Vibrant Voices Titles for Teens

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  • Angel of Greenwood

    See the days leading up to the 1921 Tulsa Massacre through the eyes of two teenagers as they struggle to find hope and love in this atmospheric historical fiction novel.
    Cover of Angel of Greenwood
  • Beasts of Prey

    Ekon and Koffi must work together to hunt the Shetani in the dangerous, magical Greater Jungle—but not everything is what it seems.
    Cover of Beasts of Prey
  • Black Birds in the Sky

    A searing exploration of the history and legacy of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in Oklahoma, including the aftermath and its devastating effects, which are still felt today.
    Cover of Black Birds in the Sky
  • Blackout

    By Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, Nicola Yoon | In these feel-good and heartwarming linked stories by six different authors, Black teens rediscover, embrace, and explore love on their way to a block party during a blackout.
    Cover of Blackout
  • Chlorine Sky

    Picked on at home, criticized for talking trash while beating boys at basketball, and always seen as less than her best friend, Skyy struggles with how to love herself when the world seems determined to stop her.
    Cover of Chlorine Sky
  • Darling

    When a boy named Peter appears at Wendy Darling's window and invites her to join him and his friends for a night out in Chicago, she eagerly agrees. But as the night slowly spirals out of control, not even Wendy can predict the secrets she'll uncover.
    Cover of Darling
  • Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

    After being blackmailed and cyberbullied on social media, Quinn must face her fears and recover her stolen journal with the help of a new group of friends.
    Cover of Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry
  • Firekeeper's Daughter

    In this fast-paced thriller set within the Ojibwe reservation and the surrounding Michigan town, Daunis becomes an undercover agent for the FBI after witnessing a murder.
    Cover of Firekeeper's Daughter
  • From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry

    A powerful account of the murder of Vincent Chin, the resulting verdicts and civil rights trial, and the growth of the Asian American Movement. Full Title: From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial that Galvanized the Asian American Movement.
    Cover of From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry
  • Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating

    When classmates Hani and Ishu make a pact to pretend to date, they think it's just a mutually beneficial way to overcome obstacles at school and at home. But what happens when their fake relationship leads to real feelings?
    Cover of Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating
  • Home Is Not a Country

    As Nima struggles to figure out where she belongs, she thinks about what could have been, a life with the name her parents almost gave her, Yasmeen. In this novel in verse, Nima goes on a journey of self-discovery.
    Cover of Home Is Not a Country
  • How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe

    Moon and Star are twins, but Star has the spotlight while Moon is the girl behind the camera. But taking great pictures of Star for social media isn't Moon's only gift, and over the course of a summer road trip, Moon learns to embrace her talents and herself.
    Cover of How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe
  • Hurricane Summer

    Tilla's mother says you get two birthdays. One's the day you are born and the other is the day you give birth to yourself. While visiting Jamaica, she faces a storm of secrets that threatens to unravel her own life, while an actual storm threatens the lives of those she loves.
    Cover of Hurricane Summer
  • If You, Then Me

    Xia has an AI app she created that gives her advice about the future and an online boyfriend that she can tell anything to. But when she is thrust into an elite tech school, Xia will have to make difficult choices on her path to potential fame and fortune.
    Cover of If You, Then Me
  • Iron Widow

    Seeking revenge for her murdered sister, Wu Zetian enlists in the military to pilot giant mechas, only to unleash a dormant power within her and uncover a centuries-old lie soaked in the blood of innocent girls.
    Cover of Iron Widow
  • Kneel

    Russell has always seen football as a way out of his small town. But when a racist incident leads to his friend's arrest and removal from the team, Russell will have to choose. Will he speak up or stay silent?
    Cover of Kneel
  • Last Night at the Telegraph Club

    The pulp novels that Lily Hu reads in secret pale in comparison to the real thing as she discovers both herself and romance at the Telegraph Club, a lesbian bar and refuge in 1950s San Francisco.
    Cover of Last Night at the Telegraph Club
  • Luck of the Titanic

    Twins Jamie and Valora Luck leave England with hopes of new opportunities in America. But to achieve that, they must face racism, hardships, and an unforeseen tragedy while onboard the Titanic.
    Cover of Luck of the Titanic
  • Me (Moth)

    Moth is grieving the loss of her family. Sani is grappling with depression. Together on the road trip of a lifetime, they search for their ancestors, rediscover their roots, and learn about themselves in this emotionally intense novel in verse.
    Cover of Me (Moth)
  • The Mirror Season

    Ciela and Lock form a bond after being assaulted at a party they both attended. In a story told with a blend of magical realism and heartbreaking drama, they attempt to move on from the horror that happened to them.
    Cover of The Mirror Season
  • Muted

    All Denver and her friends want is the chance for their music to be seen, but when a shady producer draws them into the enticing world of the music industry, will Denver realize that it isn't all glitz and glam?
    Cover of Muted
  • Nubia: Real One

    Illustrated by Robyn Smith | Being a Black girl superhero means that even when Nubia comes to the rescue, people still see her as a threat. Can she fight injustice without hiding who she is?
    Cover of Nubia: Real One
  • Perfectly Parvin

    Parvin Mohammadi is ready to start high school with a boyfriend and Hot Cheetos in hand until, suddenly, she's only left with Hot Cheetos. Now she's on a quest to change her entire personality and land a date, all before homecoming.
    Cover of Perfectly Parvin
  • Piece by Piece: The Story of Nisrin's Hijab

    After being a target of a hate crime, Nisrin, a Bangladeshi American girl living in Milwaukee, must learn to forge her own path to healing, self-growth, and knowledge, even if that means going against her family.
    Cover of Piece by Piece: The Story of Nisrin's Hijab
  • Radha and Jai's Recipe for Romance

    Dance was a language that Radha once knew, until she learned her mother's secret. Jai loves to dance and aspires to be a doctor but knows that his future lies in the family shop. When a showcase brings the two of them together, it's a performance for the ages.
    Cover of Radha and Jai's Recipe for Romance
  • Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet

    Penelope meets Xander at her father's restaurant, right before she's fired and kicked out of her home. Xander, looking for his father, is thrown into the chaos of the restaurant family. Through food and love, they must fight to save their home.
    Cover of Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet
  • Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

    An addiction to social media lands Sunny in a digital detox camp where no technology is allowed. As Sunny forms connections with her fellow campers, her priorities begin to shift—but can she give up the social media limelight?
    Cover of Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous
  • Tokyo Ever After

    After discovering the shocking identity of her father, Izumi goes from an ordinary teen to a literal princess of Japan. Will she rise to the royal expectations and find her happily ever after?
    Cover of Tokyo Ever After
  • When We Make It

    Sarai is a Boricuan teen living through the harsh cycle of poverty, insecure housing, and institutional trauma in New York City. She learns what it means to make it in the world and works to break the cycle in this compelling novel in verse.
    Cover of When We Make It
  • Where the Rhythm Takes You

    Reyna has always lived up to her late mother's wishes, staying to run her family's resort in Tobago as her friends move on. When an old love comes back to town and she is given a second chance to live life on her terms, will she take it?
    Cover of Where the Rhythm Takes You