New Vibrant Voices Titles for Teens

25 Books Found

  • Adora and the Distance

    Illustrated by Ariela Kristantina, colored by Bryan Valenza, lettered by Bernardo Brice | When Adora'a world is threatened and her people in danger, she does the only thing she can do: journey to the end of the world.

    Cover of Adora and the Distance
  • And We Rise: The Civil Rights Movement in Poems

    An unflinching account of the civil rights movement—told through poems. Historical photographs serve as a powerful visual addition to document the treatment of Black people in America.

    Cover of And We Rise: The Civil Rights Movement in Poems
  • Augusta Savage: The Shape of a Sculptor's Life

    Get to know Augusta Savage, an artist who sculpted the beauty and struggles of Black life during the Harlem Renaissance. Told in poems and photographs.

    Cover of Augusta Savage: The Shape of a Sculptor's Life
  • Beating Heart Baby

    When Santi’s internet friend Memo ghosts him, it almost makes Santi feel like he's lost a part of himself. Now Santi is living in LA, where Memo is from and where he is made to feel unwelcome by Suwa, the musical prodigy in marching band.

    Cover of Beating Heart Baby
  • Blood Scion

    War doesn't come naturally to Sloane—nor does her god-like ability to incinerate anything in her path. When she's forcibly conscripted into the army, she starts to calculate if she can destroy them from within.

    Cover of Blood Scion
  • Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults

    Illustrated by Nicole Neidhardt | A thought-provoking call to action about listening, learning, and communing with nature. This illustrated book plants seeds of Indigenous wisdom and scientific knowledge in the reader.

  • Break This House

    Yaminah and her father have made a comfortable life for themselves in Brooklyn. When she gets news of her estangled mother's death, however, Yaminah must break out of her bubble to confront her unspoken emotions before they break her.

    Cover of Break This House
  • Burn Down, Rise Up

    Welcome to the Echo Game. Players must enter the subway tunnels at 3 AM, chant “We are Echobound,” get on the first train that pulls into the station, and stay on until sunrise—or risk never getting off.

    Cover of Burn Down, Rise Up
  • Even When Your Voice Shakes

    Amerley needs to work to help support her family—but after being sexually assulted by her boss's son, she must make a choice: stay quiet and keep her job or speak up for herself and others who are silenced.

    Cover of Even When Your Voice Shakes
  • Flirting with Fate

    Ava arrives too late to her grandmother's deathbed to receive her mythical blessing. The only way to get it is for Ava to befriend a random boy, who accidentally got the family blessing. A swoonworthy story about family, fate, and love.

    Cover of Flirting with Fate
  • Hollow Fires

    Safiya is haunted by the ghost of Jawad, a teen killed over a cosplay jetpack that his teacher mistook for a bomb. Jawad helps her uncover the truth of what happened in this emotionally intense story about speaking up and seeking justice.

    Cover of Hollow Fires
  • If You Could See the Sun

    Alice has a strange new power—turning invisible. When her parents struggle to afford tuition, Alice uses her powers to cover her expenses by uncovering her classmates' secrets, for a price. Will the money be worth losing her values?

    Cover of If You Could See the Sun
  • Lakelore

    Two nonbinary Mexican American teens are the only ones who have been to the rumored world under their neighborhood lake. When it starts to drift above the surface and threatens to expose their secrets, they must band together to stop it.

    Cover of Lakelore
  • Love Radio

    Looking for love advice and smooth 90s R&B? Look no further. Prince Jones's Love Radio show has it all. Fall in love with Prince and Dani in this swoonworthy story about love, family, and roller skating.

    Cover of Love Radio
  • Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity

    Lulu and Milagro are so different, it's hard to believe they're even sisters. But when they’re forced to go on a cross-country school trip together, they start to grow closer somewhere between Baltimore and San Francisco!

    Cover of Lulu and Milagro’s Search for Clarity
  • A Magic Steeped in Poison

    This first book in a duology is about Ning, a girl trying to save her sister's life. Can Ning win the competition to find the greatest shennong-shi—masters of tea-making—to save her sister in this high-stakes fantasy?

    Cover of A Magic Steeped in Poison
  • Maybe An Artist, A Graphic Memoir

    Liz is learning how to navigate life and find the confidence to pursue her passion. Funny and poignant, Liz becomes one of the first Black female cartoonists to be published in the New Yorker in this brilliant memoir.

    Cover of Maybe An Artist, A Graphic Memoir
  • Messy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese American

    Laura Gao is a young queer Chinese American living in Texas—and the people around her never let her forget it. While she tries to fit in and forget about her Wuhan roots, she finds she can’t help but be anyone but herself.

    Cover of Messy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese American
  • Nothing Burns as Bright as You

    Two best friends explore what loving each other means in this impassioned story about queer love, grief, and the complexity of female friendship .

    Cover of Nothing Burns as Bright as You
  • Salaam, with Love

    Dua's plans for a quiet Ramadan are upside down when she stays with her conservative extended family. In Queens, she grows closer to God, her cousins, and one particularly cute drummer—and learns more about herself than she bargained for.

    Cover of Salaam, with Love
  • Squire

    Aiza has always dreamed of becoming a Knight. When she realizes during her training that the military objectives might cause more harm than good to her people, she's faced with an important choice: loyalty to her heritage or the Empire.

    Cover of Squire
  • This Place Is Still Beautiful

    Annalie wants to pretend a racial attack never happened. Margaret is ready to fight back.Two sisters with nothing in common face an incident that will either bring a family together or pull them further apart.

    Cover of This Place Is Still Beautiful
  • TJ Powar Has Something to Prove

    When her cousin is targeted by a hurtful meme for not removing her body hair, TJ decides to take a stand to prove that she can be her hairy self and still be beautiful—and disprove messages about toxic beauty standards.

    Cover of TJ Powar Has Something to Prove
  • Victory. Stand!: Raising My Fist for Justice

    Authentic and inspiring, this graphic novel memoir records everything that led Tommie Smith to take a stand at the 1968 Olympics and raise his fist against racism and social injuctice.

    Cover of Victory. Stand!: Raising My Fist for Justice
  • Vinyl Moon

    Cover of Vinyl Moon