chicken for dinner? Hatch his own, of course! But this is a lot harder than he thought, especially when they think HE is Mom.

    Tags: Animals, Families, Friendship, Funny, Comics & graphic novels, Middle grade

  • Big Cat, Little Cat

    By Elisha Cooper

    A minimalist illustration style and simple text add poetry to this sweet story about the circle of life.

    Tags: Animals, Families, Picture books

  • Boat of Dreams

    By Rogério Coelho

    A man and a boy separated by time and distance are connected by a boat and their dreams. Affecting illustrations draw the reader into this epic journey of imagination.

    Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Comics & graphic novels, Picture books

  • Bolivar

    By Sean Rubin

    In this ode to NYC, there really IS an antiquities-loving dinosaur living next door to Sybil!

    Tags: Animals, Fantasy, Friendship, Funny, Comics & graphic novels, Picture books

  • The Book of Mistakes

    By Corinna Luyken

    With pencil, ink, and watercolors, errors become magical moments of opportunity to let your imagination soar in this uplifting tale full of wonderful picture-play.

    Tags: Picture books

  • Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics

    By Margarita Engle

    Illustrated by Rafael López

    Striking portraits accompany biographical poems that showcase compelling figures from diverse backgrounds.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Poetry, True stories

  • Captain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the Seas

    By Laura James

    Illustrated by Églantine Ceulemans

    A silly, high-stakes adventure ensues when a water-fearing, jam-tart-loving pug follows his nose to the next picnic basket and gets separated from his girl.

    Tags: Adventure, Animals, Early readers, Friendship, Funny

  • Charlie & Mouse

    By Laurel Snyder

    Illustrated by Emily Hughes

    Two charming brothers use their wits in their daily escapades. They gather friends for an impromptu party, discover the rewards of hard work, and more.

    Tags: Early readers, Families, Friendship, Funny

  • Colette's Lost Pet

    By Isabelle Arsenault

    Nervous about making friends, Colette invents a lost pet whose description gradually grows to be as fanciful as the brightly colored accents in these otherwise sepia-toned illustrations.

    Tags: Early readers, Friendship, Comics & graphic novels

  • The Crane Girl: Based on Japanese Folktales

    By Curtis Manley

    Illustrated by Lin Wang

    In this poignant retelling with atmospheric illustrations and interspersed haiku, an injured crane changes the life of her rescuer.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Fairy tales & folklore, Picture books

  • Creekfinding: A True Story

    By Jacqueline Briggs Martin

    Illustrated by Claudia McGehee

    An inviting tale of a long-lost stream and one farmer's work to revitalize an ecosystem is depicted with dramatic woodcut illustrations.

    Tags: Early readers, Nature, Picture books, STEM, True stories

  • Danza! Amalia Hernández & El Ballet Folklórico de México

    By Duncan Tonatiuh

    Mixtec-inspired art and engaging text work hand in hand in this homage to the iconic dancer and choreographer whose work celebrates Mexico's rich heritage.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Picture books, True stories

  • Dazzle Ships: World War I & the Art of Confusion

    By Chris Barton

    Illustrated by Victo Ngai

    How do you win a war when your ships keep getting sunk? Paint them dazzling colors and zany patterns. Readers will be stunned by these art-deco-inspired illustrations.

    Tags: Historical, Picture books, True stories

  • A Different Pond

    By Bao Phi

    Illustrated by Thi Bui

    The bond between past and present are reinforced in this nostalgic look at an immigrant father and son who take a pre-dawn fishing trip to feed their family.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Picture books

  • Dragons & Marshmallows

    By Asia Citro

    Illustrated by Marion Lindsay

    Fantasy and science combine when Zoey discovers her ability to nurse magical creatures back to health.

    Tags: Animals, Culturally diverse, Early readers, Families, Fantasy, STEM

  • The End of the Wild

    By Nicole Helget

    Will fracking destroy Fern’s beloved forest, or will it bring industry back to a tired town? In clear, heartfelt prose, this narrative raises difficult questions and offers no easy answers.

    Tags: Families, Friendship, Middle grade, Nature

  • The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora

    By Pablo Cartaya

    A new crush, an ailing abuela, and a villainous real estate developer threaten Arturo's relaxing Miami summer.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Middle grade

  • Feathers & Hair: What Animals Wear

    By Jennifer Ward

    Illustrated by Jing Jing Tsong

    Featuring a variety of animals, this book's simple rhymes and captivating colors are perfect for young readers.

    Tags: Animals, Early readers, Nature, Picture books, STEM

  • The First Rule of Punk

    By Celia C. Pérez

    Malú isn't the señorita Mom wants her to be. But a new school and new friends push the boundaries of her creativity and redefine her world.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Friendship, Middle grade

  • Fish Girl

    By David Wiesner & Donna Jo Napoli

    Illustrated by David Wiesner

    A budding friendship helps a young mermaid test the boundaries of her manmade prison.

    Tags: Fantasy, Friendship, Comics & graphic novels, Middle grade

  • The Five Forms

    By Barbara McClintock

    Magical chaos is created when a young girl discovers a mysterious book of martial art poses.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Early readers, Funny, Picture books

  • Flashlight Night

    By Matt Forrest Esenwine

    Illustrated by Fred Koehler

    Three kids shine a light on their imaginations without ever leaving their backyard. Accompanied by contrasting drawings and a rhythmic text.

    Tags: Adventure, Friendship, Picture books

  • Flowers for Sarajevo

    By John McCutcheon

    Illustrated by Kristy Caldwell

    A bereaved young boy rediscovers strength and purpose through random acts of kindness in this honest look at war-torn Sarajevo.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Friendship, Historical, Picture books

  • Forever, or a Long, Long Time

    By Caela Carter

    With the help of their adoptive mother, two siblings go on a quest to find their origins. In the process, they learn to trust in their forever home.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Middle grade

  • The Goat

    By Anne Fleming

    When Kid catches a glimpse of a goat on her NYC rooftop, she embarks on a quest that involves her entire quirky community, leading them to face their fears and take a leap of faith.

    Tags: Animals, Families, Friendship, Funny, Middle grade

  • The Golem of Prague

    By Irène Cohen-Janca

    Illustrated by Maurizio A.C. Quarello

    Translated by Brigitte Waisburg

    Foreboding watercolors evoke a somber ambiance in this haunting tale, derived from Jewish folklore, of a young boy who becomes a guardian.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Fairy tales & folklore, Fantasy, Picture books, Mystery & suspense

  • Gone Camping: A Novel in Verse

    By Tamera Will Wissinger

    Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

    Different forms of poetry highlight the ups and downs of camping with Grandpa.

    Tags: Early readers, Families, Nature, Poetry

  • Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code

    By Laurie Wallmark

    Illustrated by Katy Wu

    Ever wonder why computer glitches are called bugs? Look no further than Grace Hopper—inventor, mathematician, and dedicated problem-solver.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Historical, Picture books, STEM, True stories

  • Grand Canyon

    By Jason Chin

    A father and daughter’s hike through the Grand Canyon unveils its ecological wonders, showcased in richly layered watercolor images and clever time-travel cutouts.

    Tags: Nature, Picture books, STEM

  • Hello, Universe

    By Erin Entrada Kelly

    A psychic, a bully, and a crush help a young Filipino boy find his inner bayani (hero).

    Tags: Adventure, Culturally diverse, Families, Friendship, Middle grade

  • If You Were the Moon

    By Laura Purdie Salas

    Illustrated by Jaime Kim

    Enchanting art portrays the phases of the moon and its playful dance with Earth.

    Tags: Early readers, Nature, Picture books, STEM

  • It All Comes Down to This

    By Karen English

    In the midst of the racial tension of 1960s Los Angeles, Sophie—a 12-year-old African American girl—grows closer to her college-bound sister as her family begins to fall apart.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Friendship, Historical, Middle grade

  • King of the Sky

    By Nicola Davies

    Illustrated by Laura Carlin

    Soft watercolors complement this warmhearted story of the friendship between a young immigrant boy and an elderly pigeon-keeper.

    Tags: Friendship, Picture books

  • Let's Clap, Jump, Sing & Shout; Dance, Spin & Turn It Out! Games, Songs & Stories from an African American Childhood

    By Patricia C. McKissack

    Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

    A comprehensive collection to be shared and treasured.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Historical, Poetry

  • Little Fox in the Forest

    By Stephanie Graegin

    In this wordless and endearing picture book, two friends venture out into an enchanted forest to rescue a beloved stuffed animal.

    Tags: Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Friendship, Picture books

  • Little Wolf's First Howling

    By Laura McGee Kvasnosky

    Illustrated by Laura McGee Kvasnosky & Kate Harvey McGee

    Little Wolf can't help but follow the wild rhythm in his heart in this jazzy celebration of the creative spirit.

    Tags: Animals, Families, Funny, Nature, Picture books

  • Locked Up for Freedom: Civil Rights Protesters at the Leesburg Stockade

    By Heather E. Schwartz

    Personal narratives and jarring photographs explore the shocking treatment of child activists during the Civil Rights Movement.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Historical, Middle grade, True stories

  • The Many Worlds of Albie Bright

    By Christopher Edge

    In a quest to find a dimension where his mother is still alive, can the Quantum Banana Theory help Albie travel to alternate realities?

    Tags: Adventure, Families, Middle grade, Science fiction, STEM

  • Martí's Song for Freedom: Martí y Sus Versos por La Libertad

    By Emma Otheguy

    Illustrated by Beatriz Vidal

    Translated by Adriana Domínguez

    The famed Cuban poet's devotion to justice and admiration for nature are chronicled in verse and accompanied by vibrant gouaches.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Picture books, Poetry, True stories

  • Maya Lin: Thinking with Her Hands

    By Susan Goldman Rubin

    Lin is best-known as the young student with a bold vision for the Vietnam War Memorial. This artful biography explores the various elements that inspire her work.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Middle grade, STEM, True stories

  • Me & Marvin Gardens

    By Amy Sarig King

    As developers encroach upon his family farm, a nature-loving boy discovers a creature whose very existence threatens the environment.

    Tags: Animals, Friendship, Middle grade, Nature, Science fiction, STEM

  • Midnight Without a Moon

    By Linda Williams Jackson

    In this powerfully moving story for older readers, resilient Rosa’s struggle to escape her abusive family coincides with the fight for African American civil rights in 1955 Mississippi.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Historical, Middle grade

  • Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters

    By Michael Mahin

    Illustrated by Evan Turk

    Kinetic artwork evokes the musical vibe of Muddy Waters and his experience during the Great Migration.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Picture books, True stories

  • The Murderer's Ape

    By Jakob Wegelius

    Translated by Peter Graves

    Sally Jones—author, first engineer, loyal friend, and gorilla—finds herself in the middle of a page-turning mystery of daring, wit, and intrigue.

    Tags: Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Friendship, Historical, Middle grade, Mystery & suspense

  • The Music of Life: Bartolomeo Cristofori & the Invention of the Piano

    By Elizabeth Rusch

    Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

    With luminous prose and snippets of primary-source material, this lively biography details the work of Cristofori and the possibilities he created for generations of musicians to come.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Historical, Picture books, True stories

  • My Beautiful Birds

    By Suzanne Del Rizzo

    Wild birds bring hope and promise to a young Syrian refugee. Polymer clay images add depth and texture to this heartrending tale.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Picture books

  • The New Ocean: The Fate of Life in a Changing Sea

    By Bryn Barnard

    An evocative look, through text and art, at what could happen to our oceans if we stay on our current course.

    Tags: Animals, Middle grade, Nature, STEM

  • Nightlights

    By Lorena Alvarez

    Lush, bold illustrations enhance a supernatural, dreamlike tale about a young artist overcoming her doubt and inner criticism.

    Tags: Fantasy, Comics & graphic novels, Mystery & suspense

  • Niko Draws a Feeling

    By Bob Raczka

    Illustrated by Simone Shin

    No one but Niko understands his art, until a young girl recognizes the meaning of his abstract style.

    Tags: Friendship, Picture books

  • Noah Webster's Fighting Words

    By Tracy Nelson Maurer

    Illustrated by Mircea Catusanu

    A spirited look at a true revolutionary whose work created a uniquely American lexicon.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Historical, Picture books, True stories

  • Olga & the Smelly Thing from Nowhere

    By Elise Gravel

    What would you do if a strange, olive-eating, burping, farting creature appeared in your backyard? A self-assured young scientist systematically tries to figure out the mystery. Quirky graphics add to the fun.

    Tags: Animals, Early readers, Funny, Science fiction, STEM

  • One Last Word: Wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance

    By Nikki Grimes

    This lyrical tribute honors the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance by transforming well-known verse into original poetry that reflects the modern African American experience.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Middle grade, Poetry

  • One Trick Pony

    By Nathan Hale

    In a future where all technology is under attack, a robot pony may be the key to saving humanity.

    Tags: Adventure, Families, Friendship, Comics & graphic novels, Middle grade, Science fiction, Mystery & suspense

  • Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets

    By Kwame Alexander with Chris Colderley & Marjory Wentworth

    Illustrated by Ekua Holmes

    Three contemporary writers pay tribute to some of the world's most renowned poets by creating works based on their styles, themes, and lives in this boldly illustrated collection.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Poetry

  • Pandora

    By Victoria Turnbull

    An injured bird chases away the clouds of loneliness for a resourceful fox. Lush, scenic images echo Pandora's changing emotions.

    Tags: Animals, Friendship, Picture books

  • Pizza! An Interactive Recipe Book

    By Lotta Nieminen

    Mix the dough, spread the sauce, and get ready to "eat" some great pizza in this hands-on recipe book for toddlers!

    Tags: Picture books

  • Posted

    By John David Anderson

    A sticky-note war at Branton Middle School leads students to confront the power of their words. Can Frost and his friends survive the war, or will it tear them apart?

    Tags: Friendship, Middle grade

  • The Queen of the Frogs

    By Davide Cali

    Illustrated by Marco Somà

    Translated by Lynn Miller-Lachmann

    Elegantly illustrated in rich earth tones, this thought-provoking modern fable invites readers to question tyranny and envision a bright future for all.

    Tags: Animals, Funny, Picture books

  • The Quilts of Gee's Bend

    By Susan Goldman Rubin

    African American history is artfully pieced together in this look at the isolated community of Gee's Bend, Alabama, and the quilters who put it on the map.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Historical, Middle grade, True stories

  • Refugee

    By Alan Gratz

    Alternating narratives chronicle the harrowing journeys of a Jewish boy in 1938, a Cuban girl in 1994, and a Syrian boy in 2015 as they all search for new homes.

    Tags: Adventure, Culturally diverse, Families, Historical, Middle grade, Mystery & suspense

  • The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!

    By Carmen Agra Deedy

    Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

    An innovative fable about a rooster who reminds a community of the importance of raising your voice for what you believe in, no matter the cost.

    Tags: Animals, Picture books

  • The Sand Warrior

    By Mark Siegel & Alexis Siegel

    Illustrated by Xanthe Bouma, Matt Rockefeller & Boya Sun

    Join Oona Lee and her ragtag crew as they embark on a mission to save 5 Worlds in this thoughtfully designed space opera.

    Tags: Adventure, Friendship, Comics & graphic novels, Middle grade, Science fiction

  • Scar Island

    By Dan Gemeinhart

    After a freak accident frees them from adult supervision, boys at a reformatory school fend for themselves in this action-packed adventure about power struggles and redemption.

    Tags: Adventure, Friendship, Middle grade, Mystery & suspense

  • Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library

    By Carole Boston Weatherford

    Illustrated by Eric Velasquez

    His lifelong passion for collecting books, letters, music, and art from Africa and the African diaspora resulted in a lasting legacy now preserved in the heart of Harlem.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Historical, Picture books, Poetry, True stories

  • Seven Wonders of the Solar System

    By David A. Aguilar

    An in-depth look into our solar system, with a focus on the intricate circumstances that could lead to life evolving elsewhere in the universe.

    Tags: Middle grade, Nature, STEM

  • The Shadow Cipher

    By Laura Ruby

    Three kids race against time to solve an 18th-century puzzle that will save their homes from destruction in this steampunk alternate history of New York City.

    Tags: Adventure, Families, Friendship, Middle grade, Science fiction, Mystery & suspense

  • Shell, Beak, Tusk: Shared Traits & the Wonders of Adaptation

    By Bridget Heos

    Why do both parrots and octopuses have beaks? This fun informational text captures the similarities and differences in animal characteristics that have evolved over time.

    Tags: Animals, Nature, STEM

  • Smoot: A Rebellious Shadow

    By Michelle Cuevas

    Illustrated by Sydney Smith

    Join a bored shadow on his first foray into freedom.

    Tags: Adventure, Picture books

  • Snow & Rose

    By Emily Winfield Martin

    Two sisters, a large bear, a pair of scissors, and a whole lot of courage save an enchanted forest in this retelling of a little-known fairy tale.

    Tags: Adventure, Fairy tales & folklore, Fantasy, Friendship, Middle grade

  • The Someday Birds

    By Sally J. Pla

    Four siblings and a mysterious stranger take a cross-country journey that redefines the meaning of family.

    Tags: Families, Friendship, Middle grade

  • Still a Family

    By Brenda Reeves Sturgis

    Illustrated by Jo-Shin Lee

    Being a family is more than just sharing the same space. Childlike drawings depict a family's experience of homelessness.

    Tags: Families, Picture books

  • That Is My Dream! A Picture Book of Langston Hughes's "Dream Variation"

    By Langston Hughes

    Illustrated by Daniel Miyares

    Vibrant gouache illustrations reinvigorate this modern classic about an African American boy's daily struggle with racial tension and his dreams of freedom.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Historical, Picture books, Poetry

  • There's a Pest in the Garden!

    By Jan Thomas

    Duck and his friends defend their garden from a mysterious vegetable thief. A funny first reader.

    Tags: Animals, Early readers, Friendship, Funny

  • Things to Do

    By Elaine Magliaro

    Illustrated by Catia Chien

    A young child sets off to explore her world in this fully illustrated collection of lyrical odes.

    Tags: Nature, Picture books, Poetry

  • Thornhill

    By Pam Smy

    A wrenching, chilling ghost story told in two voices: one through diary entries, the other through black-and-white illustrations.

    Tags: Fantasy, Friendship, Historical, Middle grade, Mystery & suspense

  • Three Pennies

    By Melanie Crowder

    This magical, multi-voiced novel of hope and renewal in San Francisco reveals that things are shifting... for an 11-year-old foster child who's about to be adopted, for a young owl who flies over the city keeping watch, and for the tectonic plates deep underground.

    Tags: Adventure, Animals, Culturally diverse, Families, Middle grade

  • Thunder Underground

    By Jane Yolen

    Illustrated by Josée Masse

    Imagine what happens in the earth beneath our feet!

    Tags: Nature, Poetry

  • Tony

    By Ed Galing

    Illustrated by Erin E. Stead

    Pencil drawings softly evoke a bygone era and a childhood friendship with the milkman’s horse.

    Tags: Animals, Friendship, Historical, Picture books, Poetry

  • Train I Ride

    By Paul Mosier

    Transient but meaningful relationships turn strangers into family aboard a cross-country train.

    Tags: Families, Friendship, Middle grade

  • Us, in Progress: Short Stories About Young Latinos

    By Lulu Delacre

    This hopeful, timely collection of vignettes depicts the lives and experiences of contemporary youth in the United States.

    Tags: Culturally diverse, Families, Middle grade

  • Walk with Me

    By Jairo Buitrago

    Illustrated by Rafael Yockteng

    Translated by Elisa Amado

    An imaginary lion helps a child cope with challenges in her daily life.

    Tags: Families, Picture books

  • Watersong

    By Tim McCanna

    Illustrated by Richard Smythe

    A fox seeks shelter from a rainstorm in this lyrical, onomatopoetic romp.

    Tags: Animals, Early readers, Nature, Picture books

  • The Way Home in the Night

    By Akiko Miyakoshi

    Charcoal drawings evoke the sights, smells, and sounds of a neighborhood as a young bunny is carried safely home.

    Tags: Families, Picture books

  • When My Sister Started Kissing

    By Helen Frost

    Claire must deal with a summer of changes in this sweet and appealing coming-of age-novel told in verse from three distinct perspectives.

    Tags: Families, Friendship, Middle grade, Poetry

  • A Whisper of Horses

    By Zillah Bethell

    In post-apocalyptic London, Seren chases after remnants of the world before. A soulfully written book for older readers.

    Tags: Adventure, Friendship, Middle grade, Science fiction

  • The Whydah: A Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked & Found

    By Martin W. Sandler

    The wild tale of a 19th-century slave ship, its second life commandeered by pirates, and the quest to find its sunken remains and legendary bounty.

    Tags: Adventure, Biographies & memoirs, Historical, Middle grade, True stories

  • The Wolf, the Duck & the Mouse

    By Mac Barnett

    Illustrated by Jon Klassen

    Textured illustrations blend perfectly with this silly story of Duck and Mouse setting up house in Wolf's stomach.

    Tags: Animals, Friendship, Funny, Picture books

  • Wolfie & Fly

    By Cary Fagan

    Illustrated by Zoe Si

    An aloof girl, who prefers facts over friends, reluctantly teams up with a persistent neighbor for a cardboard submarine adventure.

    Tags: Adventure, Early readers, Friendship, Funny

  • The World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid

    By Jeanette Winter

    Organic shapes and symbols from her native Iraq inspired Hadid’s work as a world-renowned architect who fearlessly pushed the boundaries of what buildings could be.

    Tags: Biographies & memoirs, Culturally diverse, Early readers, Historical, Picture books, STEM, True stories

  • Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

    By Megumi Iwasa

    Illustrated by Jun Takabatake

    Bored and lonely, Giraffe exchanges letters with Penguin, and a long-distance friendship is born. Hilarity ensues when Giraffe tries to imagine what Penguin looks like.

    Tags: Animals, Early readers, Friendship, Funny

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