Vibrant Voices Titles for Kids

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  • The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

    Illustrated by Nikkolas Smith | Through haunting illustrations and evocative verse, this striking book chronicles the ramifications of slavery in America, all while illuminating the proud origin story of African ancestors before slavery began.
    Cover of The 1619 Project: Born on the Water
  • Ahmed Aziz's Epic Year

    When Ahmed and his family move from Hawaii to Minnesota, he discovers he's the only brown-skinned kid in his entire school. Ahmed must deal with the move, being the new kid, getting bullied, and his father's illness.
    Cover of Ahmed Aziz's Epic Year
  • Amari and the Night Brothers

    Amari stumbles upon a ticking brief which leads her to a dangerous magical world and answers to her brother Quinton's disappearance.
    Cover of Amari and the Night Brothers
  • America, My Love, America, My Heart

    Children of color ask tough questions about where they belong in this thought-provoking ode to America. A timely look at whether America really is a nation "for all" set against red, white, and blue illustrations that evoke the nation's flag.
    Cover of America, My Love, America, My Heart
  • Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids

    Sixteen Indigenous authors from various Nations celebrate their culture and heritage in beautiful intertwined stories and poems set at the Dance for Mother Earth Powwow in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    Cover of Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids
  • Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna

    After being burned out of their village during the Mexican Revolution, young Petra fights to keep her family safe during their difficult journey across the desert to the United States. Depictions of war and violence make this a book for older readers.
    Cover of Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna
  • Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood

    These 17 candid and uplifting narratives depict the diverse lives of young Black boys. Offerings range from realistic to comedic to science fiction, but all raise the consciousness and positivity of what it means to be a Black boy in today’s society.
    Cover of Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood
  • A Boy Named Isamu

    With colorful, geometric illustations, this book tells the story of a young Isamu Noguchi, famed Japanese artist, as he learns that being alone doesn't necessarily mean you have to be lonely.
    Cover of A Boy Named Isamu
  • Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls

    Things are not easy for Cece. Her family is experiencing domestic violence, and now her sister has disappeared. In this mesmerizing Latinx novel rooted in Aztec mythology, Cece has to learn forbidden magic in order to rescue her sister from El Sombrerón.
    Cover of Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls
  • Chunky

    This light-hearted graphic novel memoir draws on the author's childhood in Texas, weight struggles, and his friendship with the titular Chunky, his imaginary mascot.
    Cover of Chunky
  • The Cot in the Living Room

    Illustrated by Gaby D'Alessandro | A young girl jealous of not being able to sleep in the living room discovers one night that what she thought was an adventure was anything but.
    Cover of The Cot in the Living Room
  • A Day for Rememberin'

    Illustrated by Floyd Cooper | Powerful illustrations and delightful prose animate a deeply moving tribute to the lesser-known history behind the first Memorial Day.
    Cover of A Day for Rememberin'
  • Dream Street

    Illustrated by Ekua Holmes | Through dynamic mixed-media art, get to know the many members of Dream Street. This devoted community demonstrates how unwavering support for each other can make all the difference in the joy, hope, and determination of the children growing up there.
    Cover of Dream Street
  • Dumplings for Lili

    Lili loves making bao (dumplings) with her grandmother, but they are missing an ingredient! Lili's search for the missing ingredient takes her to visit many different grandmas in this charming mutlicultural story about families, food, and community.
    Cover of Dumplings for Lili
  • Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

    Illustrated by Dung Ho | A young girl finds the beauty in her eyes as they smile, glow, and crinkle as she observes her Asian family in this lyrical intergenerational story with beautiful lush illustrations.
    Cover of Eyes That Kiss in the Corners
  • From the Tops of the Trees

    Illustrated by Rachel Wada | Kalia only knows of life in the Ban Vanai Refugee Camp in Thailand. She and her father climb the tallest tree to find out what's beyond the fence. This evocative book explores Hmong refugee camp life and a father's dream for his daughter beyond it.
    Cover of From the Tops of the Trees
  • I Dream of Popo

    Illustrated by Julie Kuo | Vibrantly colored illustrations accompany this emotional tale of a young child moving to the U.S. from Taiwan. As she adapts to her new life, the strength of her relationship with her grandmother survives the distance of oceans.
    Cover of I Dream of Popo
  • J.D. and the Great Barber Battle

    Illustrated by Akeem S. Roberts | When J.D. gets teased for a terrible haircut at the start of third grade, he decides to take matters into his own hands and discovers a hidden artistic talent. The start of a refreshing, laugh-out-loud, young reader series.
    Cover of J.D. and the Great Barber Battle
  • Josie Dances

    Illustrated by Angela Erdrich | Through the lens of beautifully illustrated Native life, follow Josie and her Ojibwe community as she gets ready for her first powwow with rich culture, traditions, and unity.
    Cover of Josie Dances
  • Jump at the Sun

    Illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara | A beautifully illustrated and delightful introduction to the early life and career of writer Zora Neale Hurston and her determination to succeed.
    Cover of Jump at the Sun
  • Laxmi's Mooch

    Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali | After a young Indian American girl is teased about the hair growing above her lip, she learns it's normal for hair to grow everywhere in this charming, body-positive story.
    Cover of Laxmi's Mooch
  • Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

    Grimes honors the female poets of the Harlem Renaissance that inspired these Golden Shovel–method poems, which are faithful in tone and theme to the originals. Striking, full page illustrations by contemporary Black female artists complement each poem.
    Cover of Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance
  • The Legend of Auntie Po

    Thirteen-year-old Mei reimagines Paul Bunyan as Po Pan Yin, an extraordinary female Chinese lumberjack. Composing and telling "Auntie Po" stories helps Mei make sense of her world, the anti-Asian sentiment surrounding her, and her increasing feelings for Bee.
    Cover of The Legend of Auntie Po
  • Living with Viola

    Livy struggles with self esteem, and Viola just makes her feel worse. Who is Viola? She's Livy's life-like anxiety that says anything to steal Livy's joy. With some help, can Livy find a way to keep Viola's voice at bay and regain her confidence?
    Cover of Living with Viola
  • The Many Meanings of Meilan

    Young Meilan struggles to adapt to her new life after moving to a small Ohio town where she must deal with microaggressions and bullying, including the forced changing of her name to Melanie. Can Meilan find her voice, stand up for herself, and silence the troublemakers?
    Cover of The Many Meanings of Meilan
  • Maryam's Magic: The Story of Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani

    Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel | Meet Maryam, the first woman to win the Fields Medal, the highest award in mathematics. Though she originally wanted to be a storyteller, Maryam fell in love with geometry and numbers, which tell their own story.
    Cover of Maryam's Magic: The Story of Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani
  • Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey

    A delightfully illustrated and charming story about friendship and a young girl facing her fears and anxieties—and how she overcomes them.
    Cover of Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey
  • Miles Morales: Shock Waves

    Illustrated by Pablo Leon | Young Miles struggles with the challenges of both being a superhero and leading a normal life.
    Cover of Miles Morales: Shock Waves
  • Milo Imagines the World

    Illustrated by Christian Robinson | Containing a beautiful mixture of artistic styles, this picture book tells the story of a young boy, Milo, as he rides the subway and learns that people's lives are always more complex than they may seem.
    Cover of Milo Imagines the World
  • My Day with the Panye

    Illustrated by Sara Palacios | A gorgeously illustrated picture book with descriptive text about family, determination, and celebrating Haitian culture and the tradition of carrying the panye.
    Cover of My Day with the Panye
  • My Two Border Towns

    Illustrated by Erika Meza | A very authentic, touching, and timely immigration story that is told through the eyes of a young child with beautiful watercolor illustrations.
    Cover of My Two Border Towns
  • Niños: Poems for the Lost Children of Chile

    Illustrated by María Elena Valdez | An incredibly moving, haunting, and beautifully illustrated collection of poetry written for the 34 children who disappeared during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet of Chile.
    Cover of Niños: Poems for the Lost Children of Chile
  • Off to See the Sea

    Illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon | Told with vibrant colors and collage-style art, an ordinary bath time is transformed into an ocean adventure. Go on a quest for treasure and make a grand escape from a sea monster, all before bedtime!
    Cover of Off to See the Sea
  • On the Trapline

    Illustrated by Julie Flett | Moshom shows his grandson the land his family used to hunt and live off of—a trapline. Cree words are highlighted and defined on each page, and the illustrations allow readers to reflect on the places and stories that give life to memory and ancestry.
    Cover of On the Trapline
  • The One Thing You'd Save

    Illustrated by Robert Sae-Heng | How would you answer the question, "If your house was on fire, what is the one thing you'd save?" This novel in verse of one classroom's emotion-packed and thought-provoking replies may make you rethink your response.
    Cover of The One Thing You'd Save
  • Ophie's Ghosts

    Young Ophelia befriends the ghost of a young woman who has no memory of how she died. While trying to help her remember, Ophie uncovers a horrifying secret. A suspenseful tale that combines ghosts, history, race, and privilege into one compelling, page-turning mystery.
    Cover of Ophie's Ghosts
  • The People Remember

    Illustrated by Loveis Wise | Featuring sumptuous and elegant illustrations, African American history is marked through the seven principles of Kwanzaa in this potent, captivating, and expressive collection of free verse.
    Cover of The People Remember
  • The Sea in Winter

    In this heartwarming story, Maisie must redefine joy in her life after a ballet accident leaves her no choice but to pivot from her original plans. With the support of her blended Native family, can Maisie find hope again and dream a new dream for herself?
    Cover of The Sea in Winter
  • The Shape of Thunder

    A year after a devastating school shooting, former best friends Cora and Quinn are still grappling with overwhelming feelings of grief and guilt. They search for a way to travel back in time and change the past, and find their friendship is stronger than they thought.
    Cover of The Shape of Thunder
  • Simon B. Rhymin'

    Simon Barnes is a talented fith grade rapper who dreams of becoming a world-famous rapper—despite his shyness and stage fright. Will Simon overcome his fears and build self-confidence?
    Cover of Simon B. Rhymin'
  • Sisters of the Neversea

    Strong heroines, Indigenous cultures and traditions, and the meaning of family all come together in this exciting modern reimagining of the Peter Pan story.
    Cover of Sisters of the Neversea
  • Stuntboy, in the Meantime

    Illustrated by Raúl the Third | With highly engaging illustrations paired with silly and playful text, this funny and heartfelt graphic novel explores themes of friendship, bullying, anxiety, and family separation told through the eyes of young Portico, also known as Stuntboy.
    Cover of Stuntboy, in the Meantime
  • The Swag Is in the Socks

    It's amazing what a pair of socks can do. When shy, stuttering Xavier accepts his eccentric uncle's challenge to wear the funky socks he sends him, he's pushed to center stage. Can he muster up the self-confidence to get accepted into his school's prestigious Spector League?
    Cover of The Swag Is in the Socks
  • Take Back the Block

    Sixth-grader Wes prefers playing video games and hanging out with his friends to attending social justice rallies with his mom. When a big real estate developer threatens his neighborhood, Wes decides that it's time to fight for his community.
    Cover of Take Back the Block
  • Thao

    Young Thao is tired of people making fun of and mispronouncing her name, but being someone with an "easier name" is harder than she thinks. This funny and charming story told with photos, collage art, and typography will resonate with many.
    Cover of Thao
  • Too Small Tola

    Illustrated by Onyinye Iwu | Good things come in small packages. This engaging and funny collection of three short stories follows a young Nigerian girl, her family, and their daily adventures. Tola may be little, but she is mighty and uses her wit to overcome challenges.
    Cover of Too Small Tola
  • Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre

    Illustrated by Floyd Cooper | A stunning narrative picture book that takes readers through the streets of the once flourishing and prosperous Black community of the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, before, during, and after the horrendous race massacre of 1921.
    Cover of Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre
  • Watercress

    Illustrated by Jason Chin | Masterfully illustrated, this autobiographical picture book depicts a Chinese American family divided by struggles that a younger generation grapples to understand. This emotional story shows how the past can illuminate the present and bridge the gap.
    Cover of Watercress
  • We Are Still Here: Native American Truths Everyone Should Know

    Illustrated by Frane Lessac | An account of the harsh truths and experiences of Native people who have persevered through broken treaties, assimilation, relocation, and more. Detailed backmatter presents more history on the topic that enhances this nonfiction read.
    Cover of We Are Still Here: Native American Truths Everyone Should Know
  • When Langston Dances

    Illustrated by Keith Mallett | A wonderfully written story with warm and dreamy illustrations of a young boy who follows his passion to dance ballet after seeing a performance by the famous Alvin Ailey Dance Company.
    Cover of When Langston Dances