Trans and Nonbinary Reads for Teens

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  • The Art of Being Normal: A Novel

    David's parents think he’s gay. The school bully thinks he’s a freak. Only his two best friends know the truth. Meanwhile, Leo has one goal for his first day at a new school—to be invisible. Attracting the attention of the most beautiful girl there is not part of that plan.
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  • As the Crow Flies

    Charlie is 13 years old, queer, Black, and questioning what was once a firm belief in God. Stuck for a week at an all-white Christian youth camp, she can't help but find holes in the sanctuary that has little regard for people like her—or her fellow camper, trans girl Sydney.
    Cover of As the Crow Flies
  • Beyond the Gender Binary

    Alok Vaid-Menon challenges the world to see gender not in black and white, but in full color. Exploring their own experiences as a gender nonconforming artist, they show us that gender is a malleable and creative form of expression. The only limit is your imagination.
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  • The Brilliant Death

    A young shapeshifter has to learn to control her powers, while simultaneously using them to disguise herself as a boy and confront the people who murdered her father.
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  • Cemetery Boys

    When his traditional Latinx family has problems accepting his gender, Yadriel is determined to prove himself. He sets out to free the ghost of his murdered cousin but he accidentally summons Julian, the school's bad boy, who is determined to tie up loose ends before he leaves.
    Cover of Cemetery Boys
  • Continuum

    In this powerful and honest essay, Chella Man writes about his experiences as a deaf, transgender, genderqueer, Jewish person of color, and shows us that identity lies on a continuum—a beautiful, messy, and ever-evolving road of exploration.
    Cover of Continuum
  • Dreadnought: Nemesis—Book 1

    Danny has a problem: she just got the powers of the world’s greatest superhero. Until Dreadnought died right in front of her, Danny was keeping secret the fact that she’s trans. But the powers changed her body into what she always wanted. Now there’s no hiding she’s a girl.
    Cover of Dreadnought: Nemesis—Book 1
  • Even If We Break

    Five friends arrive at a deserted cabin to play a game they have played before—but each is hiding secrets and the game seems to turn against them. Features a diverse cast, including trans, nonbinary, and bisexual characters, as well as characters living with disabilities.
    Cover of Even If We Break
  • Felix Ever After

    Felix has never been in love. He secretly fears that he's one marginalization too many—Black, queer, and trans—to get a happily-ever-after. When he starts getting anonymous transphobic notes, he plans revenge. But he didn't count on the quasi-love triangle this lands him in.
    Cover of Felix Ever After
  • I Wish You All the Best

    When Ben comes out to their parents as nonbinary, they’re thrown out of their house and forced to move in with their estranged sister and her husband. Struggling with anxiety, they come out only to their sister and therapist, and try to keep a low profile in a new school.
    Cover of I Wish You All the Best
  • If I Was Your Girl

    A big-hearted novel about being seen for who you really are. Amanda Hardy is the new girl in school. Like anyone else, all she wants is to make friends and fit in. But Amanda is keeping a secret, and she's determined not to get too close to anyone.
    Cover of If I Was Your Girl
  • Love Beyond Body, Space & Time

    Full Title: Love Beyond Body, Space & Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology | Rockabilly girls with spider-magic! Benevolent aliens! Young lovers meeting again in their own far future! This collection of Indigenous science fiction focuses on LGBTQ and Two-Spirit characters.
    Cover of Love Beyond Body, Space & Time
  • Meet Cute Diary

    When a troll exposes Noah Ramirez's popular trans romance blog as fiction, the only way to save it is to find a fake boyfriend to vouch for it. But when Noah’s feelings grow beyond their staged romance, he realizes that dating in real life isn’t the same as writing about it.
    Cover of Meet Cute Diary
  • Not Your Villain

    Being a shapeshifter is awesome—especially when trans—until Bells accidently becomes the country's most-wanted villain. He found a massive government coverup, and now it's up to him to track down the Resistance. Read Not Your Sidekick first to get the full scope of the universe.
    Cover of Not Your Villain
  • Out of Salem

    After a crash kills their family, genderqueer 14-year-old Z adjusts to zombiehood while their witch abilities weaken. As they adapt, they move in with an old witch and befriend a goth (and unregistered werewolf). But then a local murder makes things a whole lot more mysterious.
    Cover of Out of Salem
  • Pet

    In a near-future society that claims to have gotten rid of all monstrous people, a creature emerges from a painting 17-year-old Jam's mother created—a hunter from another world seeking a real-life monster.
    Cover of Pet
  • Spy Stuff

    Anton is as shocked as anyone when seemingly straight Jude Kalinowski asks him out, and doesn't appear to be joking. The only problem is... well, Jude doesn't actually know he's trans.
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  • Stay Gold

    Told in two voices, Pony, who is concealing his transgender identity at his new Texas high school, and Georgia, a cisgender cheerleader counting the days until she graduates, develop a complicated relationship.
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  • Symptoms of Being Human

    Riley is many things: Punk rock. Snarky. And gender-fluid. Some days Riley identifies as a boy, and others as a girl. Riley isn’t out yet, and between starting a new school and having a conservative congressman father, the pressure is building up in their so-called “normal” life.
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  • Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir

    Growing up, Liz Prince wasn't a girly girl, dressing in pink tutus or playing Pretty Pretty Princess. But she wasn't exactly one of the guys either, as she quickly learned when her Little League baseball coach exiled her to the outfield. Liz was somewhere in the middle.
    Cover of Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir
  • Trans Teen Survival Guide

    Wondering how to come out to your family and friends, what it's like to go through hormonal replacement therapy, or how to put on a packer? Trans youth activists Owl and Fox have stepped in to answer (almost) everything that trans teens and their families need to know.
    Cover of Trans Teen Survival Guide
  • Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You

    An all-inclusive, uncensored guide for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, or gender-fluid. It answers all your questions, easy and hard, about gender, and covers mental health, physical health and reproduction, transitioning, relationships, sex, and life.
    Cover of Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You
  • When the Moon Was Ours: A Novel

    As their deep friendship turns to love, Latina teenager Miel, who grows roses from her wrist, and Italian Pakistani Samir, a transgender boy, fear their secrets will be exposed by the beautiful Bonner girls, four sisters rumored to be witches.
    Cover of When the Moon Was Ours: A Novel
  • The Witch King

    Wyatt, a transgender witch hiding in the human world, must face the royal fiancé he left behind and decide what is more important: his people or his freedom.
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